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Mametova Manshuk (Mansi)

( Hero of the Soviet Union Mametova Manshuk (Mansi))

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Biography Mametova Manshuk (Mansi)
photo Mametova Manshuk (Mansi)
(23. 10. 1922 - 15. 10. 1943)

M Ametova Manshuk (Mansi) Zhensigalievna machine-gunner 21-th Guards Rifle Division (3rd Shock Army, Kalinin Front) Guard Sergeant. Born October 23, 1922 in the village Zhaskus Urdinskaya region of the Ural region, Kazakhstan. Kazakhs. It was the fifth child in the family. After the death of his parents lived with her aunt in Alma-Ata. She attended high school, then at the Medical rabfak. At the same time worked in the Secretariat of People's Commissars of the Kazakh SSR. In 1942 she graduated from the 2 courses of Alma-Ata Medical Institute and a volunteer went to the front.

In the army from August 1942. First, it identified the clerk in the headquarters, then a nurse in a field hospital. In his spare time, studied the design of a machine gun "Maxim" (yet learned to shoot straight at the Institute) and has transferred to the infantry.

. October 15, 1943 troops of the Kalinin Front, which fought in the Manshuk Mametova, fought for the liberation of the city Nevel
. The Germans resisted fiercely, clinging to each height. They are continuously moved into the counterattack, seeking to halt the advance of our units. Established in the best position, the calculation courageous counterattack an enemy machine-gunner blew on the site.

Before our small unit was tasked to capture the height to dominate the terrain. The enemy in front of the curtain has created high fire. Manshuk first went into the attack. For her and other soldiers rushed. Brave Komsomol was fatally wounded, but until the last breath, continued to destroy the Nazis.

W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union Manshuk Mametova posthumously awarded March 1, 1944.

She was buried in Nevel. In smt Janybekov obelisk in the town of Nevel - memorial plaques - in Nevel, Alma-Ata. Her name was given to the streets in the cities Nevel, Almaty, Uralsk, Kyzyl-Orda, in the village of Akzhar Tarbagatai district of East Kazakhstan region, schools, pioneer detachments and detachments of the Kazakh SSR, a sewing factory in Tselinograd. She is devoted to the poem M. Hakimzhanovoy "Manshuk", created movie "Song of Manshuk.

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  • egor for Mametova Manshuk (Mansi)
  • Who did it, the Hero of the Soviet Union Manshuk Mametova put together with porn, that you are completely unfrozen conscience you even have, or just п¦пTп¦пTп¦п¦п+пT steel.
  • Marat for Mametova Manshuk (Mansi)
  • Do not say Egor, this is inhuman.
  • Manshuk for Mametova Manshuk (Mansi)
  • It's a shame for namesake! No culture !
  • Mstislav for Mametova Manshuk (Mansi)
  • п+п¦п¦, there are also monsters that neotdelyayut history of World of Warcraft from this banal garbage, please remove Manshuk Mametova with this section, or move to a more apanage section
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    Mametova Manshuk (Mansi), photo, biography
    Mametova Manshuk (Mansi), photo, biography Mametova Manshuk (Mansi)  Hero of the Soviet Union Mametova Manshuk (Mansi), photo, biography
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