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SEAMEN Alexander Matveyevich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography SEAMEN Alexander Matveyevich
photo SEAMEN Alexander Matveyevich
(5. 2. 1924 - 27. 2. 1943)

M atrosov Alexander Matveevich - arrows 2 nd Battalion 91 th Infantry Brigade separate (22 Army, the Kalinin Front) Private. Born February 5, 1924 in the city Yekaterynoslav (now Dnepropetrovsk). Russian. Member of the Komsomol. Early lost his parents. 5 years was brought up in an orphanage Ivanovo (Ulyanovsk region). Then brought up in Ufa child labor colony. After 7 classes left to work in the colony assistant teacher. In the Red Army from September 1942. In October 1942. entered Krasnokholmsky infantry school, but soon most of the students sent to the Kalinin Front.

In the army from November 1942. Served in the 2 nd Battalion 91 th Infantry Brigade separate. For a time the brigade was in reserve. Then it moved under the Pskov region in the Greater Lomovatogo boron. Straight from the march of the brigade went into action.

February 27, 1943 2 nd Battalion received the mission to attack the strong point in the village of Nigella (Loknya District of the Pskov region). As soon as our soldiers were woods and came to the edge, they got pood strong enemy machine-gun fire - three enemy machine guns in the bunkers covering the approaches to the village. One gun silenced submachine assault group and anti-tank riflemen. Second bunker destroyed, another group of anti-tank riflemen. But the gun from the third bunker continued to shell the entire valley in front of the village. Attempts to silence him failed. Then he crawled toward the bunker ordinary sailors п-.п°. He crept to the embrasure of the flank and threw two grenades. Gun silent. But as soon as the soldiers went into the attack, a machine gun came to life again. Then the sailors stood up abruptly rushed to the bunker and his body shut embrasure. At the price of his life he contributed to a combat mission unit.

A few days Matrosov name became known throughout the country. The feat was Matrosov who was accidentally used in part as a journalist to a patriotic article. This regiment commander learned of the heroism of the newspapers. And the hero's death date was moved to Feb. 23, in conjunction with the feat on the day of the Soviet Army. Despite the fact that the sailor was not the first who committed such an act of self-sacrifice, namely, his name was used to glorify the heroism of Soviet soldiers. Subsequently, over 300 people committed the same feat, but that is not widely covered. His feat has become a symbol of courage and valor, courage and love for the motherland.

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Matrosov Matveyevich posthumously awarded June 19, 1943.

. He was buried in the town of Great Luke
. September 8, 1943 order of the People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR was given the name of Matrosov's 254-th Guards Rifle Regiment, he enlisted in perpetuity (one of the first in the Soviet Army) in the lists of 1-th company of this part. Monuments Hero set in Ufa, the Great Luki, Ulyanovsk, etc.. His name were the glory of the city museum Komsomol Great Luke, streets, schools, Pioneer squads, ships, collective and state farms.


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SEAMEN Alexander Matveyevich, photo, biography
SEAMEN Alexander Matveyevich, photo, biography SEAMEN Alexander Matveyevich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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