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Molodchiy Alexander Ignatievich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Molodchiy Alexander Ignatievich
photo Molodchiy Alexander Ignatievich
(27. 6. 1920 - 9. 6. 2002)

M olodchy Alexander Ignatievich. Born June 27, 1920 in Lugansk. Ukrainetz. In 1937 he entered the Lugansk military aviation school, graduating in 1938. During the war a. I. Molodchiy fought in the APDD 420, 748 (2 rs.) APDD. He flew 311 combat missions (in t. h. 287 night). He participated in many large-scale bombing of military installations of the enemy. In carrying out combat missions flown a total of 600 thousand kilometers. Around 190 thousand kilometers Molodchiy plane flew over enemy territory, over 200 tons of bombs dropped him on his various military and industrial facilities. He was awarded many orders and medals.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Molodchimu Alexander Ignatyevich awarded Oct. 22, 1941 Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

. In the Torah the Gold Star Medal "is awarded on Dec. 31, 1942.

. Fter the war, Alexander Ignatievich graduated from General Staff Academy and served in senior positions in the Air Force
. ATOP book "In the blazing sky," "The plane leaves at night". He received the rank of lieutenant general aviation in 1962. Since 1965, Mr.. in stock. Name A. Molodchiy is strategic missile carrier Tu-160 entered service Russian Air Force in May 2001. Bronze bust of the hero is set twice in Lugansk. Died June 9, 2002.

The first time the crew flew the day. Purpose, but which was to to bomb, "an enemy garrison in Demyansk.

. It was laid on the map of the route, studied region of flights and all approaches to the goal, again and again clarified all the details, tested the preparedness of each ...

. All seized extraordinary excitement
. They were afraid that the weather could deteriorate and then flight is canceled. And the weather really does not bode well.

However, the fears proved unfounded. The first task is executed. And although it was neslozhyym, pilots will remember it for a long time. Since then, and started fighting Strada Alexander Molodchiy.

After dozens of flights the day began to fly over the front line and at night. If we take the vouchers to the calendar, the time after the first combat flight was quite a bit. But the war by a. Experience and maturity of the soldier is not measured by time, and many skirmishes with the enemy, the number of battles.

Military labor glorious pilots Komsomol, their dedication, heroism and bravery were awarded merit. Already in October 1941 all members of the Komsomol of the crew were awarded high government awards. Its commander-Molodchiy awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. S. I. Kulikov was awarded the Order of Lenin. A. F. Panfilov and A. I. Vasiliev, orders of Red Star.

Fighting work continued steadily. Instead of the old regiment received better aircraft, which created our domestic industry, bomber construction with. V. Molodchiy one of the first parts flew into battle on a new plane. Farther and farther to the rear of the enemy lie along its route. Fighting friendship crew goes through all the trials and tribulations. Even in the first combat flight navigator Kulikov was convinced that his commander excellent manned aircraft in the most difficult situation is not lost, is able to show gumption and cunning to deceive the enemy's unexpected maneuver. In turn, Molodchiy appreciated his navigator.

For any question about the place of the commander of the aircraft immediately followed by an exhaustive answer. Sometimes the situation forced the pilot to change course for 10-15 times, and the navigator immediately took into account all these various maneuvers.

The coherence of the crew is particularly evident in the distant flight to KцTnigsberg. Assignment to a team of several aircraft. Molodchiy flying lead. At the front line at a height of over seven thousand meters they were met by thunderclouds. Molodchiy gave the crew team to act independently. We decided to bypass the clouds from the north. Several times had to change course and altitude. But to break through a layer of cumulus clouds could not. And so it went in the clouds: came in heavy snow. Snow penetrated into the cabin, it was wet, covered with hoarfrost devices, the plane bobbed around.

To fly in these conditions was very difficult. Unnecessary movement made-tired. But, in spite of that, the crews came to Konigsberg, this arseyala Hitler's army. When we arrived, and. Attacked the enemy.

Flight from the target again took place in the clouds, the snow, in the ball-tank. Climbed to eight thousand meters. Clouds no end in sight. We hand-radio operator has ceased to receive oxygen from a cylinder, beginning to affect anoxia. Molodchiy too tired. Again I had to evade a thunderstorm. Finally, already above its territory, in Torzhok, clouds suddenly ended, and ekitsazh saw the rising sun.

They sat in Klin. Gasoline remained in the tanks of fifteen liters. The crew stayed in the air, 9 o'clock 22 minutes, of which over seven hours, in the clouds.

Molodchiy not just a different high-flying skills. He is a tireless innovator, constantly seeking new ways of action, new tactics. That he was the initiator of candlebomb for lighting purposes before the bombing. Particularly effective, he applied them to 11 July 1942 in a raid on a railway junction Bryansk, who had a very strong defenses.

Airplane Molodchiy released in Bryansk region at an altitude of 2300 meters. When he went to the goal, the Germans do not open fire. This gave the navigator to safely perform lateral tip-off and drop bombs. They come in trains. At the same time Kulikov dropped four bombs shining. Further masking of the enemy now meaningless. Go erupted dozens of spotlights, the earth opened heavy fire on the plane. But too late! The station was lit up like daytime. Our bombers, marched behind an airplane Molodchiy inflicted accurate and powerful strikes on goal.

Molodchiy plane was hit. The car did not listen rudders, and the pilot with great difficulty, managed to hold its. in horizontal flight.

When the parking lot and then inspected the plane, everyone was surprised, how could it do to stay in the air. 60 holes counted mechanics of wounded bomber. Flak shrapnel struck fuel tanks, fuselage, the plane ... Nevertheless, the plane flew to the airfield, . as it specifically for, . order to clearly demonstrate their amazing fighting qualities, . structural strength, . as well as great skill and the will of the Soviet pilot, . whose firm hand did not waver for a second on the stick.,

. The crew could be quite satisfied with the outcome of this battle of the night: vrag_pones big losses
. As a result of a massive stroke were clogged main outputs of the railway junction to the front line.

. Initiative Alexander Ignatievitch Molodchiy in this operation was marked by the commander of the aviation division in a special order on July 13, 1942: Deputy commander of the squadron Hero of the Soviet Union captain Molodchiy exemplary dedication, . with great skill ..,
. illuminated target, resulting in the squadron, and for her and the entire regiment had an opportunity to bombard the illuminated aiming target.

. For excellent work in fighting that night declared commander of the crew headed Molodchiy gratitude.

. Soon there was another significant event: the part has been converted into 2-Guards Aviation Regiment AFLRO
. This high honor personnel earned their selfless deeds. Last year, the crews of the regiment flew 2,500 sorties, 1,786 of them at night. The military-industrial facilities and manpower of the enemy were dropped over 3000 tons of bombs. In aerial combat crews shot down 24 enemy fighters. Two pilots were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, 172 people were awarded medals.

In all these glorious things for the country a large proportion belonged to the crew of Hero of the Soviet Union Molodchiy. Day and night, in simple and complex meteorological conditions, smashed the hated invaders Molodchiy and his military friends. They gained combat experience, . having made dozens of sorties, bombing at concentrations of troops and military equipment of the enemy in various areas behind the front, . raids on railroad junctions, . occupied enemy airfields on, . as well as deep in the enemy's rear, at Konigsberg, . Dan tsig and other cities.,

. Now the T each of them-the pilot, navigator, radio operator, the arrow on the shoulder any task
. But the most difficult thing was the flight bombing of Berlin.

On the eve of departure of the regiment received the replenishment of new machines. One of them was supposed to fly Molodchiy because its old aircraft was damaged by antiaircraft fire.

All night tireless technology bomber preparing to continue its mission. Usually in such cases before they go on a long journey, made pre-tested the car in the air to find its flying qualities, the amount spent fuel, oil, etc.. At this time, time to fly-no choice. Limited flight from the central database at the intermediate airport, located 90 kilometers from the front line, and some estimate the actual consumption of gasoline and oil.

. Airport, which was to fly to the enemy capital, to the maximum loaded bombers proved to be very inconvenient: soil bumpy, sticky, just beyond the edge of the airfield began forest
. The pilot had to fly with disruption ", ie the movement of the stick forcibly detach the car from the surface of the aerodrome. This is dangerous, because the aircraft had not yet managed to gain the necessary speed. But vain Molodchiy considered one of the most skilled pilots in the Guards Regiment. He masterfully took off very busy bomber.

Before the front line aircraft entered the clouds.

Not far from Konigsberg Molodchiy crew reached the area of clear weather. Already Ridny strong pockets of fires. They shoot anti-aircraft guns. They began to climb: 6500, then 6700 meters ... Overworked humming motors. Every hundred feet high requires a lot of patience from the pilot. Besides Molodchiy to save fuel, he tried not to give the maximum engine revolutions. We decided to stop the climb. Later, over Berlin, Molodchiy thought it should still climb higher, is such an avalanche of anti-aircraft fire struck the bomber.

Of course, all crew members examined the defense system of the enemy capital. They knew very well that the city is surrounded by three belts of antiaircraft guns of all calibres, in each zone, up to a thousand guns and searchlights to serve them. Around town, the night fighter airfields, and over him and hundreds of balloon, imperceptible to the aircraft, flying at night. Yet the reality has far exceeded expectations.

By Berlin Molodchiy crew left first. This was evident by how suddenly, hearing a roar of aircraft on the ground including anti-aircraft searchlights. That broke out and began to rummage through the sky their phosphorescent bluish rays. Closer, closer ... Here's one of them slipped on the plane's fuselage, and immediately rushed him to the aid of another, third. The pilot dropped sharply and sent a plane to saving the darkness. True, this had to lose three hundred meters height. But the floodlights went out. The Germans waited.

Was a moonlit night, a dark array of Hidden City is easily visible from above. Navigator Kulikov brought the aircraft to the combat course. Just a few moments, and he pressed the release gear. A series of powerful high-explosive bombs was separated from the plane and rushed downstairs.

Now there once everything was in motion. Hundreds of searchlights joined and began frantically rummaging in the sky, flashes of shells hung in clusters around the plane. Crew never had to be subjected to this bombardment.

Go from the rays of searchlights was virtually impossible. Molodchiy deeper lowered the seat, including a full light in the cabin, so as not to be blinded by searchlights, and took the plane, focusing only on the testimony of devices. 14 minutes flew through enemy fire. And when he finally broke out of the zone defense, all sighed with relief.

Now the crew commander ordered the arrow-radio operator to give a telegram to Moscow: "Mission accomplished, we return home". In response, two short words: "All clear."

. After nine and a half hours of stay in the air crew Molodchiy returned to their base ...


. ---
. Sources:
. 1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary
. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) People of the immortal exploits. Moscow submarine v.2 1975

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Molodchiy Alexander Ignatievich, photo, biography
Molodchiy Alexander Ignatievich, photo, biography Molodchiy Alexander Ignatievich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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