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Moshin Alexander Fedorovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Moshin Alexander Fedorovich
photo Moshin Alexander Fedorovich
(28. 8. 1917 - 13. 7. 1943)

M Oshin Alexander Fedorovich pilot of the 56 th Fighter Regiment (Fighter Aviation Brigade, 1 st Army Group), Lieutenant. Born August 28, 1917 in the village now Kalita Vyaznikovskogo district of Vladimir region in a working class family. Russian. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1942. Graduated 6 classes, worked at a shoe factory "Red October". In the Red Army in 1935. In 1938 he graduated from Voroshilovgrad military aviation school pilots.

Member of the fighting on Khalkhin Goal of June 16, 1939. He fought in the squadron captain Kustova VP. Results in the sky Mongolia knocked personally 2 (1 battering ram) and in group 3 Japanese aircraft. September 1, 1939 in the battle was wounded and sent home.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Moshin Alexander Fedorovich awarded on Aug. 29, 1939.

. Lieutenant Moshin participated in the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940 the
. He was deputy commander of the squadron. On March 6, 1941 on the test work in NII VVS.

H as the Great Patriotic War from July 7, 1941. Was flight commander 402 th Fighter Regiment, Special Purpose (Western Front). 8 August 1942 was appointed deputy commander of Squadron 51 Fighter Regiment (Western Front).

. By omandir Squadron 32-th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (3rd Guards Fighter Division, . 1-th Guards Fighter Aviation Corps, . 15-th Air Army, . Bryansk Front) Guard Captain Moshin п?.пє,
. made more than 300 combat missions, shot down 11 enemy planes. July 13, 1943 died in an air battle on the Kursk Bulge near the village Matveevskii Zalegoschenskogo region Orel region. He was buried near the village Studenec Oryol region.

He was awarded the Order of Lenin, Red Banner, Red Star. Name of the Hero is a street in the city Vyazniki, there is a memorial plaque.

August 4 Lieutenant Moshin п?.пє. flew at the head level of the squadron of I-16. Above the mountain Hamar-Daban our pilots have discovered a group of Japanese bombers with fighter escort. Moshin led his link to the attack on the fighter escort and tied them fight, despite the threefold advantage of the enemy. Moshin went to the tail of one Ki-27 and two machine guns knocked him. At this time he was attacked two other. Especially persistently were pressing one of them - the leading group. During the fight Moshin managed to get him away from the rest of the group. But in pursuit of the enemy, he expended all ammo. To prevent the enemy away, Moshin decided to ram. He approached the Japanese aircraft from the bottom and screw their fighters cut off his tail. He went to the ground and crashed into a sand dune. His damaged aircraft Moshin led to its airport and landed safely.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

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Moshin Alexander Fedorovich, photo, biography
Moshin Alexander Fedorovich, photo, biography Moshin Alexander Fedorovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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