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Myl'nikov Grigory Mikhailovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Myl'nikov Grigory Mikhailovich
photo Myl'nikov Grigory Mikhailovich
(25. 5. 1919 - 26. 9. 1979)

M ylnikov Grigory Mikhailovich - ground-attack pilot. Born May 25, 1919 in the village Egorevka Kastorensky Kursk region in a peasant family. Russian. He graduated from the school FZU. In the Soviet Army from 1939. In 1940 he graduated from Borisoglebsk Air Force Pilot School. From July 1941 until the end of the war Mr.. M. Myl'nikov fought fought a 15 gv.shap in the West, Leningrad and 3-Byelorussian fronts. He displayed great skill in carrying out very complex tasks in attack aircraft. Sought out in the impenetrable blizzards and destroyed the Nazi long-range battery that fired on the streets of Leningrad. In another flight, and discovered bomb unnoticed exploration well camouflaged train with military hardware. One of the first attack planes sunk in high seas fascist Transport. By September 1944 as commander of the aviation squadron of 15 Guards Ground Attack Air Regiment (Leningrad Front) made 193 sorties, inflicted heavy losses on the enemy in manpower and technology.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Mylnikov Grigory Mikhailovich was awarded on Feb. 23, 1945 for their courage and heroism in battle.

. Later his regiment fought in the 1-th Air Army 3rd Belorussian Front
. In January 1945, on the outskirts of Koenigsberg, under his leadership, six IL-2 with the utmost precision has dealt devastating blows to assault tanks and fire points of the enemy, who was dangerously close to our infantry. By February 1945 brought the score to 223 sorties.

. In the Torah medal "Gold Star" for new deeds committed at the front, he was awarded April 19, 1945.

. W a few days before the end of the war was seriously wounded
. Since 1945, Major Grigory Mikhailovich Myl'nikov state of health was in stock. In 1954 he graduated from the Institute of National Economy named after Plekhanov, lived in Moscow and worked as a specialty. Died Sept. 26, 1979. He was posthumously awarded the title Mylnikov Guard lieutenant. He was buried in Moscow on Vagankovskoye Cemetery. Bronze bust of the hero is set to. Egoreka Kursk region.

. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, 3 orders of the Red Banner, Order of Alexander Nevsky, World War 1-st degree, Red Star and medals.


From the first months of the war Lieutenant Myl'nikov participated in the battles
. Assault Regiment, in which he was stationed near Leningrad.

In the fiercest air battles with a strong and experienced opponent of the young pilot got experience, tempered the nature. Carefully studied Myl'nikov of senior comrades in battle, the tactics of the enemy, painstakingly selected the most valuable thing that could be useful in future. Gradually came Skill. A few months after the war he was already considered one of the best pilots in the regiment.

. In winter, when the Germans dense ring surrounded the wounded, the starving city of Leningrad for the first time heard the name Mylnikova.

. In adverse weather conditions, with zero visibility prikticheski Myl'nikov together with his partner Palagushinym managed to destroy the enemy's battery obstrelivayuschuyuyu besieged city.

. Several weeks
. The regimental commander, Hero of the Soviet Union major A.P. Tsvetenko Mylnikov ordered to strike at the mortar battery.

At this time the weather was unusually good. Light clouds glided over a vast expanse of blue sky. The air smelled of spring, although the land still covered with snow. The tops of the hills were dark spots, over which a transparent haze of rising warm air.

Neva left behind. Attack aircraft approached the target. Goal no ... Below Only a flat snow-covered surface with dark ribbons of roads. Myl'nikov could not accept the idea that the flight would be futile. Sense of duty and responsibility forced him to soberly assess the situation. And he gave the command to turn. Suddenly left out of the trees one after another up the stream of smoke and melted into the sky.

"What is it?" Thought Myl'nikov. And, not having time to analyze what made him decide, he ordered the group to turn around and led her to the side, where they continued to fade in the sky, wisps of smoke.

. A moment later saw on the railroad track from Gatchina to the side Mga was part
. On open platforms were green tanks, thick tree trunks sticking out of self-propelled guns. The locomotive was painted in white color. He moved slowly, dragging a huge train.

Ground attack from the march went into the attack. Dropped bombs. Steep turn. Myl'nikov went in front of the engine and fired a long line of guns.

. After landing Myl'nikov arrived at the headquarters and told the commander that the intended target is not found, but attacked the train with tanks and artillery.

. The commander looked puzzled at him.

. -Where there is such a train?-Surprised on.-Can you imagine how important this is? Hence, the fascists in the Mga preparing an offensive.

. A few hours in the specified Mylnikov district on the orders of the commander was sent reconnaissance plane, which photographed the attack attack aircraft train
. In the picture could be seen burning cars, overturned tanks and guns, lying on the side of the engine. During this flight Marshal Govorov declared the entire group thanks, and Gregory Myl'nikov was awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky.

. H ablyudatelnost, quick reaction, the ability to instantly make the right decision helped Mylnikov detect train
. And the summer of 1944 as a pilot again, they played a big role, helped to eliminate the threat to his regiment.

It was like. Myl'nikov flying lead a small group. Not far from the airport was rare woods. When flying over him Gregory noticed that several people shook with the clearing of trees.

"What are these people? Thought on.-If our soldiers, then they will not hide from us. So, the enemies. And so close to the airport? Can not keep them here ". With heel and over the tops of trees flew towards the airport. This Myl'nikov repeatedly shook his wings. Another Sunset. Attack aircraft were not shooting and did not drop bombs, but the Germans realized that they were found, and nowhere to hide ...

And when the group flew over them a third time, several people raised their hands and ran towards the flight of attack aircraft. The next call of the pilots saw that the wood comes from a large group of fascists. Myl'nikov transmitted by radio to the airfield, the planes were "driven prisoners'. Soon a platoon of Nazis disarmed the group, which "captured" attack aircraft. As it turned out, it was a subversive group, she was asked to make a raid on the airfield, destroy the safety and aircraft, fuel and ammunition dumps. The Nazis expected the onset of darkness, but Myl'nikov time found them.

About dnazhdy Myl'nikov received some unusual task-strike at the enemy ship.

Preparing to fly carefully. Above the sea it is difficult to visual guidance. Monotonous water surface only here and there, colored with dark and light spots, shadows of clouds from a distance like that of floating ice, then on a fantastic island. Well studied and the coastal strip, all the characteristic landmarks near it.

Arrived early in the morning. Scored a specified height. At the bottom were visible characteristic landmarks Lake, a broken pier on the shore.

Mylnikov again clarified course, speed, altitude. Somewhere nearby should be the objective. But to find the ship is not easy.

Gray, overcast clouds, sky, dull-green water below. Do not see the horizon, sky and water merge. Clouds all below. They are becoming more. The plane starts to shake. In front of a dark, almost black stain. Shaking increases. Right creeps cumulus clouds. Plane is approaching the target area. Machine obedient, everything is as it should. But that's not known where the plane came smoke.

"What's the matter?" What is burning? Clearly, on fire. What to do? The airfield far. And to end? Main-purpose ship. And it must be destroyed. A smoke more. Perhaps, after all back? Then the spacecraft will approach the shore and landed the Nazis, weapons, ammunition, mines, cartridges.

Haste is not in the nature Mylnikova. He turned off all electricity consumers and went to the emergency network. A thick smoke haze enveloped everything inside and seemed to penetrate into the brain, clouding of thought. We must immediately do something ...

In these life-threatening moments Myl'nikov did not flinch, did not lose his. He managed to pull myself together, overcome fear, continued to think about how to accomplish the combat mission. His sense of duty to subordinate all the rest.

Maneuver becomes more complicated, smoke tickle in the throat, watery eyes. The muscles of the whole body ached from the strain. Before flying one of the most experienced pilots, more than once flown at sea targets, telling what features to keep in mind during the search, how to attack, but he could not assume that everything goes well: bumpiness, smoke in the cabin, low clouds. A tired body is poured. It is crushed and pressed to the seat, clouding consciousness ... But among the waves flashed in front of a black dot and then disappeared. Maybe it seemed? No, here she was back ...

Myl'nikov gazed. "Yes, this is a goal. At last! ".

Myl'nikov abruptly took flight on the decline, sending it to the center of the enemy vehicles.

Yellow flashes blinding. The fire led anti-aircraft guns and cannons. From aircraft shell bursts several times thrown. But the goal is near. The pilot pushes a button release gear.

The blow was accurate. Expanding the plane, Myl'nikov looked at the place where the ship was, and saw the huge explosions. The ship was destroyed.

But what happened in the airplane? The reason became clear only after the return home. Guilt was an aircraft technician.

It seems to be a small mistake allowed the technician, who was preparing the plane for take-off. He did not examined as should the car, he noticed that a lot of excess grease on the control rods. Grease getting on the parts that are in the air very hot, started to evaporate and smoke. And what it led to! Combat task was accomplished only through the coolness, courage and skill of the pilot.

Especially memorable Mylnikov and his comrades a sortie.

That was in January 1945. Our troops reached the southern outskirts of Konigsberg. The approaches to it have been fortified. Tanks were stationed close to each other, opened heavy fire. Mines and stockade hinder the movements of our technology, and the infantry took cover.

. Mylnikov was ordered six "sludge" to strike at the enemy firing points and help the troops break into the city.

. Arriving in the target region, our attack planes attacked eight enemy
. And when the group fell in the opposite direction, the pilots saw that the Soviet soldiers after them, waving their hands. Immediately after landing Mylnikova caused komandir.-bombed? His not hurt?-Asked anxiously on.-kick accurately, Mylnikov. curtly replied "Well, hold on: just told that the general Khriukin was on KP and myself saw your work. Now on the PO-2 flew here.

Myl'nikov silent. He again recalled all ground attack. No, all right!

A few minutes of light-2 landed and taxied for takeoff. After hearing a report regimental commander, General T.T. Khriukin ordered to build aircrew. When the pilots lined up, the general asked:

. "Who flew two hours before the boat?

. By his tone it was impossible to determine what lies over the issue, and the pilots were alarmed: Is hit on her? Myl'nikov and his followers out of order
. Polk metering. The general took a few steps towards them and said:

-Thank you. Fellows. They helped the troops, and how! Examine yourself that you are rewarded for this flight!

A few days before the end of the war Myl'nikov got to the hospital. The wound was serious. And when he recovered from the aircraft had to leave ... It was hard to attack aircraft to part with their favorite thing, but he did not lose heart.

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) People of the immortal exploits. Moscow submarine v.2 1975

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Myl'nikov Grigory Mikhailovich, photo, biography
Myl'nikov Grigory Mikhailovich, photo, biography Myl'nikov Grigory Mikhailovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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