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MYHLIK Vasily Ilyich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography MYHLIK Vasily Ilyich
photo MYHLIK Vasily Ilyich
(29. 12. 1922 - 29. 12. 1996)

M yhlik Vasily Ilyich ground-attack pilot. Born December 29, 1922 in the village Soldatskoe Kazankovskogo region Nikolaev region in a peasant family. Ukrainetz. In the Soviet Army from 1940. Began service cadet 1 st Volsky Air Technical School of the Lenin Young Communist League, which he graduated in September 1941. During the Great Patriotic War mastered the combat aircraft and attack aircraft pilot was. He fought in the 566 Wang. Was the flight commander, squadron. Made 188 sorties. The war ended in Koenigsberg. He was awarded many orders and medals.

W and excellent execution of command assignments, for courage, bravery and heroism of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet from 23 February 1945 in. I. Myhliku awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

In the Torah the Gold Star Medal "awarded June 29, 1945.

Fter the Great Patriotic War. I. Myhlik graduated from the Red Banner Air Force Academy, until 1966 he served in the Soviet Army. Now retired colonel in the. I. Myhlik lives in Moscow. Bronze bust of the hero is set in Krivoy Rog.

. He died on his birthday - Dec. 29, 1996.


As part of the six IL-2 Myhlik flew to another big ground attack convoys of Germans, stretching along the road Bryansk-Karachi
. Approaching the target, Basil noticed that a column of air cover from enemy fighters. In addition, the Soviet ground attack aircraft encountered heavy barrage of artillery fire. Skillfully maneuvering, pilots and air gunner fighters repulsed the attack, broke through to the goal and brought down its deadly load on the enemy. However, strong opposition by enemy fighters who were in the air, did not give storming the opportunity to make more than one approach to attack the column. But at one go and the group managed to destroy and cripple the enemy up to 30 vehicles. For excellent performance of the job division commander announced Myhliku gratitude.

. Big and hard work of fighting our pilots and led to the disruption of rail traffic to the enemy's front lines: destroyed bridges, wrecked troop trains at railway stations and in. Way
. So, once at the railway station Bryansk-Karachi air reconnaissance had detected an enemy train carrying military equipment. Received orders to destroy it. Along with others on the job and flew Myhlik. Finding a train, attacked the pilots with the course of his. Accurate bombing ground-attack planes caused a train wreck.

During the fighting in the Bryansk and Western Fronts young pilots flew many successful combat missions, has become a mature fighter aircraft, has earned respect and recognition for comrades. In the battles of the Eagle in the storm strikes on the enemy, he showed great skill, courage and heroism, and was awarded the Order of the Red Star and Red Banner. From private pilot, he grew up in a skillful commander, leading an experienced group, has proved himself a master storm strikes, became the pride of the regiment.

. In January 1944, already having an extensive combat experience, Myhlik along with his unit arrived in the Leningrad front
. At that time, Soviet troops broke through the blockade of Leningrad. The share of our attack aircraft dropped a difficult task: to strike at the enemy fortifications, railroad trains, manpower and equipment of the enemy. Flying had many, sometimes several times in the short winter day, in various weather conditions.

The most important task of ground-attack pilot during this period was the destruction of enemy artillery, which prevents the advance of our troops. For this purpose, air and artillery commanders often agree on joint actions were planned table battle, in which defined areas of action of artillery and attack aircraft.

. Gunners usually acted on the pre-oil spill points of the enemy's artillery to strive for their depth, and attack aircraft, artillery, is in the depth.

. On one winter day in 1944 an artillery commander, said aircraft commander, . that on the eastern outskirts of the heavily fortified point, two artillery batteries fire on the enemy dispositions of our troops, . and on the western outskirts of this item is anti-aircraft battery,
. It was agreed to joint action to destroy the battery.

From ground-attack planes to accomplish this task was entrusted to a group led by Vasily Myhlikom. Commander of the group gathered aircrew and studied with him tasks. Each pair knew when and what it does, when and which serves the maneuver.

According to the agreement of our artillery opened fire on the first battery of the enemy. Five minutes later the team storm troopers under the command of Myhyaika went to the area of the printed dozheniya batteries of the enemy and pairs with different heights inflicted on them bombing. The aircraft then stood up in battle order "circle" and fired on targets of attack, four rockets and cannons. As a result of joint action and attack aircraft batteries of the enemy gunners were suppressed, and our ground troops have used this moment to move forward.

In this sortie, especially distinguished group commander. He at first entering suppressed the enemy fire anti-aircraft battery, thereby propelling the band to follow the best terms and conditions of the problem.

About the din of the episodes of those days remember Vasili Myhliku for life. This time, he led four IL-2 without fighter cover to attack an enemy convoy which was moving along the road to the railway station Mshinskaya. Already on its way to the goal he heard the excited voice frog Ivan Fayustova:

. -Comrade Commander, "right above the four enemy fighters!

. "Attention! Prepare to repel the fighters, to reduce the distance!-Handed on the radio Myhlik slave.

. The pilots took a tight battle formation
. To complicate attack fighters, leading began to maneuver in the direction and height. The fighters were approaching the group, trying to attack ground attack from different directions. One after another appeared in the air, fire trails. But they were far from the aircraft: the enemy is afraid of guns and air gunner was shooting from long range.

Attack aircraft were already over the target, when it fired anti-aircraft artillery of the enemy. Fighters of the enemy, not to fall under the fire of their antiaircraft guns, stepped aside and prepared to attack the aircraft after them from attack.

During the attack target anti-aircraft fire damaged aircraft Myhlika. Lit right plane. But carried away by the pilot continued the battle ground attack.

When the storm troopers were returning to their territory, two German fighter planes went into a tail Myhlika. Machine-gun fire damaged aileron and rudder. New this second aerial gunner caught one of the enemy aircraft in sight and knocked him.

On the burning and poorly managed aircraft Myhlik could not continue the flight. Height rapidly decreased. I had to sit on the forest.

When the crack branches verse, there was silence. "I think, alive, thought Myhlik. But what is with the shooter?" The pilot jumped out of the cab and rushed to help someone.

Near the shots were heard, was coming German speech. IL-2 was about 200 meters from the enemy anti-aircraft batteries firing on storming. German anti-aircraft gunners in the din of battle had not heard landing. But the delay was not.

Myhlik Fayustov and hastened to hide in the woods. For three days they walked to their. On the fourth day, managed to go unnoticed piniyu Front. Soviet soldiers have to help. Again, the pilot and gunner in his own regiment, fighting among friends who were worried about their fate.

Many times Myhlik led groups of IL-2 to attack and always skillfully used a dangerous weapon of his plane. He flew reconnaissance of enemy troops and commanders delivered valuable information on which often depended on the success of our battle ground troops.

. About T-pilot of attack aircraft during the war required that he could not only fly the aircraft excellent and effective use of his arms, and navigate the flight, to see what was happening in the air and on ground
. Especially this latter quality should be the pilot to fly on exploration of ground troops: we must go secretly into the exploration area, avoid contact with enemy fighters and skillfully circumvent ground-based air defense.

. Basil Myhlik possessed all these qualities
. The experience gained in combat missions in various parts of the front, helped him well-versed in the terrestrial environment, identify the enemy on the ground and successfully carry out the job command.

. One day the regimental commander received the mission to reconnoitre the strongly fortified area defense
. It was necessary to identify the location of artillery, ammunition depots, the concentration of tanks and other combat equipment of the enemy. The commander ordered a task Myhliku.

To ensure the secrecy of the flight from the enemy, led Myhlik aircraft at low altitude. Front line, he passed over the swampy terrain sparsely. Coming into the rear of the enemy, the pilot spun the car and went to climb to a pre-identified benchmarks and included a camera.

Anti-aircraft fire could not prevent Myhliku perform a task. Command to get reliable information about the enemy's strongholds on this site.

During the fighting for the liberation of the Baltic coastal islands link of Myhlika assigned to cover a landing of our troops on the island of Hiiumaa. This was in early October. It was bad weather was rain, low clouds hung. Their advance team has already led the fight for a small town not far from the shore. Radio stations targeting was not, and the pilots had to find ourselves goals. And for this I had to literally "to iron" the land that, in such weather to discern who have entrenched themselves among the stones of the Nazis.

The distance between the Germans and our units were only about 100 meters. In such a situation can be hit, and its troops, but led Myhlik link in the attack. He was sure his subordinates know their strong endurance, skill and perseverance. Link under heavy enemy fire, made 16 visits to the enemy positions and took on the goal only when all the spent ammunition, and our paratroopers have risen strongly in the attack.

. Reported the commander of the situation on the island, Myhlik asked permission to repeat the flight, to help our infantrymen
. Please pilot was satisfied. This time he flew in pairs with the best wingman, Alexander Artemyev. At the site of the former battlefield is ruled by our infantry. Had again "feeling around" the ground and look for goals. And this time the couple made 16 visits. Accurate fire Myhlika and his fellow paratroopers helped with small losses to take a significant part of the island.

T his was the last of attack Basil on the Leningrad front. In the autumn of 1944, in which he served, became part of the 3rd Belorussian Front. Here Myhlik as one of the most talented and experienced officers, appointed commander of the squadron and received the rank of captain. The squadron involved in breaking heavily fortified German defenses on the outskirts of East Prussia and the destruction of the enemy encircled troops.

. The commander of the Guards Corps, which interacted with the aircraft, so telling about a strike, a group of storm troopers, led by Myhlikom: "Exactly at 13.30, two of the five IL-2 appeared above the target in the Knauten-Sheferay-Paper Mill
. After reversal attack aircraft attacked the target very well from all kinds of weapons. The enemy was in large part destroyed, and paralyzed part could not offer serious resistance. During the attack attack aircraft burned three tanks, two self-propelled guns, and destroyed a company of enemy soldiers and officers. Attack ground attack was exactly on time and accurately according to purpose. This advantage of the advancing infantry and artillery, resulting in the combat mission was fully accomplished.

. But the departure of the "sludge" under the command of Captain Myhlika the combat mission to destroy encircled enemy troops south-west of Konigsberg
. In the 15-20 kilometers from the front lines Myhlik contacted with the probes targeting. When approaching the battlefield gave the command:

-Take the order of battle!

The aircraft-gunner, who had been expecting the arrival of the group, said the goal of "battery south of paragraph N.". Quickly identifying it on the map and maneuvering in the rupture of enemy anti-aircraft shells, Myhlik led a group of his storm troopers to attack. The explosion, two, three ... Lowered from a height of 300-400 meters before the strafing, he saw the results of their work-inverted and mangled corpses of guns and fascists.

. He made eight visits to the target when he was told the land that now our artillery started shelling the enemy
. Basil Myhlik left on its territory, built a group of IL-2 in the "circle" and began to observe the firing of artillery. But what is it? The shells exploded away from the goal. He immediately contacted the gunner. Gunners refined aiming and fire on the target moved. When the guns fell silent, Myhlik again led his team to attack.

-Go home, worked perfectly! He heard on the radio.

Even before the group returned to the airfield in the regiment received a telegram: "I personally watched and admired the work of the group. With me watching the work of ground commanders, who also caught. Group leaders and declare thanks. Deputy. Chief of Staff Air Force Col. Lodgers ".

In this flight Myhlik not only ably led the team, but he set fire to the tank, broke four vehicles with soldiers and cargo, quelled the fire of the artillery battery. Bold and the exact actions of the pilots, good sletannost group, initiative and determination Myhlika helped ground troops almost lossless capture fortified points.

. At the 3 rd Squadron, Belorussian Front, led by Vasily Myhlikom, flew 309 successful sorties, and lost only one aircraft
. During the fighting on this front, the regiment, which served Myhlik, became the Red Banner, and the division was awarded the Order of Kutuzov. In this merit and Myhlika who live their daily affairs multiplied glory division.

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) People of the immortal exploits. Moscow submarine v.2 1975

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MYHLIK Vasily Ilyich, photo, biography
MYHLIK Vasily Ilyich, photo, biography MYHLIK Vasily Ilyich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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