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Nedbaylo Anatoly Konstantinovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Nedbaylo Anatoly Konstantinovich
photo Nedbaylo Anatoly Konstantinovich
(28. 1. 1923)

H edbaylo Anatoly Konstantinovich ground-attack pilot. Born January 28, 1923 in the city of Kharkiv region Raisin in the family working. By nationality Ukrainian. Member of the CPSU since 1944. In the Soviet Army from 1941. Began service cadet Lugano military aviation school pilots, from which he graduated in 1943. During the Great Patriotic War, AK. Nedbaylo was flight commander, squadron 75 gv.shap., Produced 224 successful sorties, shot down 1 aircraft of the enemy personally. He was awarded many orders and medals

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Anatoly Konstantinovich Nedbaylo awarded April 19, 1945.

. In the Torah the Gold Star Medal "awarded June 29, 1945.

. Fter World War Nedbaylo Anatoly Konstantinovich successfully graduated from the Red Banner Air Force Academy
. Was on the teaching and management experience in military schools air force. Author of the book "In the Guard family". Following the resignation of Air Force Major General AK. Nedbaylo resides in Mr.. Kiev.

... N Before attack aircraft has been tasked to: erect a smokescreen at the site where it is supposed to cross the. Implementation was entrusted to link its attack planes without fighter cover. The complexity of the task is obvious: pilots have to shoot near the most enemy positions at a height of 20 - 30 meters under the fire of all weapons.

The regimental commander, Major Guard N.F. Lyakhovsky went over in memory of all his pilots: commander of the E. Bikbulatov, this certainly cope. And the other pilots managers also have deep file.

So deep file Lyakhovsky thought and Anatoly Nedbaylo, although he was just beginning to comprehend the martial art. An experienced commander, was able to see the young pilot of the makings of a good battle and was not mistaken.
- So, "spetsialniki" - fun Bikbulatov said, referring to the pilots, who were to perform a special task - is new and complex. First, let us be clear maneuver. Must be accurately and at the same time secretly go in a predetermined area. First, let's go to an open order of battle, so as not to tire yourself. Forces will be needed over the target. 15-20 kilometers from Miiisov above paragraph N., turn at low level, and over the enemy coast "slide" recruit 200 meters altitude. The first release of the chemical composition was producing I. When the smoke screen, air arrows should open fire on enemy firing points.

This ended in preparation for flight.

And then the planes already on order. Under the wings of airplanes rapidly sweeping infantry trenches, machine gun nests. Nedbaylo vigilantly monitors the lead, so as not to miss a crucial moment early productions smokescreen. That plume of smoke burst out from under the plane Bikbulatova. "One, two, three ... six ... "- counts in mind the necessary time Anatoly and saw that the pilot and the second link, and. V. Kalitin, included smoke devices after the commander. Continue to slip past the enemy positions, snarling cannon and machine gun fire. Soviet planes fly through this fire.

"Eleven, twelve ..." - Continues to take Nedbaylo and presses the trigger. Chemical instruments take effect.

At this point Bikbulatov throws the car first up, then down, and fires on the enemy positions. Statements should be followed. Then - a new sharp maneuver, and attack planes returned to their base.

. For excellent performance of this difficult task Nedbaylo was awarded the first government award - the Order of the Red Star.

. B oevye flights continued
. August 15, 1943 Squadron E. E. Kryvoshlyk assembled pilots and said:
- At the airport Kuteinikova enemy concentrated up to 80 aircraft. Our regiment charged with hitting on the airfield with three sixes. One of the battle group was ordered to me.

Squadron of the six identified. Nedbaylo flew closing. It was his first combat vypet to attack enemy airfields.

"But I finished rebuilding - tells about the radius Nedbaylo - as the first six quickly went into attack. For her - Second ... "Another second and we attacked the enemy airfield" - sounded in the minds. Trace the gaze direction of the second six-dive, to reflect sunlight discover parking apron. Machines were in some disarray groups. "So this is the airfield," thought I followed the lead enter attack at the peak. Gaze riveted to the aircraft commander. The slightest delay - and the bombs will be off the target. Another moment - and flew down rockets from aircraft leading. I'm doing the same thing. At the parking enemy aircraft reared up explosions.

Again looking at the leading group. Ilyushin out of the attack, and at this moment of his bombolyukov heavy dark drops bombs fall. Double-click on the reset button. Increase speed to maximum, glance to the left, back. Again, I see clouds of smoke over the parking, and there the flames flare up here ... Popal!

Ahead of reaching the six second passes at the target. Around them are floating shells exploding anti-aircraft artillery. A few seconds later and we are rushing through the smoke breaks. The smell of burning gunpowder fills the cabin. Following the commander leading the fire of cannon and machine guns. Rhythmic tremor every now and then runs through the plane. Enemy of the parking lot of the shroud of smoke visible from the labor. Appears another powerful fountain of flame ... "

After Nedbaylo of attack aircraft was attacked by enemy fighters. But aerial gunner A. I. Malyuk repulsed all attacks. Despite the fact that the attack was severely damaged, Nedbaylo brought it to its airfield.

Combat pilot activity has grown as the acquisition of personal experience, to the extent that, as they absorbed the experience of the best aviators. Once Nedbaylo flew on a combat mission in the group, led by an experienced commander D. S. Prudnikov. Completing the task, the group returned to their base. And here's leading noticed fascist bombers S-88 flying in the direction of our troops. The commander quickly matured decision: to attack! In this unusual ground attack to combat Soviet pilots shot down six Nazi planes. The next day Nedbaylo shot down a Ju-87, and his hands - another bomber.

Nedbaylo sank enemy ships in the Black Sea, carried out raids on enemy airfields, flew reconnaissance. And in each sortie was trying to choose from numerous and diverse methods of fighting this, which would put the opponent in a difficult situation and ensured the victory of the Soviet pilots.

. About Sobienie learned Nedbaylo in the battles for the liberation of the Crimea
. In a raid on an airfield near Kherson, covered with a heavy anti-aircraft fire, he went to the frontal attack, and chose a route over the sea. Group was hedge-hopping, then the aircraft climbed sharply and unexpectedly appeared at the rear of the Nazis. Redesigned from the order of battle "wedge" in the order of battle "snake" and maneuvering among the flak, they are all their firepower on the enemy planes attacked. Built wise, battle order to ensure freedom of maneuver each crew. Eight times came at the target Soviet pilots. Were on the airfield Nazi planes were destroyed. Our group returned to their base at full strength.

. Then came a new day - and a new victory: in the northern Bay of Sevastopol Nedbaylo and his followers sank an enemy ship.

. And so day after day, from victory to victory.

. And yul, 1944, the 3rd Belorussian Front
. Under the powerful blows of Soviet troops the Germans retreated westward. Pilots from the air support the ground troops, destroyed the retreating columns of the fascist cars, trains at the station Gorodziki; helped finish off the enemy group, surrounded by our troops in the 12-15 kilometers east of Minsk.

. July 8 Nedbaylo led by six, which consisted exclusively of young pilots who flew for the bombing attack, assault at a ferry across the river Svisloch.

. Terrain, drifting under the wings of planes, cops
. On the approach to a given area, on the road between the two parks, stretching the column appeared the enemy troops. In Svisloch a broad meadow, free of trees, confusion reigned: on the beach in front of a narrow passage, like a flock of sheep, was pushing a variety of military equipment.

Attack aircraft make the right call and Peleng was bombing. The objective is covered. Aircraft rebuilt in the "circle" and begin to storm the scattered pieces of the hostile factions in the meadow and along the road.

. At the time of the dive by storm troopers sweep large shells.

. "Beauty tank shells," - thought Nedbaylo and in response he sent to the enemy rockets.

. Then the commander took a pen himself, turned the car to climb
. Looked up at the slave. Machine lieutenant H. M. Kireeva continued rapid dive, leaving behind a club of gray smoke.

- Prints! - Shouted Nedbaylo radio .- Earth, the Earth ... But late. Burning attack aircraft crashed into the thick of enemy tanks and vehicles. The fiery explosion cap rose above the meadow, throwing out all sides shapeless piles of rubble.

The exploits Kireeva became known around the front. Special leaflet issued by the Political Department, told all the soldiers of the valor of the hero. Guard Lieutenant Kireev was ever enrolled in the lists of parts.

M tion of attention paid Nedbaylo find new tactics. All the pilots were well aware of the advantages of order of battle "circle". One thing is bad: when the storm troopers have completed a task, they are to follow at the airport, had to readjust to the "bearing" or in a different order of battle. Depending on the number of aircraft on a rebuilding took from three to ten minutes. This moment and waiting for many Nazi pilots. They are like vultures, assaulted the ground attack and often inflicted substantial damage on them.

. "How to protect crews from the devastating enemy fire in these moments?" - Is the question, whose decision Nedbaylo dedicated front-line brief moments of rest.

. In one of the sorties, when Nedbaylo was leading, he was after the attack managed to rebuild their team so fast that the enemy, failing to recover, instead of the "circle" saw "bearing", departing to its territory
. Fascist fighters tried to crack down on the ground attack, but lost one aircraft and refused to prosecute.

. "So, you can assemble a team in a short time", - Anatoly happy and tried to figure out how it happened.

. A large sheet of paper crosses the wavy line - the front line
. The middle of the circle - a curve on which the aircraft will move over to. Half of the circle passes over the enemy's territory, half - of our. In terms of six aircraft. Number one - the presenter.

Nedbaylo carefully pin the paper to the dugout log wall and begins to explain the pilots:
- Over to operate normally. Once done the last call, I command: "Ready," and he continue to simulate an attack. You're on my team next sharp turn around, take a course in their territory and follow everything to a single point of collection, - Anatoly stretched long dotted lines on each plane to that point.

Conversation lasted. We talked about the importance of a strong relationship not only between the crews of storm troopers, but also fighter cover, the need to change the order of battle before the approach to the goals and much, much more that could ensure victory in the new fighting.

. All that said Nedbaylo and that complemented the pilots checked in flight
. Came off well.

Our troops are advancing on the Lithuanian soil. Move rapidly and that there was no delay, attack planes, was summoned to the battlefield several times a day. Our pilots smashed artillery batteries, suppressed strongly fortified centers of resistance, stormed the enemy infantry. There were days when the air did not appear any fascist fighters, attack planes, and then feel themselves masters of the situation.

N o was not always so.

... Nedbaylo conducted six "oozes". Above them circled four of our fighters Yak. The problem common: to destroy the enemy artillery positions two kilometers west of Wilco-Visca. Find the target, to the north where the river runs wide and where the converging railways and roads, is not difficult. So Nedbaylo felt calm, confident that everything will be OK. In different conditions, tried to use different battle formations, in the event of an unexpected meeting with an airborne enemy have the maximum advantage. So it was at this time: when the front line remained until four or five kilometers, Nedbaylo restructured its group of "wedge" Six in the right "bearing". Then he turned on the transmitter and said at a checkpoint your callsign, requested permission to launch an attack target.

. From the earth were ordered previously specified goal is not to storm, and to leave the south-eastern outskirts of the city and strike at enemy tanks.

. It happened more than once
. Nedbaylo quickly analyzes the situation, was wondering, what is the best to come on purpose, and would command a slave to restructure in order of battle "circle". Crews, strictly maintaining a preset distance, form a giant ring.

The Germans felt that is about to begin the attack, and began firing ground-attack. However, several liquid runs small caliber antiaircraft guns were far away. Nedbaylo was about to give the command to start the attack, when he earned a ground transmitter and the headphones headset clearly heard the word of the impending danger:
- You attack 12 fighters PV-190. Be careful!

. Anatoly demands led to prepare for battle, and immediately transmits conniving fighters:
. - Veda defensive battle in the order of battle "circle".

. While it took radio communication, Nedbaylo carefully studied the air situation
. Indeed, from the sun directly on them raced blunt group of fighters. Enemy planes grew in. Nedbaylo knew that the frog is already produced to repel the attack and, as soon as the distance, open fire on the enemy.

However, the plan, the pilots was a fascist. First they attacked the fighters on the four "yak" flying slightly higher ground attack. The Nazis tried to tear off the covering group of storm troopers and tie up her fight. Part of this they were able. Nedbaylo saw two pairs of PV-190 bound battle "yaks". The remaining eight "Focke-Wulf" rapidly approaching Six "oozes". A second passed, another second. And suddenly, as if on command, opened fire frog all six planes. The fire was so effective that the enemy fighters immediately took away the side.

The first attack was recorded. But now take the enemy to use their numerical advantage did not prevent the attack aircraft to the target?

. Whatever he undertook, Anatolia Nedbaylo was clear: to firmly hold the defensive circle and at any re-use the full force of the attack of fire attack aircraft to destroy enemy aircraft.

. The enemy, meanwhile went on a new trick
. The Quartet continued to hamper the fight a couple of our fighters. The second quartet went in the direction of the sun, obviously wishing to choose a new best time for. Attack. The Third Quartet "Focke-Wulf" broke into pairs and took the starting position to attack the defensive range attack planes above and below. At the same moment both of these couples, noticing the gap between the plane Nedbaylo and closing the circle "mud", attacked the latter.

But it is not fettered by beating couple "yak" resolutely went into the attack on the two lower "Focke-Wulf". And then the leading enemy aircraft broke and not having to open fire on the aircraft.

But do not turn on a PV-190. Watching the battle from the ground saw almost simultaneously were struck down three enemy aircraft. Who shot down two more?

Leading the top pair set fire Nedbaylo. He issued by Nazi planes at once, four rockets. Solve cunning enemies, he specifically created a gap between aircraft flying in a circle, and when the couple became the top enemy approaching attack aircraft, flying in front, sent his plane to the lead and fired shells. Almost simultaneously, a radio operator-gunner Nedbaylo aircraft opened fire on the statement of the lower pair.

All three enemy fighters crashed to the ground. The second attack the enemy's petered out in the fire of our fighters and attack aircraft.

And what happened?

Having lost three aircraft, the Focke-Wulf "more in the fight did not enter. They left alone our "yak" and hiding away, behind the front.

But the storm troopers have not yet fulfilled their task. It is a good time to do it. Nedbaylo gave the command to attack, and first went into a dive at the enemy tanks. Again earned the gun, and the head of the enemy showered antitank bombs.

When all the ammunition intended for ground targets, were spent on the west appeared a group of IU-109. Nedbaylo immediately gave the order to prepare. And as soon as he began to imitate the new attack, he led all of a sudden turned around and clearly regrouped in a new order of battle. Enemy pilots thought it best not to engage in battle with stormtroopers.

Thus ended this difficult battle. And how many are just on account of pilot Anatoly Konstantinovich Nedbaylo! And each show restraint and perseverance, airmanship and commanders as heroes.

In. Sokolov

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) People of the immortal exploits. Moscow submarine v.2 1975

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    Nedbaylo Anatoly Konstantinovich, photo, biography
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