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Mitrofan Nedelin Ivanovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Mitrofan Nedelin Ivanovich
photo Mitrofan Nedelin Ivanovich
(9. 11. 1902 - 24. 10. 1960)

H edelin Mitrofan Ivanovich - the artillery commander of the 3rd Ukrainian Front, Colonel-General of Artillery. Born November 9, 1902 in the city Borisoglebsk now Voronezh region in the family working. Russian. Member of the CPSU in 1924. Graduated from the 7 classes.

In the Soviet Army from 1920. Member of the Civil War, consisting of 12 parts of the Army of the Southwestern Front. In the years 1921-22 in the ranks of the Tambov army was involved in anti-gang, and later fought in the Turkestan front with Basmachi. In 1923 he graduated from the military-political course and in 1928 was on the political work in the army, was political director and political instructors battery. At the end of the 1929 artillery courses to improve officers' and until 1937 commanded a battery, and then division.

. Member of the national revolutionary war years 1937-1939 of the Spanish people and the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939 Б?? 40 years.

. In 1941 he graduated from the postgraduate courses the higher command of artillery at the Artillery Academy Dzerzhinsky
. Since April 1941 the commander of 4 th artillery anti-tank brigade.

On the Great Patriotic War from June 1941. During the war years from June 1941 to July 1943 was at war as commander of 4 th artillery brigade of anti-Southern Front, . deputy chief of artillery, 18-Army, . artillery commander of the 37 th and 56 th Armies, . deputy commander of the artillery of the North Caucasus Front, . Commander of the 5-mm artillery shell,
. From July 1943 to May 1945 was the artillery commander of the Southwestern and 3rd Ukrainian Fronts. Participated in operations to defeat the Nazis on the Dnieper, under Jassy, the liberation of Belgrade, Budapest and Vienna.

Particularly distinguished himself in battle with the Hungarian Lake Balaton. 18 -26 January 1945 The Nazis took uozera Balaton strong counter-attack, trying to close the path of Soviet troops in Austria and southern Germany Б?? last areas where Germany has concentrated military industry. The blow was repulsed.

. Front Artillery Commander, Colonel-General Nedelin used guns and mortars for the massive fire attacks, making way for the main attack of the enemy artillery large density Б?? 50 Б?? 80 barrels per kilometer front
. Sheregeyesha the east, where the main strike force attacked the Nazis, was focused on the established order Nedelina large grouping of 160 guns and mortars that struck the enemy a devastating fire on 3-kilometer stretch. Closely following the avalanche of tank maneuvers that change the direction of attack in search of weaknesses in our defense, Nedelin quickly advanced to meet them powerful artillery barriers. After 10 days of fighting the Germans lost about 45 thousand soldiers, 500 tanks and assault guns, 300 cannons and mortars, about 500 armored vehicles. Significant part of their destroyed brave gunners. 3rd Ukrainian Front came to a decisive attack on the Vienna area.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Mitrofan Ivanovich Nedelin awarded April 28, 1945 the year for his leadership artillery 3rd Ukrainian Front, . courage, . shown by the reflection of large-scale counter-attacks of the enemy tanks and infantry north-east of Lake Balaton.,

. After the war he graduated from the Academy Voennnuyu Dzerzhinsky, has held executive positions in Minesterstve Defense of the USSR
. Since March 1955 Deputy Minister of Defense of the USSR and in 1959 while Chief Strategic Missile Forces. Chief Marshal of Artillery (1959). Since 1952 a candidate member of the CPSU Central Committee. Member of the Supreme Soviet 4 th and 5-th convocations.

. Awarded 5 orders of Lenin, 4 ordenamii Red Banner, Order of Suvorov, 1 degree, 1 degree of Kutuzov, Bogdan Khmelnitsky 1 degree, World War 1 degree, of Honor, medals, decorations inostrannymmi.

. Died Oct. 24, 1960
. During prelaunch to launch the first intercontinental ballistic missile R-16 there was a fortuitous start the second stage propulsion system and rocket explosion. Buried in Moscow on Red Square near the Kremlin Wall. His name is given to Rostov university college, school. In Moscow there is a street of Marshal Nedelina, in the town square Borisoglebsk Nedelina a monument.


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Mitrofan Nedelin Ivanovich, photo, biography
Mitrofan Nedelin Ivanovich, photo, biography Mitrofan Nedelin Ivanovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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