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Oborin Alexander

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Oborin Alexander
photo Oborin Alexander
(1908 - 7. 8. 1944)

About Borin Alexander commander 438 th Fighter Regiment (6-th Fighter Aviation Corps, 2-Air Army, 1 st Ukrainian Front), Lieutenant Colonel. Born in 1908 in the village NYTVA (now the city of Perm region) in a working class family. Russian. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1931. Graduated from the 7 classes. In 1927-1929 he worked machinist sheet rolling shop at the Lysva Steel Plant. In the Red Army in 1929. In 1932 he graduated from the Leningrad military-theoretical Pilot School in 1933 - 14 th Engels Air Force Pilot School.

On the Great Patriotic War from July 12, 1941. He fought in the skies of Stalingrad. In August 1943, Major Oborin AV. was appointed commander of the 438 th Fighter Regiment. At the head of the regiment fought on the Dnieper, at Jassy, Lvov and Sandomierz. I personally drove to the job of fighters. Killed with air ram August 7, 1944 near the village Lagow (Poland).

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Vasilyevich Oborin awarded posthumously April 10, 1945.

. In this made 283 sorties in 119 air battles personally shot down 13 and a group of 13 enemy aircraft
. Awarded 2 orders of Lenin, 3 orders of the Red Banner, Order of the Red Star.


W D EPUTY commander of the 563rd Fighter Regiment on the political part (283rd Fighter Division, 16 th Air Army, Stalingrad Front) Battalion Commissar Oborin AV
. September 9, 1942 flew the lead pair of Yak-1 on the support of ground attack. In the area of the village Orlovka Stalingrad they attacked 6 enemy fighters Me-109F. Despite the numerical superiority of the enemy, our pilots have taken the fight, providing a task storming. Upon returning to their base, they were again attacked by the enemy. Skillfully maneuvering, Oborin away from the blow and he shot down one "Messerschmitt". At this time he noticed the Me-109 attacks the trailing IL-2. Having steep turns, Oborin rushed to the rescue. Overtook the enemy, he opened fire, but all passed. Oborin repeated the attack, but the ammunition was no. Then he decided to ram. By increasing the gas to the limit, he caught up with "Messerschmitt" and struck him a blow on the left plane. Without the wing, an enemy aircraft fell to the ground. With a torn wing panel Oborin led his fighter at the airfield and landed.

August 7, 1944, Colonel Oborin AV. flew the Yak-9 (side Б∙╖ 100) paired with his wingman Shardeevym in a group of fighters on the tank hit the 7 th Guards Tank Corps, General Fishing on the Sandomierz bridgehead (Poland). In the area of the village Lagow (31 km south-east of the city of Kielce), entered into battle with a group of He-111 bombers, escorted by fighter Me-109. Since the first attack our pilots shot down three "Heinkel". Others, freed from the bombs began to go. Oborin decided to pursue them, but this time he attacked the "Messerschmitt" from the group covering. Two of them, he shot down. Soon came another group of 15 enemy aircraft. Despite the disparity of forces, our pilots shot down two more. When ammunition ran out, Oborin ordered out of the battle does not go out and simulate attacks. The enemy tried to break through at any cost to the area where the focus of our tanks. Then Oborin sent his plane to meet the ranks of bombers and went home at enemy aircraft from below. His fighter crashed into the belly "Heinkel". Both aircraft, flames, crashed to the ground. Oborin with death. Taran stunned fascists. Hastily dropping bombs, they turned back.

Biography provided by AE Melnikov

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Oborin Alexander, photo, biography
Oborin Alexander, photo, biography Oborin Alexander  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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