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Odintsov, Mikhail Petrovich

( Twice Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Odintsov, Mikhail Petrovich
photo Odintsov, Mikhail Petrovich
(18. 11. 1921)

About dintsov Mikhail Petrovich - ground-attack pilot. Born November 18, 1921 in the village Polozova Chastinsnogo district of the Perm region in the family of the employee. Russian by nationality. Member of the CPSU since 1943. In 1937 he graduated seven years and enrolled in the Sverdlovsk Civil Engineering at the evening department. At the same time worked at a local flying club. In 1938 he graduated from the flying club and entered a military school in Perm pilots. Studied for a year, rapidly produced and was sent to military school Engel pilots. In May 1940 he graduated from college, received the title "Lieutenant" and left for 62 th Aviation Cavalry Regiment. In October 1940 the commander of the flight crew in the near-126 Bomber Regiment.

The first sortie made June 23, 1941, Mr.. During the period of the Great Patriotic War Stamp. Odintsov made 215 sorties, shot down 2 enemy planes. Was a squadron commander and then deputy commander of the 800 Attack Aviation Regiment. Vreval in Bryansk, Steppenwolf, Stalingrad, Voronezh, Kalinin, 2 First Ukrainian Front. He was awarded two Orders of Lenin, . Order of the October Revolution, . five orders of the Red Banner, . Order of Alexander Nevsky, . Two - World War I level and one level II, . Orders of Red Star and "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces" III degree.,

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Captain Odintsov, Mikhail Petrovich was awarded on Feb. 4, 1944

In the Torah medal "Gold Star" Major Odintsov Stamp. awarded 27 June 1945.

Fter World War II M. P. Odintsov in 1952. graduated from the Military-Political Academy VI. Lenin and in 1959. General Staff Academy. Commanded regiments, . division and aviation Military District, . first Chief Cosmonaut Training Center, . Air Force adviser to the Polish Army, . held a high position in the headquarters of the United States' armed forces - members of the Warsaw Treaty, . Panel of Inspectors General in the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the USSR,
. To resign at the rank of Colonel General. In 1967 awarded the honorary title - Honored Military Pilot of the USSR. MP Odintsov - honorary citizen of the city of Yekaterinburg. Author of books "test fire" and "Overcoming". He has 50 years of service in the Air Force, of which 44 пЁп+п¦п¦ flight seniority. Currently (May 2002) Vice-President of Association of Russia Soviet Heroes, . Heroes of Russia and full gentlemen of the Order of Glory, . Chairman of the Committee of Russia memory, . Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Peace Fund, . member of the Presidium of the All-Russia council of war veterans, . Labor, . Armed Forces and law enforcement,
. Lives in Moscow.

W ernoy cloud came in 1941. And already on the fourth day of the war Lieutenant Mikhail Odintsov flew to the implementation of its first combat mission.

In one of the air battles Odintsov was wounded. After treatment in hospital returned to the system, but not for bombers. The pilot had to master a new plane.

When Michael first met at the airport armor-clad formidable machine, listened to feedback about it those who have been in combat, he realized that too much to seriously study. The first sing confirmed this. Attack aircraft from the pilot demanded exceptional self-control, invincible coolness, high technology.

Many daring shturmovok produced Mikhail Odintsov. Sharply to the height strafing, he boldly attacked the enemy, the Nazis shoot rockets, thunder from a cannon and machine guns, while he remained unscathed. About him soon began to talk. Brave and calculating, cold-blooded and physically hardened, he became one of the best pilots in the regiment.

One lieutenant Odintsov returned with a group of aircraft with a combat mission. Above Ground hanging gray clouds. Wind drove them toward the enemy positions, in which grow locks huge red glow of fire. Everyone was elated. Work for the glory.

When the airfield Kursk-East has remained far behind the leading im-Odintsov was found a few in the other side of the enemy airfield. The pilot had counted on him a couple of dozen fighters ME-109. Three "Messer" is already running on the strip to take off to intercept. Bombard them there was nothing to-ground attack all his ammunition spent.

At any moment to be followed by an attack. Odintsov lightning decides to take strike fighters, the rest of the storming away. His plane turns around and goes to meet "Messer", who rose in the air. Even the distinguished bravery in battle and heroism of the pilots were amazed bravery of its commander. They understand something, that means the meeting unarmed attack aircraft with a group of fascist fighters.

But Odintsov at the moment thinking about something else. First thought was of his comrades. Can not expose them in jeopardy. How many times in the heavy air battles they came to his aid, risking their lives! And is it wise to perish all, when one can risk.

Calculation lieutenant was gone. The Nazis first rush at him. For each of them will want to put in his pocket, two thousand marks, which provided Hitler's command to shoot down Soviet attack. Meanwhile, the rest of our aircraft will have time to go into its territory. So it happened.

And yet to stand alone against a large group seemed to be impossible. Odintsov rescued his skill, coolness, "sixth sense" pilot. Under fire from all sides were pressing enemy fighters of his "ill" was doing intricate figures. As if teasing the Nazis for their fearlessness, attack aircraft that soared high into the air, then went off to the side of the sun and blinded the enemy lost the goal, then promptly fell down, did the sharp lapels, recklessly and fearlessly maneuvered escape from enemy fire.

But no, no and yes zadenut his fiery trails. Spurred by the Nazis were arrayed. The victory appeared to be quite close. But Odintsov not concede. From this battle, he left riddled with bullets, but stronger than ever the spirit.

... W ate November 1942. Attack Aircraft-hunters "of the regiment, in which Mikhail Odintsov was commander of the squadron operated with a small frontline airfield. Our troops fought their way to the town of White. At the head of the advancing tanks rolled. The enemy went to the trick. Let the tanks in the city, he seized it from all sides tight semicircle. In place of a breakthrough the Germans have established strong jaws and made every effort to cut off our troops, who forced their way into the heart of his defense. From the district of Smolensk in the area of fighting the Germans hastily threw SS Motorized Division "Totenkopf", which the Nazi command had high expectations.

Was created difficult situation. Tanks and infantry, wedged deep and narrow ledge in the German defenses were very hard pressed and suffered from an acute shortage of ammunition and fuel. All attempts to expand the corridor formed not yielded results. Approach, the SS division created a real threat to the environment of our troops. Was needed urgent help ...

The weather was bad. Permanent low clouds, frequent snow and ice did not allow the use of large groups of aircraft. Attack Aircraft, "hunter" go in pairs or even single aircraft.

Odintsov flew with his wingman, a second lieutenant Chernyshev. Until pine front storming heavily loaded with bombs had to go fly-, "to iron the ground" as they say pilots. Past the snow (in a strip 20-30 kilometers), already on the front line "ides" came to the area of better weather. Flew under the bottom edge of the cloud at an altitude of 150-200 meters. The snow had stopped, and can be searched.

That opened gaze pilots, represented a terrible picture of the ruins and remnants of the fire. Only the black eye sockets of windows of houses and surviving sticking lonely chimneys reminded that before there were settlement.

Apart from the destroyed village road wound like a. Left-wide ravine. On the map, lay on her lap Odintsov, it was designated as a wet meadow in the middle of which painted its convolutions not the stream, not the little rivulet.

But on the map. Now, the plain was covered with snow. In some places could see the dirty spots with yellow edges, traces of the explosions of shells. Not far from the place where the map cross the road, going from Smolensk in White and Yartsevo, the pilots saw a concentration of enemy tanks, vehicles and artillery. Odintsov and his wingman made seven attacks by heaping on the heads of Nazi machine-gun fire, bombs, rockets. Colonna suffered heavy losses. Subsequent fighting other pilots disrupted the plan transfer of German troops. Division "Totenkopf" was unable to come to the White. Offensive of our troops continued.

... A цгц¦ц- 1943. Midst of heated battles for Kharkov. Day and night in the air never ceases roar of hundreds of motors. Helping the infantry, attack aircraft smashed the building, equipment and manpower of the enemy. One day the battle for Kharkov 22-year battle waged Odintsov 150 aircraft. They had to breach the enemy defenses and open approaches to the city. And attack aircraft over the front edge. From the height of the enemy fire struck a powerful downpour. One group followed another. Fighting flared. Attempts fascist fighters to repel the attack ground attack failed.

The surgery was performed perfectly. The enemy retreated. Our troops entered the Kharkov. Even in the sky on the radio the pilots heard a word of gratitude Front commander, General IS. Konev.

Multiplied combat missions, multiply the combat exploits of Michael Petrovich Odintsov, which are reflected in the laconic lines of military communique. And how many of each such line that dwell in dust invaders, how much courage, how many will! After each assault strike group Odintsov Nazis were missing dozens of tanks, cars, guns, armored.

In fog and rain stormed Odintsov landing sites of the enemy during the Korsun-Shevchenko Operation. Once he flew in a pair of aviator Babkin. Brave Falcons burned five "Junkers-52 and eight vehicles. Airfield was pitted with craters. As soon as the Nazis had his zarovnyat as after re-flying attack aircraft, it again became covered with huge black pockmarks. And once again burned the Nazi planes and hangars

. How many such episodes was during the war!

. In part, in which he served during the war, Mikhail Odintsov, remember well the bold and courageous military depots ground attack, carried out by them at one station where the enemy has concentrated large amounts of ammunition
. The morning loaded the drizzling rain. Scattered clouds hung low over the ground. Odintsov decided to keep the group above the clouds. The operation required a precise calculation of the route. It was necessary to derive ground-attack planes to the target, not seeing the Earth orientation.

Towards storm troopers met a solid wall of antiaircraft fire. Machine gun and artillery fire grope the sky. Minimize the side meant to deviate from the goal. Odintsov tried not to think about the danger. Gathering all his will, he led the operation of machines, without changing the course. A calm and firm voice commander gave us confidence the rest of. Coming back saw a few fire trails patched plane airplane Odintsov, as quite a number of anti-aircraft shell exploded, and the commander stubbornly kept his plane to the target. Build ground attack did not falter. Nobody did not think threatening than "a dash of fire, clouds of smoke breaks. Through all this after his return, at its airfield.

After the fire zone, Odintsov decided to leave the cloud and buzz. The calculation proved to be accurate. Below the station, a train with ammunition trains, traveling at the front. Bombs and shells fell on the platform, railway lines, trains, depots. Fountains of fire and smoke ... And now attack aircraft in the opposite direction. Rebrov

1) Soldiers of XX century
2) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary
. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
3) People of the immortal exploits. Moscow submarine v.2 1975

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  • keit for Odintsov, Mikhail Petrovich
  • Hello Mikhail! my mom Alla S., daughter of the deceased Babkin Sergey Mikhailovich, your friend who died in January 1945 goda.Ona called you and you promised to send the book, but alas it was empty promise on your part.
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    Odintsov, Mikhail Petrovich, photo, biography
    Odintsov, Mikhail Petrovich, photo, biography Odintsov, Mikhail Petrovich  Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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