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Osipov Vasiliy

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Osipov Vasiliy
photo Osipov Vasiliy
(30. 12. 1917 - 16. 7. 1991)

On the gier eagle Vasiliy Lieutenant Pilot-81 bomber aviation regiment. Born December 30, 1917 in Petrograd in a working family. Russian by nationality. Member of the CPSU since 1942. In the Soviet Army in 1937. In 1940 he graduated from the Military Aviation School Chkalovskoye. During the Great Patriotic War, VN. Osipov participated in the battles in the South and South-Western Fronts. Was flight commander, deputy. commander and squadron commander AFLRO. Only in the period from March 1, 1942 to November 1943 he made 267 sorties during the night and 8-day. In total, during the war years he made about 400 sorties. His crew destroyed a lot of equipment and manpower. He was awarded many orders and medals.

W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Vasily N. Osipov awarded June 20, 1942.

In the Torah medal "Gold Star" deputy commander of the squadron of the 5 th Guards Air Regiment Guard captain Osipov awarded March 13, 1944.

Fter the Great Patriotic War, VN. Osipov graduated from the highest officer's tactical flight school and then held several command positions in Air Force. Since 1954, for health reasons it is in stock, lived and worked in Leningrad.

. Died July 16, 1991.


July 23 the regiment which served as a lieutenant Vasily Osipov received his first combat mission
. The aircraft took off from the airfield near Melitopol and went to high altitude over the territory, which have not yet touched by war. But, looking down, Osipov noticed her severe signs. To the west were moving columns of our troops. Meet them stretched out on the road transports refugees pylili herd.

The front line was designated occasional dashes of trenches and cotton clouds breaks. Not far from the acute Graves, that under the White Church, the commander found out enemy tanks, vehicles, without helix. Well, the purpose of matching!

Omelchenko led the squadron on a bombing raid. Anti-aircraft batteries concentrated fire on the master link. Osipov suddenly felt the trembling of his "ill", and, looking back, found the right wing torn hole. But the car remained obedient. Throwing off two bombs, the planes climb in preparation for the second call in.

Second Sunset. Omelchenko nine deduced exactly as in the training area: a U-turn, lower, horizontal platform, two bombs down. This time the enemy antiaircraft guns joined heavy machine guns. Osipov seemed luminous trails intersect somewhere right under your feet.

Third Sunset. Now, perhaps, the end. But Omelchenko, shaking the wings of his car, again led the squadron on the purpose ...

When, finally ending the bombing, they went from the black smoke of fires, Osipov glanced at his watch: 45 minutes over the target. An effort of will, he dropped suddenly surging fatigue. Quickly darkened. Back at their base will not have to sit somewhere in the field ...

Thus passed the first sortie. And then there were many. Bombing bridges, convoys of the enemy ... The commander was always right on target. Osipov - above and right. Ludanov - below and left. We returned at low level, in case of meeting with the "Messerschmitt". Departures became gritty. It was only eighteen, like the first, hard drive, though Osipov in memory.

E it was 17 August 1941, before the Day of Aviation. In the regiment waited artists. Squadron received an ordinary assignment to explore the area to find the target and hit it. The commander led the aircraft at high speed: I wanted to have time for the concert.

However, in the area of large objects could not be found. Only around one of the groves going out fascist car. Apparently, there is someone "worked" from the Soviet pilots.

Had to fly further. When the search was coming to an end, the squadron saw an enemy airfield. On the ground stood casually disguised fascist fighters. And, although our bombers had no air cover, the commander took the aircraft to the target.

After the first bomb explosions, both from razvoroshennogo hornet's nest, to meet the "Eelam began to fly the Nazi fighter. Thus began the first air battle in which took part Osipov.

Osipov and commander declined at high speed, slowly pull over to the ground, make it difficult to maneuver fighter. At this time the bullet hit the left engine. Osipov began to lag behind and almost immediately saw a car on the tail commander appeared flame. Trying to knock down the fire, he snapped up the car. And his heavy aircraft Osipova not gain altitude and was left alone. To him quickly approaching two enemy fighters. We had something quickly to take.

Osipov made a U-turn so that the arrow-radio operator was easier to fire, and very soon one of the fighters poked the ground. Second raced close to the "mud". The bullet struck near the shoulder Osipova. Another tore off a piece of the blade. The car started to vibrate.

Here is how then Vasily Osipov about this fight:

-Ida at low level near the ground. Ahead lake. A fighter comes again. Did have to die in the lake? It would be better in the ground ... "Oh," think-Sinitsyn, one, hit, please neatly! " And fellow Sinitsyn. The second fighter puffed and rolled. And I decided to pull the airfield. Low flying. I see the column on the road. Thought-its. No! Again, shoot at the plane. And yet again slipped. Out of the car gushing oil, gasoline. All holes in the plane. Communication-no, in the sky around the empty. Do not see friends. Means we must rely only on themselves. When the front had already shown the Dnieper, began to pass the last motor. It flew across the river, I do not remember. He put the car on their own land, the mill, near the village aide Dneprovka. What we do not listen to the long-awaited concert.

Osipov never proud of the number of holes in his car, although sometimes the number reached hundreds. Most of all he valued the accuracy of fighting crew. Climb over a given. Silently, removing gas plan. Carefully take aim and strike suddenly and irresistibly. That was his "handwriting". But if he has set a goal and went for it, no danger, no barrage of fire will not keep Osipova turn in the direction.

H ow a Osipov had to make three night sorties in a row. Dawn was coming. At this time the regiment was reported that behind the front line in one of the coastal cities, is an important meeting of the fascist command.

The fourth time per day rose into the air Basil. He was driving over the sea through the low clouds. In breaking clouds opened an enemy city. Osipov throttle and the plane almost noiselessly flew straight to the headquarters building oblongata.

The very first bomb turning half of the building. Hurriedly slammed flak. The air flashed luminous trails. The fire flashed everywhere. But Osipov, quietly completing the turn, went back to headquarters, to meet gaps. A second bomb fell just the same.

After earning a maximum speed, Osipov led away his plane into the sea. But several "Messerschmitt" persistently overtook his car. Then, plunging into the clouds, Basil sent a plane ... back to the city. Fighters passed by ...

In March 1942 Captain Osipov transferred to another bomber, part of. By this time his account was already over a hundred sorties. Osipova accepted into the ranks of the Communist Party.

One aerial reconnaissance found that close to the front line enemy airfield had to be moved a large group of S-88 and XE-111. Apparently, preparing to hit targets in our hinterland. The strike had to pre-empt. Regiment of Soviet bombers, which served Osipov, took off at dusk, so as to cross the front line in the dark. Closer to the enemy airfield. Began to distinguish signs and protective landing lights. And suddenly landing off, and instead of them lit Aeronautical. Enemy airfield preparing to release "Junkers and Heinkel" of bombing. "We must hurry!"-Flashed in my head Osipova.

-Navigator, a turn, "commanded on.-We go to the airfield on batteries. otherwise late.

Anti-aircraft batteries of the enemy were silent, taking the car Osipova one of its planes, has risen from the aerodrome.

Double page. The aircraft already fighting the course runs parallel to the runway. Another moment - and stokilogrammovye bombs one after another began to fall out of bombolyukov. Huge torches flashed on the strip fascist machine ...

In June 1942, the comrades warmly congratulated Vasily Nikolaevich with awarding him the honorary title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Now the T he flew for many hundreds of kilometers deep into the rear of the enemy, as promised once the father. He flew at night. Under the wing of the plane swam native land-dark, without lights, waiting for their liberators. Occasionally from the height it was possible to distinguish the white point of fires. Rather, they were partisans.

Along with the bombs intended for the enemy, in a car loaded bundles of flyers Osipova. They were hot words of truth about the heroic struggle of our army, the words that gave power to the Soviet people who had fallen under the yoke of the enemy.

In late 1943, the regiment, which fought Osipov, has taken part in the liberation of the Caucasus, the Donbass, in the Battle of Kursk, was transferred to the north, near Leningrad. Here in the hometown, parents were Basil, sister.

Several times, going to the bombing, Osipov spent his plane over the hometown. He even saw him, hushed, snowy, harsh.

In February 1944 a mighty blow to the armies of the Volkhov, Leningrad and the 2 nd Baltic fronts the enemy was driven from the walls of Leningrad.

These days Osipov flew from the airfield and returned to him, smiling, cheerful. And only sometimes in the depths of his eyes slip anxiety.

Finally he was able to visit Leningrad. First Basil was, then, is not holding back, ran. Here is his street, a few steps - and he threw open the door. Empty, cold room ...

-Maybe, today, do not fly? "Asked the regimental commander, looking at the sunken, darkened face major Osipova.

No, Comrade Colonel. Let fly. It is today.

And again creeps under the plane land. Now is the land of the enemy. Enemy who killed people close to him and killed thousands of Soviet citizens.

-Comrade Major!-Voice is heard in the headphones shturmana. must dovernut-three degrees to the left ...

Vasily Osipov tight squeezes the steering wheel. Must dovernut. It is necessary to accurately reach the target. We must fight more skillful, that they might finally crush fascism that never was on the ground war that never die of hunger, people.


1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) People of the immortal exploits. Moscow submarine v.2 1975

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Osipov Vasiliy, photo, biography
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