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PILIPENKO Ivan Markovic

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography PILIPENKO Ivan Markovic
photo PILIPENKO Ivan Markovic
(15. 8. 1912 - 2. 10. 1942)

P ilipenko Ivan Markovic Squadron 40 Fighter Regiment (215 th Fighter Division, 4 th Air Army, Transcaucasus Front) - Captain. Born August 15, 1912 in the village Scherbinovka Donetsk region in a peasant family. Ukrainetz. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1939. He graduated from primary school. In the Red Army from 1933. In 1937 he graduated from the 2-S Borisoglebsk Red Banner military aviation school pilots Chkalov. He served in the Far East.

On the Great Patriotic War from August 1941. Ivan Pilipenko died Oct. 2, 1942 committing ram in an air battle near the village of Soldatskaia (Kabardino-Balkaria). By the time of death of Ivan Pilipenko made 520 sorties, carried out 83 air battles, destroying 13 enemy aircraft in person and 29 in group clashes, and several cars destroyed on the ground with ground attack. All the victories were won by them on I-16 Fighter. Awarded 2 orders of Lenin and 2 orders of the Red Banner.

W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Markovich Pilipenko conferred posthumously on Dec. 13, 1942.

P Ohorona in the village of Soldiers. Forever enrolled in the lists of the military unit.

About dnazhdy, taking off to explore an area Barvinkove, Pilipenko found camouflaged airfield. Then led a team of I-16 and IL-2 returned and attacked it, destroying a large number of enemy equipment. In another battle over Rostov-on-Don, led the Group of Eight I-16 attacked a group of enemy fighters out of 14 Me-110 and 8 Me-109. Our pilots shot down 6 enemy aircraft without loss returned to their base.

By September 1942, Captain Pilipenko made 470 sorties, 76 air battles he personally shot down 10 and in the group of 28 enemy aircraft. His wingman was flying for a long time, Alexander Lobanov (future Hero of the Soviet Union).

. October 2, 1942 Ivan Markovic left a group of 16 I-16 fighters to cover 22 fighter-bombers and 153, . which was to inflict a major blow to attack an enemy airfield at the village Soldier,
. When approaching the airfield, our planes hit found. From the airport tried to take off couple Me-109, but were shot down by our fighters. One of them destroyed captain Pilipenko. I-153 stood in a circle and began to bomb the airfield. Soon the group seemed "Messerschmitt", caused by radio from a nearby airfield. With a cover fetter their battle. During the battle Pilipenko knocked another "Messerschmitt", but his fighter was shot down. Continuing to fight, he made friends in head-on attack with the Me-109. Both aircraft flew at each other, firing from all firing points. Everyone was waiting for that German pilot at the last moment turn away, as usually happened. But ... Germans did not turn away (!) and the plane crashed into him Pilipenko. The blow, both fighters exploded in the air.

As a result of this raid on the earth was destroyed 32 enemy aircraft, a few more in the air. However, our losses were considerable - only 40-th IAP lost 4 machines (all of our pilots were killed). One of the participants in this battle was a young pilot George Gordeevich Golubev, . future Hero of the Soviet Union, . One of the last led by Alexander Pokryshkin, . fairly detailed description of this episode in his book "In a couple of hundredths."

Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
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PILIPENKO Ivan Markovic, photo, biography
PILIPENKO Ivan Markovic, photo, biography PILIPENKO Ivan Markovic  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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