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( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography PLATITSIN Vladimir
photo PLATITSIN Vladimir
(15. 7. 1919 - 23. 9. 1994)

In LADIMIR Platitsin V., Major, commanding the 1 st Battalion, 7 th Guards Tank separate Novgorod Red Banner Order of the Red Star Brigade, was born July 15, 1919 in a. Small Kopeny Atkarsk District, Saratov Region. Russian. Graduated Lopukhov seven-year school. In 1936 he enrolled in 1938 graduated from Saratov armored School. Took part in the Russo-Finnish War 1939 - 1940 period.

Since the beginning of WWII until August 1944 fought in the North-West, Leningrad and Volkhov fronts and the Karelian. Double shot. For military distinctions awarded two Orders of Red Banner (1940, 1944), the Order of the Red Star (1943), medal "For Courage" (1943), "For the Defense of Leningrad" and two other medals.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Vladimir Vasilyevich Platitsinu awarded on Aug. 26, 1944 for personal courage and leadership shown by the battalion during the destruction of the enemy near Novgorod.,

. In August 1944, during the Soviet offensive in South Karelia Platitsina tank hit an enemy mine
. The brave officer was seriously wounded, lost his sight. After curing in the hospital, in 1945, VV. Platitsin was fired from the Soviet Army retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Being blind, he showed great courage and willpower, he graduated from high school, and then law faculty of Moscow State University M.V. University. Lived in Moscow, worked as a lawyer. In June 1980, was awarded the title of "Honorary Citizen of Veliky Novgorod". Died Sept. 23, 1994.

We Troma January 20, 1944 the battalion of Major Platitsina one of the first burst in Novgorod, and together with small parts freed him from the Nazis. However, further west of the tankers encountered a heavily fortified frontier. Abandoning frontal attacks, . sulivshey dubious success, . Platitsin made a daring round defensive zone of the enemy and, . crossed the river Verenda, . paid a surprise attack on the village Kshentitsy - a major site of resistance of the enemy on the highway Novgorod - Menyushi.,

. Tanks on the move fired cannon and machine guns at cars, tractors, carts, field kitchens and groups of enemy soldiers
. The bulk of the Nazis began to run through the Snake River in the woods adjacent to the north Kshentitsam. But some of them put up fierce resistance, opening a heavy fire from guns, standing in the bushes on the southern outskirts of the village and not noticed by our tank crews. However, the tankers Platitsina shoot more accurately and in a short duel batteries defeated enemy.

Meanwhile, from the villages of the day and Bogdanov enemy sent to help garrison Kshentitsy antitank battalion. His first column of said tank company commander Captain Telegin. He and his tanks rolled off the road, attacked the enemy and completely crushed it.
Soon after the battle ended in Kshentitsy. Platitsina tank crews were destroyed Headquarters 28 th Infantry Regiment, 10 75-millimeter guns, 17 trucks, 2 heavy machine guns, 25 cars, 8 motorcycles, 190 horses and carts and many other military equipment of the enemy. The streets of the village were littered corpses of the enemy.

In this battle tank Major Platitsina was always ahead. An example of fearless courage, I battalion commander, inspired the soldiers to defeat the enemy. Tags fire of his tank Platitsin personally destroyed three artillery shells and dozens of Fascists.

. In the subsequent fighting battalion Platitsina, . acting in the vanguard, . deeply penetrated into the enemy's defenses, . crushed his garrisons in the villages Vidogosch, . Tereboni, . Unomer and went out on a highway Meadows - Bear, . denying the Nazis ability to maneuver reserves,
. Jan. 27 under the group of tanks, command Platitsina decisive action routed the enemy in the vicinity of the station Peredolskaya and cut the railway line Leningrad - Bottom. Successful implementation of this problem posed a threat to bypass the big enemy was of great importance for the further development of the offensive Volkhov Front.

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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PLATITSIN Vladimir, photo, biography
PLATITSIN Vladimir, photo, biography PLATITSIN Vladimir  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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