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Pokryshev Peter Afanasievich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Pokryshev Peter Afanasievich
photo Pokryshev Peter Afanasievich
(24. 8. 1914 - 22. 8. 1967)

P employee Afanasievich Pokryshev fighter pilot. Born August 24, 1914 in the village Chirnivtsi Golopristanskiy district, Kherson region into a peasant family. By nationality Ukrainian. Member of the CPSU since 1941. In the Soviet Army in 1934. In 1935 he graduated from the Odessa military school Nilotic peoples. Participated in the Soviet-Finnish war and the liberation of Western Ukraine. During World War II. A. Pokryshev fought on the Leningrad front, considered one of the best pilots of the front. He displayed outstanding bravery and heroism. He commanded a squadron of 154 istribitelnogo Aviation Regiment, has committed hundreds of combat sorties, and then 159 istribitelnym regiments, brilliantly perform complex combat missions. P.A. Pokryshev flew about 300 sorties, participated in 60 air battles, in which he personally shot down 22 enemy aircraft and 7 in group. He was awarded many orders and medals.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star Medal "Peter Afanasievich Pokryshevu awarded on Feb. 10, 1943.

. In the Torah medal "Gold Star" the Major Pokryshev awarded on Aug. 24, 1943.

. P on the end of World War II Peter Afanasievich in 1954, graduated from the Academy of General Staff
. Before 1961, Major General Aviation (1955) Pokryshev continued to serve in the Soviet Army in the Army Air Defense. Was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the third convocation. Since 1961, the state of health in retirement. He worked as chief of the Leningrad airport. August 22, 1967 P. A. Pokryshev died. He was buried in the city of Chirnivtsi.


By omandir part, which served Pokryshev, traced on the map of the flight routes of their first combat pilots swept the red circle Pskov and summoned the commanders of squadrons:

. -Our main task now, "he said," to destroy enemy bombers
. In any situation should make its way through the fighter cover for "Junkers and Heinkel and burning them, not allowing to Pskov. All squadrons to be ready for battle number one. The first squadron to fly Lieutenant Pokrysheva.

-There is a fly, "replied Pokryshev.

Pokryshev led the squadron to intercept "Heinkel". Even from a distance saw the fliers on the pale background of the sky dark silhouettes of enemy bombers. Pokryshev first with his wingman rushed at the enemy. Throwing bombs at random, and sharply reduced, "Heinkel" tried to escape from the Soviet pilots, but Pokryshev fired a short burst of gasoline tanks and saw the lead bomber as "Heinkel" hard to cross the wing, went stumbling to the ground.

Bay on the tank! Cool burn!-Handed it on the radio to his wingman.

Cracking in the air at the parts, went to the land of the second "Heinkel, downed partner Pokrysheva. The pilots returned to their base with first victory. It was the second day of war.

By rupnye air connections Nazi Germany were preparing to attack on Leningrad. Pilots defending the town, investigated the ways to move the enemy, fought day and night fighting against superior numbers of enemy fighters and bombers.

Analyzing combat missions of their comrades and their own, Pokryshev convinced that the best results fighters reach, working in pairs, leading and trailing. Lead, confident that his wingman is securely protected from the tail, boldly goes to the attack:

In Chapter Six Yakovlev Pokryshev flew on a mission. His wingman was a young airman Medvedev. With our troops patrolling over when, vyvalivshis from the clouds, it was attacked six "Messerschmitt". Our pilots bravely went into battle. Machine-gun fire from close range, and one after the other fell five flaming "Messerschmitt".

At the airport Pokryshev gave a brief report of the commander:

-Of the six enemy aircraft shot down five. All of our cars came home without injury. Battle order of pairs in the success in battle.

... In the District of Leningrad closed ring of enemy blockade. In the city emptied of food warehouses and shops. The enemy had hoped to strangle the Leningrad famine ... And when, in November 1941, the transport planes flew food from the mainland to the city-front, . Command instructed Peter Pokryshevu headed five "Yakovlev" to accompany the first such aerial caravan of nine transport planes, . flying across Lake Ladoga,
. At the bottom of the autumn black with a huge lake, and in the sky prowled enemy planes. Pokryshev noticed on the horizon, a large group of fascist fighters, rushing straight to his five.

-Ready! We attack from above and on the forehead, told the radio Pokryshev his fighters.

The attack was swift. Nazi pilots were confused, and in a short time, eight of their aircraft crashed into Lake.

Evening at the airfield commander of the regiment sent a telegram to Peter Pokryshevu Command, congratulates him on his victory.

There were heavy battles Sinyavino 1942. Squadron Pokrysheva not come out of fights. For example, covering a group of six fighter bomber strikes on enemy firing positions, Pokryshev had a tough battle with 30 Nazi fighters. In this battle, he drove his machine-gun fire of the earth leading "Messerschmitt". A number of frustrated in its latest tailspin other aircraft, its pilots downed pilots and other who had come to the aid of squadron.

Excited and happy, our pilots were returning to their base. When flying over Shlisselburg, they suddenly attacked 25 "Messerschmitt". The decision came lightning.

Escort bombers to the airfield, ordered Pokryshev quartet of pilots. He himself was a young slave Theodore Chubukova joined the battle against fascists.

Two against twenty-five!

Our planes went. Pokrysheva and Chubukova surrounded "Messerschmitt". Maneuver and fire from the very short distances! Pokryshev pulled the trigger gun. In the whirlwind of smoky flame fell from a height of four thousand meters leading "Messerschmitt", followed by a second, downed Chubukova. Angered failure, Nazi pilots with rage rushed for a pair of plucky.

-Hold on, ц+ubuk! Shouted Pokryshev his wingman. Fascists managed to chip Chubukova from Pokrysheva. One group of "Messerschmitt" rushed to Pokrysheva, the rest-to Chubukova. Skillfully maneuvering, Pokryshev shot down another aircraft. But enemy shell hit his fighter, and he fell on the wing. Pokryshev understood: damage seriously. But no! It is too early to rejoice the victory!

Down! By the earth! He threw his car into a dive, so drop downed aircraft. Arrow altimeter has spread rapidly to zero. Now the Germans could think that got rid of him. But almost from the ground Pokryshev brought the plane from the peak and reached at low level to its airfield. He saw over the airfield was spinning his quartet, waiting in the air, his commander.

Pokryshev first landed his plane and, breathing heavily and wiping the sweat out of the cab. One after another came in to land his fighter. There was not enough only one machine. It was not his slave Chubukova.

Pokryshev smoked cigarette after cigarette. Look full of anxiety, peered at the height of.

-ц+ubuk! ц+ubuk! We're in the pair shot down several aircraft ... You must come! "He kept repeating to myself. And, as if in answer to him, the sky seemed uncomfortable flying fighter. He cautiously came in to land. Another minute and jumped from the cab Chubukov.

... H assuring Pokryshev 1943 Peter was appointed commander of a nearby part of. He knew many of its pilots and yet with emotion thinking about coming to it new and multifaceted work of the commander. He be able to cope with it? I have to cope!

The next day he flew to a new duty station. The rays of the rising sun shone on the glass of the cab, on the wings of the aircraft. The morning sky was calm. It took more than a minute of flight, as appeared on the horizon, three dark points. "Maybe we flew to meet me", "flashed through Pokrysheva. Points have increased, and he clearly discerned: toward flying enemy bombers.

Fight? But he flies to a new part. Moreover, he alone, without the knowledge. But the bombers are flying course at Leningrad! How could he miss them? Pokryshev swiftly attacked the leading "Heinkel" and knocked him before he had time to open fire. Others hurried to leave the battlefield. Suddenly, from above, because of the sun, jumped Six Focke-Wulf ". There was no time to ponder. Sharp climb. Sharp. Lightning attack on the forehead, and a leading "Focke-Wulf" burned. But the remaining five came two. Now the whole flock flew in the Soviet pilot. We Pokrysheva run out of bullets. He was one to seven.

So he threw himself on one of "Focke-Wulf" in height. Then he ran into a second front, from the bottom ... By all the laws of air combat aircraft of the enemy must be shot down. But they do not fall! They do not fall! Because he had no bullets!..

In this memorable battle, the pilot used all the existing figures, pulling the enemy: a pack of our airfield. And he outwitted them. So airfield. From there they began to beat on "Focke-Wulf" anti-aircraft. Sharp maneuver Pokryshev escaped from the fiery ring of enemy fighters, and sat on its airfield. In his car was not a single hole. New commander enthusiastically congratulated on victory.

M any aces Goering found its inglorious end at the Leningrad front in the battle with Pokryshevym and airmen part. No sooner had Pokryshevu appear in the air, as the fascist radio alarm began to scream: "Attention! Warning: Be careful! In the air Pokryshev! Pokryshev in the air!"

. Name of Peter Pokrysheva was on the front of the embodiment of the flight of art, courage, and contempt for death
. He made more than 300 sorties, conducted more than 40 armed struggles, gained a lot of aerial victories. 30 red stars were painted on the fuselage of his aircraft.

And another example proving Pokrysheva and as a commander, and as a friend of pilots.

Once in August 1943 Pokryshev coached over the airfield returned from the hospital the young pilot. In the light-blue sky fighter obedient and well-plotted one after the other complex shapes aerobatics. At a time when the car was at a height of 300 meters, Pokryshev noticed on the hood of a small engine fire streams: an engine fire!..

-I take control in their hands, "he said the pilot on the radio and spun the car. It is now flying at an angle to the landing mark. Make a circle and sit down from the start is no longer possible: the fire stronger-road, every second.

Jumping to the ground, not less than one hundred meters. The machine has been going on across the airfield. Sit? A site for low mileage. Airplane certainly skapotiruet ... Knowing that at such a landing vehicle will inevitably play out through the engine and fall back, and he sat in the front cockpit, takes all blow Pokryshev landed across the runway.

Rushed to the site ambulance ...

The young pilot stayed healthy, no scratches. The machine is repaired soon. A Pokryshev not finished posited him after hospital treatment in motels pilots returned to his unit.

... 15 January in the minds of Pokrysheva merged with the subsequent days in one big day. He saw a moving, sweeping away everything in its path, the tanks. Blazing sunset, and clearly outlines his background Pulkovo Heights. In the evening glow of sunset losing themselves into drinking terrible fire. Set on fire by the Nazis burned the palaces ... Nearly all of Pushkin was covered with purple smoke, there were fierce battles.

Pokryshev first with his new fighter jet flew over, just captured from the Nazis airfield.

Take scarlet Village, Ropsha, Duderhof ... Germans have broken through strengthening Peterhof and south of Oranienbaum ...

A few days later, on Jan. 27, 1944, Pokryshev saw the lights lit firework Leningrad, celebrated their liberation from the enemy blockade.

Battle of the Karelian isthmus. Battle of Narva. Fighting for Soviet Estonia. New returned to city life and village. New and emerging busy airports. Command posts with continuously callers with telephones, with detailed maps on the tables and plans of attack. The excited voices of pilots in radionaushnikah. All of this was the life of a regimental commander. Shelf, where Peter grew up the hard times, Vladimir Serov, Valentin Vedeneyev, Viktor Zotov, Dmitri Ermakov-people great courage and great courage, whose names were crowned the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Lyudmila Popova

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Pokryshev Peter Afanasievich, photo, biography
Pokryshev Peter Afanasievich, photo, biography Pokryshev Peter Afanasievich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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