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( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography PROKHOROV Alexey
photo PROKHOROV Alexey
(19. 1. 1923 - 27. 5. 2002)

P rohorov Alexei Nikolayevich - ground-attack pilot. Born January 19, 1923 in the village Christmas Borisoglebskii district of Voronezh region. Russian by nationality. Member of the CPSU since 1943. In 1940 he successfully graduated Borisoglebskij Aero Club. Then he studied at the school Balashovskaya military pilots, after which in 1942 was sent to Leningrad, then on the 3rd Belarusian front.Voeval of 15 Guards Ground Attack Air Regiment. Was flight commander, squadron. All during the war years made 238 sorties. He was awarded many orders and medals.

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Alexei Nikolaevich Prokhorov was awarded April 19, 1943.

. In the Torah the Gold Star Medal "awarded June 29, 1945.

. Fter the Great Patriotic War, AN
. Prokhorov successfully graduated from the Red Banner Air Force Academy (1950), served in command positions in Air Force. in teaching, deputy chief of the Higher Military Aviation Engineering School. From 1968 to 1975 and from 1979 to teaching at the Military Academy of Frunze. In 1976, Prokhorov was awarded the rank of major general aviation.

Died May 27, 2002. For each flight, he had carefully prepared on the ground, trying to provide a variety of options, which can take flight. Intended earlier plan in the air are not restricted to. Cost to change the situation, and immediately changed tactics. This ability to decide quickly is probably the foundation of its success.

The ability to come in the battle. One of the squadron was assigned to deliver in the twilight of bombing on purpose, concealed anti-aircraft artillery. In addition, anti-aircraft weapons were located on the territory over which were supposed to fly aircraft. It is therefore very important to take account of all this when choosing a route.

By evening the weather began to deteriorate. However, exactly at the appointed time the aircraft took off. One after another, with a small time interval they were on the route. Finally the aircraft approached the target and began to drop bombs.

One plane, which flew a third was shot down by antiaircraft fire.

At the debriefing found the root cause of the death of the crew. It was that planes were flying one after another on one route. This has allowed anti-aircraft gunners to prepare and meet the third aircraft accurate fire. So, before planning a flight, you should carefully consider what tactics it used.

The pilots made another conclusion that the low-altitude maneuvers in every area of operation of the antiaircraft artillery is an unnecessary time staying above the target, and most importantly, the loss of the main advantages - surprise. Consequently, the enemy can open the barrage. Therefore, in such flights can maneuver at the rate of small flaps with minimal loss of speed.

. So from flight to flight revealed positive and negative aspects of action at low altitudes, were born the necessary recommendations.

. Especially good served combat missions Prokhorov
. In each flight, he tried to show the pilots that operate at low altitudes necessary in view of the area that from how to build a route depends on the success of the assignment. If the above anti-aircraft artillery positions must fly as fast as possible in a straight line, the very route throughout the building in a straight line, it would be wrong.

Prokhorov came to the conclusion that, while avoiding areas of saturated air defense, the line path must be of small segments, which together would create a broken route. Beginning and end of each segment denote the characteristic landmarks clearly visible on the ground. Then the crew will be able to frequently monitor the correctness of the flight.

About dnazhdy Prokhorov was asked to make a day of bombing the target, covert powerful air defense system. He decided to build the entire route at low altitude.

Pilots with great interest listened to an explanation Squadron.

- Task serious - he slowly began. - First captain flies link Katyunina. At an altitude of 600 meters run-up from the sea. Behind him we fly. The airfield fighters expect them to take off and go to cover the same route. Purpose - here, - he pointed to the map of surrounding him fliers. - Exploration reported that the Germans in the area Heiligenbeil accumulation of equipment and troops, heavily covered with anti-aircraft. Will also go over the sea. Fighters will be closed down from the air. Sunset at zero. Link will lead me. Goals should be a lot, not squandered, not to get involved in.

... Prokhorov was confident of its pilots. It seems everything is made, the task is clear for all.

But everything went wrong, as calculated on the ground. The first link in a long time it took to the goal, and they circled over the airfield fighters. Those never took off, and Prokhorov took a link without cover. Gray stubble and brown forest land could be seen dimly at the bottom. Sometimes the fog mixed with smoke, covered all. At this point, it seemed that the planes do not move, and hang in one place. But the wind blew the mist, and again flashed separate houses, dark roads, meandering stream with a lead water.

Here is another recent war raged. Were scattered broken machines, tanks, guns ridiculous sticking up or buried in the ground trunks. At the side of something burning a huge bonfire.

Whenever the aircraft jumped out of the fog, Prokhorov carefully examined all the visible space around the. The front line is close, and could expect an attack by enemy fighters. However, since the beginning of 1945 the Nazis rarely risked attack ground-attack planes. They knew that the "flying tanks" can stand up for themselves. "IL's" began to fear not only ground troops, but fighters.

Before the front line ahead flashed dark point and quickly raced down. At the same time heard a familiar voice Prokhorov VA. Katyunina: "Zero fourth, I zero-sixth, what happened?" I interrupted, drowned by noise response: "I have zero fifth, go to an emergency. Nil fourth shot down.

U Katyunina two out of order - with pain thought Prokhorov. - We go on a collision course with them, it means the enemy is waiting for a raid on that side. "

The decision came immediately.

- Go with a U-turn! - He commanded, and the link with the reduction has gone on the target.

Earth rushed toward. Flashed a destroyed house, grove, dimly glittering surface of a small lake. Finally, at the edge of a wood saw a group of sheeted vehicles, carts, distraught horse, dragging the overturned carriage side. In the distance can see the sea. Near the coast is something burning. At one moment all flashed before his eyes, and hands are already routinely sent a plane to the car. Volley - the plane shuddered, and the fiery trails rushed forward, straight to the big green truck, next to which the soldiers were busy.

- Procedure, Comrade Captain! - There was a gleeful voice frog VP. Krivanova.

"You always order," - he thought, smiling, Prokhorov.

Before his eyes there was a cheerful countenance never downhearted Sergeant. "We, Tashkent residents, all gay people" - he often said. And although the arrows delivered a lot of trouble - a quarrel with the other sergeants, then break the dress code - still loved him Prokhorov for marksmanship, courage and cheerful disposition.

Under Gatchina, when returning from a job, a plane Prokhorov out of the clouds suddenly emerged two "Messerschmitt" and attacked him. Several shells fell in the car. Refused rudder, the engine was working intermittently. And if not Krivan, would not hold out to the airfield. And then he said: "Procedure". Firing, shot down one "Messer". Yes, a lot together experienced.

A moment Prokhorov forgot about the arrow.

Double page. Left jumps Polyanin. Where are the others? Aha, here they come. All intact. Well, that could come in time - the enemy had failed to disperse vehicles or cover them in the woods.

H e that has become the enemy. He feels that the war is coming to an end. More panic and haste, fleeing Nazis. Nothing, not escape. For dead friends, a brother, for the desecrated land, burned the town - for all the answers! Another Sunset "in front of a bright flash - and a dark cloud slowly swells, increasing in size. That got a second, then flashes flashed from all sides. The plane shudders. AA guns. How many of them! Whole forest fires. It seems, instead of the trees are some guns and they are all aimed at aircraft. Kruche reversal, even steeper. So, well. No one left behind. And now down, and again the plane shudders from the impact of guns: running, falling fascists burned several cars, the smoke interferes aim. Another Sunset. How much flak. Only not carried away again Polyanin. No, here he is, next. Something behind Deryabin. How many times said to not tear myself away! Well, that no fighter. And anti-aircraft gunners were probably flying back from the sea - over how many of them hit the shore. Late registration deadline, no longer afraid, the job is mainly done

. W turmovka no longer seemed to Prokhorov confusion, . as it was when first flight, . when all merged into a continuous coil - shots, . explosions, . sharp turn, . land, . arise on end, . then right, . the left flashing clouds, . trees, . cars, . people, . and in this hellish confusion fly airplanes, . know whose,
. It did not last long. After several flights, everything fell into place, came the confidence to analyze the actions not to lose sight of the planes of their group, to manage the battle, subordinating it to his plan. He learned to navigate in fog and in darkness, . After countless turns right to enter the desired course, . ably masked by the terrain, . fly along the narrow ravines so, . that their edges are above the plane, . time to go in the direction of the sun from enemy fighters, . dived sharply, . desist from prosecution because of fear of crashing into the tops of trees or buildings,

In battle Prokhorov no fear. He was ready to die rather than waiting for death. On the contrary, the confidence that he will remain alive, never left him in the most difficult moments. And if I die, it was only in combat, and thus to destroy as many enemies.

His hard science, he taught his subordinates. Prokhorov had long realized that the success of victory in air combat and flight to attack depends on the training of pilots on the ground, on its ability to tactically operate in the most tense moments.

In the classroom Prokhorov paid much attention to the study of weapons, equipment, aircraft, developed in subordinates a sense of responsibility for preparing for each flight.

And it was nice to know that the works were not in vain. The pilots of his squadron without reason called "lucky" - they are the most difficult situation out without loss, and there was no case to combat the problem remained unimplemented. In each flight, they are more pleased to. So it was now. In unmistakable sharp turn, accurate bursts, which they struck the enemy, could see a mature craftsmanship, thoughtful, sober calculation, prearranged plan.

E sche two passes, and you will be returned. Suddenly a heavy blow to the right. Airplane thrown, and he was cool, slip went to the ground. "Brought down" - a glimpse into the minds of Prokhorov. No, the car obediently aligned, the motor works. All right. We must continue to attack until the shells were. At this time far away from the goal.

And anti-aircraft guns all the beating. The plane dumped it in one or the other side; muscles ached from the strain. Right now sharply to the left. Many gathered machines. Interferes smoke, even if the wind blew harder. Another salvo in the midst of bustling Fascists. Several cars go on the bridge across the stream. Rather, it has not gone into the woods. High trees interfere with ground attack. Prokhorov leveled the plane, but saw that the right appeared "ill" and struck at close range from cannons on the lead vehicle. She immediately enveloped in smoke and flared. "Kalenov - proudly thought Prokhorov. - Well done, Nicholas! "Rear car slowed down and began to slowly go around burning. Prokhorov dovernul plane fell, a long queue ask them, to the ground again scored high, I saw right in front of the barrels of guns, battery boxes, tractors and some heavy-handed, covered with a tarpaulin construction. And do not even have time to think about what to do, as the hand itself abruptly withdrew a pen, and the plane flew on the battery. A short burst, and he swept over the tops of trees.

Ran out of ammunition, and Prokhorov was given command of putting up.

Turn, and climb a link placed on a course to its airfield. Mission accomplished. In tight formation flying planes over the upturned earth.

In each Prokhorov said several German tanks in a small grove, located near the road. He turned away from the route and, falling, saw the self installation, concealed near the tanks. - Ambush! - Realized Prokhorov.

A moment on the highway struck a column of Soviet tanks. Top hatches many were opened, the tankers were not expecting an attack. Prokhorov, introduced what would happen in a few minutes: the tanks come to an ambush, and the enemy guns at point-blank shot to be.

Ammo not, but you can prevent the tank. Prokhorov swept over the leading car, shaking his plane's wings, and then sent him to the side of the ambush, and dived at the edge of the forest, turned back.

The Nazis did not do a single shot, but the tankers were put out from the hatches, waving his hands. Apparently, they decided that the pilots would welcome their.

The tanks are drawing closer to ambush ... Then Prokhorov declined almost to the ground, flew toward the leading tank and brought the plane up and almost touch the steel colossus. Then the whole group again dived into an ambush.

Tankers finally realized that vain flying attack aircraft. The column halted, closed hatches. As the aircraft turned around one side of the tank and fired several shots into the grove. Immediately flashes - began to shoot the fascist gun. But the distance was too great, and no Soviet tanks would not hurt.

Attack aircraft were unable to observe how events will unfold: running out of gas. But the pilots have seen that through their help insidious plan fascists broke ...

About. Nazarov

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) People of the immortal exploits. Moscow submarine v.2 1975

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PROKHOROV Alexey, photo, biography
PROKHOROV Alexey, photo, biography PROKHOROV Alexey  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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