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Biography REVENKO Mikhail
photo REVENKO Mikhail
(7. 1. 1956 - 15. 3. 2000)

P Evenko Mikhail Vladimirovich - Deputy Commander of an army task force of arming the North Caucasian district MVD RF, Colonel. Born January 7, 1956 in Rostov-na-Donu. After graduating from the Rostov Institute of Agricultural Engineering worked as a senior master plot of press Uralvagonzavod behalf F.E. Dzerzhinsky in Nizhny Tagil. At the military service is intended to February 1981. Service began deputy commander of Maintenance Company in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, since 1986 he served in the Semipalatinsk region of Kazakhstan. In August 1993, transferred in the internal troops of MIA of Russia. He served in the North Caucasus.

. Since 1995, 13 times went on business trips in the zone of the Ossetian-Ingush conflict, perform combat missions in Chechnya and Dagestan.

. Died March 15, 2000 in the storming of the village of Komsomolskoye in the Urus-Martan district of Chechnya
. At the critical moment of battle got into the tank, the levers. I sent a military vehicle in the thick of battle, thus reverse the situation and helped the detachment of Special Forces soldiers to take the initiative in their hands.

. W tion Hero Russia Mikhail Vladimirovich Revenko conferred posthumously on Aug. 8, 2000.

. He was awarded medals of Suvorov and "For Military Merit.


March 15, 2000 pm penzentsev mobile unit under the command of Major militia Alexander Tugusheva jointly with the fighters of the 12 th Special Forces squad advanced to the point of departure of the left flank of federal troops,
. Prior to this is cleaning the house and cellars, meeting no resistance. Under attack from artillery and aircraft bandits retreated deep into the Komsomol.

. Village on the day was a living hell: every house snapped heavy fire, tightly locked bandits, who are no longer what it was hoped, the second week of fighting with the desperation of the doomed
. Never Penza OMON and his commander did not fall into this hell, though not new to war.

The signal to attack was made in 13 hours. Before the enemy's positions were not more than three hundred meters, and the distance is rapidly decreasing. Of the houses - flew bursts of automatic fire, but not very densely. It seemed that there lingers a handful of fanatics, the clock is already considered. However, the bandits are cunning: sometimes slightly postrelivaya for visibility, come near the advancing closer and suddenly opened heavy fire on them.

It turned out this time. Groups of riot police and special forces Tagil, hiding behind the houses, managed to slip another fifty meters. Before the enemy's position remains very little, and then greedily barking guns. Under fierce fire had to slow down the offensive.

First noticed bandits Senior Lieutenant Sergey Vanin. His team stuck in the house-protection that was necessary, the walls are thick, strong. A little aside, in a broken shed, the entrenched senior lieutenant of militia Rukavitsyn with subordinates.

On fire - a fierce fire. Incessantly, Б•  Б•? worked as a machine gunner. Two firing points extinguished Б•  Б•? bumblebees. Yet the situation developed not in our favor. Half Tank knocked out, the troops suffered losses. And with the hard manual order: Б•  No retreat! Next! Б•?

The wounded soldier a few yards from him seriously fallen out of the tank and crawled into the shelter, kept dropping to the ground by bullets. The tank was left standing, abandoned by the crew, but a living and terrible. On reflection, it took a few seconds. Running to the empty tank, he climbed up on armor and jumped into the hatch. Took hold of the levers, confidently off and sent the car into the inferno. He felt: it will help change the situation and take the initiative in their hands. Probably, it is felt and bandits.

Gathering momentum, fighting machine was ahead of the advancing, dragging them along. In the open with tubes Б•  Б•? on armor will not go, and our trunks were not given the Chechens leaning out of windows, pressed their turn to land.

Michael Revenko rode in its stowed position, leaning out of the hatch, and looked ahead to where the enemy panicked. He saw how the militants are hiding from the impending danger beyond the walls of the building, which is approaching the tank.

The sudden explosion threw a cloud of dust and debris, and then flew to meet him a ball of flame behind him - a few more ... Under cross-fire to him crept Vanin, Mutovkin, someone from the special forces ... They dragged a colonel in the shelter. Vanin's put him two cubes promedola and tried to stop the blood. But the wound was fatal, and all have seen it. Five minutes later he died at the Vanina hands ...

Yuri Sour

1) Heroes of Russia Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Moscow 2002

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REVENKO Mikhail, photo, biography
REVENKO Mikhail, photo, biography REVENKO Mikhail  Hero of Russia, photo, biography
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