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Vasily Alexandrovich ROGOZHINA

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Vasily Alexandrovich ROGOZHINA
photo Vasily Alexandrovich ROGOZHINA
(27. 6. 1923 - 25. 10. 1943)

In asil A. Rogozhin, second lieutenant, commander of the 236 th Fighter Regiment, was born June 27, 1923 in g. Saratov. Russian. He graduated from the eighth grade of secondary school N 2, two courses of municipal building technical school, flying club and Chernihiv military aviation school pilots.

. From June 1942 until October 25, 1945 fought at Voronezh, Stalingrad, Southern, North-Caucasian, I 1-m Ukrainian fronts
. Participated in the defense of Voronezh, Stalingrad and Kursk battles, air battle in the Kuban and the liberation of Ukraine. For military distinctions awarded the Order of the Red Banner (1943), World War 2-nd., Degree (1943), two Orders of Red Star (1942, 1943) and the medal "For Defense of Stalingrad.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Vasily A. Rogozhin awarded on Aug. 24, 1943 over 124 sorties, . during which, . showing bravery and courage, . personally shot down 11 and in Group 5 enemy planes.,

. A eytenant VA
. Rogozhin killed in an air battle near Kiev October 25, 1943. In the name of the hero is named one of the streets g. Saratov.

With howling first sortie Rogozhin made June 10, 1942. It is near Voronezh. The fighters escorted a group of storm troopers. Above the line of the front edge of the pilot saw two squadrons of "Junkers" bombing our troops on the ground. Rogozhin separated from the system, and, without losing sight of their charges, attacked the nearest enemy bomber. Two rounds struck a Soviet pilot vulture.

Autumn 1942 236 th regiment was transferred to the Stalingrad. While the situation there was extremely tense, and the pilots were doing 3 - 4 sorties per day. In the air every day there were hot air battle. Thus, for example, was the December 10, 1942. Over enemy airfields "Kennel" six Yak-1, led by Rogozhin, met with 15 transport aircraft S-52, which under the guise of a large group "Messers" them military supplies for his army surrounded. Rogozhin boldly attacked the enemy. Fight at turns and counter-frontal attacks lasted 15 minutes. Despite the superior forces of the enemy, the Soviet pilots scored a remarkable victory. They destroyed 7 enemy aircraft, including two Me-109 fighters shot down personally Rogozhin. Accompanied by pilots Rogozhin team storm troopers perfectly executed a combat mission, and without loss returned to their base.

. In spring 1943, the enemy concentrated in the Crimea and the Taman peninsula and in surrounding areas, about 1,5 thousand planes
. To combat against the Luftwaffe, the Soviet command had brought to the Kuban many aviation units, including the 236 th Fighter Regiment. During fierce fighting Basil Rogozhin showed even higher flying skill.

May 5, 1943, headed four "yak" Rogozhin covered by our troops on the ground near the village Neberdzhayevskaya and Lower Bakanskoy. At a height of two thousand meters of Soviet pilots met 35 "Junkers" and 20 "Messers". Enemy planes were bombed on the ground troops. Audacious attacks Rogozhin and his associates violated the military order of the Nazi bombers, forced them to drop their bombs off target and in the ensuing air battle shot down two enemy planes. One of them destroyed the commander of the group.

May 7, 1943 Rogozhin with its link covered ground troops near the village of Crimean. With guidance station, it was reported that the part of Novorossiysk approaching 27 enemy bombers. Rogozhin link led toward "Junkers". The German pilots did not survive the bold attack of our fighters and not dropping bombs left in the direction of the Crimea. At this time, the radio Rogozhin had been ordered to return immediately to the area of the Crimea, where 12 enemy planes PV-189 stormed our troops on the ground. Hedge-hopping brave pilot attacked the enemy and shot down an enemy fighter. Another vulture was destroyed by his comrades. The battle was won: the Nazi pilots rushed to get out.

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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Vasily Alexandrovich ROGOZHINA, photo, biography
Vasily Alexandrovich ROGOZHINA, photo, biography Vasily Alexandrovich ROGOZHINA  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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