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RYZHIKOV Alexander

( Hero of Russia)

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Biography RYZHIKOV Alexander
photo RYZHIKOV Alexander
(27. 5. 1960 - 7. 1. 2000)

P yzhikov Alexander - militia commander for special appointment of the republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Lieutenant Colonel. Born May 27, 1960 in the village Kononova Sukhobuzimo district of Krasnoyarsk Krai. Russian. He studied at the Vocational Technical School. From 1979 to 1982, serving in the Primorsky Territory. In 1983 he entered the bodies of internal affairs. Since 1989 - the platoon commander of a special purpose company, PPP. From 1993 to 1996 - Deputy Commander - Chief of Staff of special purpose police detachment in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), in 1996 - commander of the riot.

. Since 1995, police officer twice a year, went to the North Caucasus - in Chechnya and Dagestan.

. Died January 7, 2000 in the village of Germenchuk in the Shali district of Chechnya.

. W tion Hero Russia Alexander Alexandrovich Ryzhikov posthumously awarded May 29, 2000.

. Buried in Yakutsk
. In yakustke name of the hero is named one of the squares and istanovlen monument.

. He was awarded the Order of Courage, medals "For Distinction in Protection of Public Order", "For perfect service" 2 and 3 degrees.


The commander of the Yakut riot.

. First trip to the North Caucasus in May 1995 he found Alexander Ryzhikova as chief of staff at the Interior Ministry riot police of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
. Almost from the move, with wheels policemen took part in an operation to eliminate large groups of bandits. Police learned a lot on the ground in a combat situation. Yakut riot police countered the tactics of his ability and skill of bandits. No chance on account of this detachment dozens of successful operations. Soldiers riot police detained and killed by terrorists, cleared roads, seized weapons and ammunition than they could and as best they could, helped the local population, which mortally weary of war and gang mayhem. Largely thanks to Alexander Ryzhikov, his professionalism, literate command, riot police to avoid losses, has successfully fulfilled its objectives, the actions of non-standard baffles warlord militias for years to prepare for war.

. In 1997-1999-m respectively Yakut policemen performed the tasks in the Republic of Dagestan
. In 1999, soldiers of the detachment again in the Chechen Republic. And again, as a few years ago, led subordinates Alexander Ryzhikov.

. On December 13, 1999 OMON fighters were operating under Shawls - in one of the most complex areas of Chechnya, where federal forces have provided the desperate resistance of the thugs of the units of Khattab and Basayev
. In bands of guerrillas who tried to take control of the district, included many foreign mercenaries, were also professional instructors from the Arab countries.

. Alexander Ryzhikov understood, . that without the support of the local population, . without mutual trust between police officers and local elders, . intellectuals will be difficult to establish a peaceful life in the, . catch criminals, . protect public order,
. From the first days of travel commander asked for assistance from residents of nearby towns, as he could to strengthen friendly relations with simple, far from the Chechen war, communicated with the clergy. Thanks to these contacts to the militiamen began to do the bits and valuable operational information, allowing the arrest of many militants, their accomplices and messenger warlords. As a result, raids and ambush subordinates Ryzhikova, the activity of the bandits in the area began to decline. In a relatively short period Yakut police found and destroyed several of their base camps, arms depots, well-equipped fire points.

. December 18, 1999 policemen entered operational information about, . that in one village in the Shali district came a messenger Jordanian Khattab, . which the owners have set the task to organize a series of terrorist attacks against Russian troops and militiamen,
. Alexander Ryzhikov headed the special group fighters riot police, who took part in the apprehension of terrorists. The operation took place so rapidly that the terrorists did not understand whence came the tall men in camouflage. Bandits came to himself only once on the wrists of their hands closed handcuffs arc. As it turned out later, Yakut police defused three professional saboteurs from the gang Khattab. At the place were removed automatic AKSM, TT pistol, as well as photos and video, which depicted acts of bandit groups in the mountains of Chechnya.

. Just a few days policemen led by Colonel Ryzhikova took part in cleaning the village of Shali, a few blocks
. Here, operational and preventive measures have yielded results. Policemen have detained two militants to withdraw large amounts of ammunition and grenades. Activity Yakut policemen severely annoyed the leaders of the bandits who, realizing that they did not oppose the whipping boy, began to take revenge riot policemen.

. January 7, 2000 to the office in the Shali district received operative information that in one of the shops of the former pipe factory in the village of Germenchuk fighters equipped with a "concentration camp"
. In Zindani and basements allegedly held hostages, among which could be a few men of the local militia. Day of the special operation in the area of the former plant was sent to the operational-investigative group Shali VOVD which covered the riot policemen in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and SOBR at the Internal Affairs of the Ulyanovsk region. Detachment of soldiers led by Alexander Ryzhikov. At the same time to help them moved on duty platoon of Yakutsk riot and Volga Coll.

On the approach to the plant, where it was planned to explore the area, police officers were ambushed Wahhabis. The bandits, who had a clear numerical superiority in emphasis opened heavy fire from small arms and grenades. Snipers fighters advance zero in every scrap of land, were not allowed to raise its head and riot policemen SOBR. Standing in the irrigation ditches to the waist in the icy water, mud slush, the police took an unequal battle.

Alexander Ryzhikov organized defense. Riot policemen and members SOBR under heavy enemy fire, carried from the battlefield for more than fifty killed and wounded officers. Lieutenant Colonel Ryzhikov personally evacuated 12 fighters. At the critical moment of battle, when death was covering his comrades from the flank gunner riot police sergeant with. Golomarev, gunmen tried to take police in a pincer. Alexander Ryzhikov led a group of riot police, which is under fire fighters managed to move out to a fire at the enemy, and personally destroyed the machine-gun crew Wahhabis. OMON commander was fatally shot in the head, covering the retreat the men of the consolidated unit.

Happened on Christmas Day under the Chechen village of Germenchuk. Every survivor of that battle riot police officer with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and SOBR at the Internal Affairs of the Ulyanovsk region life shall Alexandru Ryzhikov.

1) Heroes of Russia Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Moscow 2002

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  • Roman for RYZHIKOV Alexander
  • I am proud that I was familiar with this man, a short introduction in the last days of his worthy life, I made a vow - would name his son Alexander
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    RYZHIKOV Alexander, photo, biography
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