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Ryzhov Evgraf Mikhailovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Ryzhov Evgraf Mikhailovich
photo Ryzhov Evgraf Mikhailovich
(16. 12. 1916 - 12. 2. 1982)

P yzhov Evgraf Mikhailovich fighter 7-Fighter Regiment (62 th Fighter Aviation Brigade, the Air Force's Black Sea Fleet) - Captain. Born December 16, 1916 in the village п¦я¬п¦п¦п+п¦я+ Temkinskogo district of Smolensk region. Russian. Member of the CPSU since 1942. He graduated from high school and school trade schools in Vyazma. He worked as a mechanic in the depot in Moscow and studied at evening rabfak. In the Navy since 1936. By Komsomol Yeiskoe sent to the Naval Aviation School of the Stalin I.V. After graduation in November 1938 sent to the 32 nd Fighter Regiment Air Force Black Sea Fleet, a junior pilot.

In the battles of World War II from June 1941. Member of defense of Sevastopol. He fought in the 32 Fighter Regiment (62 th Fighter Aviation Brigade, the Air Force's Black Sea Fleet). In early 1942 he was transferred to the 7 th Fighter Aviation Regiment of the same aviation brigade. In June 1943 he was appointed deputy commander of 6-th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, the flight training and air combat. In October 1943, in an air battle was seriously wounded in the operation and did not return. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, 2 orders of the Red Banner and medals.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Evgraf Mikhailovich Ryzhova awarded Oct. 23, 1942 for 254 sorties, . 8 planes in person and 3 in the group shot down enemy planes and shown the courage and high flying skills.,

. Since March 1946, Major Ryzhov - Retired
. He lived in the city Vyazme, then - in Evpatoria Crimea region. Died Feb. 12, 1982.

By omandir level 1 st Squadron, 32 Fighter Regiment Captain Ryzhov EM. July 27, 1941, patrolling the Black Sea near Sevastopol on the MiG-3 (LaGG-3?), Together with Lieutenant Telegin, at an altitude of 7500 m found an enemy bomber He-111 on his way to the city by the sea. Our pilots went into battle. Noticing the prosecution, the Germans turned around and began to leave the sea. Suddenly Telegina refused engine and he turned to the base. Ryzhov began to pursue the enemy alone. Arrows "Heinkel" opened fire. After several attacks Ryzhova managed to set fire to the left engine bomber, but this time the enemy machine-gun fire broke the water pipe system, engine cooling and hot water poured into the cockpit. Squeezing out the engine all that he could, he caught an enemy bomber, dropped him in the tail and pulled the trigger, but the shots are not followed - ran out of ammunition. Then, in order not to miss the enemy, Ryzhov decided to ram. Having become acquainted with the bomber, he struck a screw on its tail. Lost control, "Heinkel" fell into the water. The blow Ryzhov lost consciousness. Arriving in himself, he saw that his plane plummets. With great difficulty he managed to align the damaged fighter and put on the water. As soon as he left the cabin as the plane sank. Nearly night spent in the open sea, until he was picked up by a patrol boat and brought back to Sevastopol.

In a subsequent battle in a pair of aviator Melnikov attacked 18 enemy bombers. One of them shot down, the others turned back.

Biography provided by AE Melnikov

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Ryzhov Evgraf Mikhailovich, photo, biography
Ryzhov Evgraf Mikhailovich, photo, biography Ryzhov Evgraf Mikhailovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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