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Yuri SALIMHANOV Adilbegovich

( Hero of Russia)

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Biography Yuri SALIMHANOV Adilbegovich
photo Yuri SALIMHANOV Adilbegovich
(15. 3. 1965 - 13. 8. 1996)

With alimhanov Yuri Adilbegovich - a senior weapons technician riot police department of the Moscow region, Jr. Lieutenant. Born March 15, 1965 in the Leninsky district of Moscow region. After graduating from high school he worked as a fitter at the farm. After military service he returned to the former place of work. In 1989, on the recommendation of the working group joined the bodies of internal affairs, becoming a fighter fire station. In February 1992, transferred to the riot police department of Moscow region. Here, having received appropriate training, weapons technician, became the senior squad.

. Soldier riot police near Moscow Yuri Salimhanov several times traveled on business in the Chechen Republic, . where federal forces have launched efforts to restore constitutional order and the disarmament of illegal armed formations,

. Died Aug. 13, 1996 in the city of Grozny.

. The title of Hero of Russia Yuri Adilbegovichu Salimhanovu conferred posthumously on Jan. 26, 1998.

. He was awarded the Order of bravery, the Medal "For Courage" (1995).

. Name of Yuri Adilbegovicha Salimhanova engraved on a plaque in the building of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow region
. Order of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yuriy Salimhanova ever enlisted in the list of military police detachment of special designation Moscow region, his portrait is placed in the Memorial Hall Museum of the Moscow regional police.


April 7, 1995 during combat operations to liberate Samashki senior lieutenant of militia Yuri Salimhanov a group of five riot policemen provided covering fire action armored vehicles and troops sofrinskoy Brigade internal forces,
. Target groups of riot police was to carry out cleaning of nearby houses and buildings located in the direction of assault detachment. On one street Hidden militants suddenly hit on the vanguard sofrintsev. The bandits were aimed fire, pinned down the further advance of the troops, while they themselves were well under the guise of forest belts along the outskirts of the village. Believing in their invulnerability and using beneficial for them especially the countryside, half an hour after the shooting bandits attempted to encircle and destroy the assault force. Realizing the danger of the situation, riot police have taken countermeasures. Define possible breakthrough bandits, a senior lieutenant of militia Yuri Salimhanov managed to mine a section of road where you want the most active militants.

But the unexpected happened. The bandits rushed to the other, not covered by a flank. And then the Jury at the critical moment of the battle made a desperate attempt to outwit the wolves sturdy Б•  Б•L: to lure the rebels into a minefield, a senior lieutenant of militia launch signal rockets deliberately found myself. Bandits redirected small arms fire and granotometov a new goal. Salimhanov opened submachine gun fire. Almost immediately, not far from his grenade exploded - Jury received a shrapnel wound. Go out of the fire helped comrades. Even wounded, Salimhanov continued to fire. The militants, leaving his idea captured the riot police, still ran into mines. It was possible to lure the bandits into the open.

And then a group of riot police took more advantageous position. Their decisive action assault force seized the initiative and fully complete the task.

. For courage and bravery, as noted in the presentation of the reward, Б•  shown by the line of duty under conditions involving a risk to the life Б•L, Chief Warrant Officer Police Jury Salimhanov was awarded the Order of Courage.

. At the end of June 1996 Yuri Adilbegovich the third time, was sent to Chechnya
. Now in the militia regiment for special purpose. And so it happened that, along with other units of federal forces, outside Moscow policemen were at the epicenter of the dramatic events that took place in Grozny in the middle of the last summer month and ninety-six. August 13, they participated in the liberation fighters from the railway station building, which is an important strategic target. Intelligence Group, which was led Salimhanov managed to get to the building adjacent to the station. The first burst into the building, Yuri destroyed detachment, seized a mortar and from the opened fire on militants. Attack bogged. This allowed the deployment of troops to approach the station and take up defensive positions in the area of possible breakthrough. Some time later, militants attempted to break into the two armored personnel carriers. Salimhanov siege destroyed one BTR. All the men of the detachment during combat injuries and a concussion, including Yuri. Saving the life of his comrades, he sent APCs assigned to them with the wounded, and he remained to cover their retreat. Militants tried to pursue the fighting machine, but Salimhanov jumped out from behind cover, damaged armored fighters, destroyed five bandits, but he himself was fatally shot in the heart area.

. Cost of their lives Yuri Salimhanov ensure achievement of objectives and saved the lives of comrades ...



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  • п-п¦я-п¦п¦я-я-я-я+ for Yuri SALIMHANOV Adilbegovich
  • I'm proud of you, brother. Rest in peace.
  • п-п¦я-п¦п¦я-я-я-я+ for Yuri SALIMHANOV Adilbegovich
  • Correct the mistake - he died 10 numbers, and was buried on August 13
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