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Gani Safiullin

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Gani Safiullin
photo Gani Safiullin
(1. 7. 1905 - 14. 10. 1973)

With afiullin Gani Bekinovich commanding 25 Infantry Corps (Steppe Front), Major-General. Born July 1, 1905 in the village of Old Kashira now Sarmanov district (Tatarstan) in a poor peasant family. By nationality Б?  Tartar. He studied at the rural madrassas. In the 20-ies after the death of parents, homeless boy traveled the country in search of bread. In 1922, Mr.. Gani fate brought in Turgai steppe (Kazakhstan), where he was hired grazing. In the same year he became a messenger ukoma Party, joined the Young Communist League. In 1923-26. studied at the boundary Sovpartshkole and I finished it, went as an instructor in Bukhtarma district Komsomol committee in the city of Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan).

In the Soviet army from 1927. In 1928 he graduated from the school for the preparation of platoon commanders stock. In 1930-31. studied at the Superior School of War of the border, he served in the armed forces of the NKVD. On the eve of the Great Patriotic War, commanded a regiment. In 1941, Mr.. graduated from the evening faculty of the Academy named after MV Frunze.

. In the battles against the Nazi invaders, has participated in June 1941

. In his role as commander of 25 Infantry Corps (Steppe Front) participated in the liberation of Ukraine
. Corps under his command on the night of September 25 1943 with the move forced the Dnieper in the villages Borodaevka and Domotkan (Verkhn'odniprovs'k region Dnepropetrovsk region). With dispositions regimental and divisional artillery, reflecting numerous counterattacks, within 5 days of fighting has expanded the bridgehead on the front to 25 and vglubinu up to 15 kilometers and it is firmly entrenched.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Gani Bekkinovichu Safiullin conferred by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, dated 26 October 1943 for the successful management of military units and prietom demonstrated personal courage and heroism,

. In 1947 he graduated from the higher academic courses at the Military Academy of the General Staff
. He continued to serve in the army. Since 1957, Lieutenant-General Safiullin Б?  in stock.

F il and worked in Kazan. Died Oct. 14, 1973.

Awarded 2 orders of Lenin, 3 orders of the Red Banner, 2 orders of Suvorov 2 nd degree, 2 orders of Kutuzov 2 nd degree, Order of the Red Star and medals. His name is Street in Kazan.

Through the river through the mountains ... Kazan, 1973;
Roads of Victory. Kazan, 1987 etal.

H achavshayasya from 1927. served in the army became a new and major milestone in the life Safiullina. He Б?  ordinary and ml. commander in the First Division of the Red Cossacks, the platoon commander in the border squads. On border security commander for the first time reveals the young guns in battles with gangs and kulak Basmachi. After graduating in 1931. military academy 10 years he served in various command positions and is continuing his studies.

. Many had to endure Gani sad days and see pictures of people's grief in the summer of 1941, when the regiment which he commanded, retreated under pressure from fascists and left in their hands the old Russian towns Б?  Great Luke Toropets
. But even in the darkest hours, the soldiers and the commander of burning irrepressible desire to pay in full with the invaders, to take revenge on them for the suffering and agony of the people. I thought about it Gani and in the trenches, and on hospital bed after being wounded by Mr.. Kalinin. And soon his zheanie come true.

In late November, 709 th Infantry Regiment (178 th Infantry Division, 39 th Army) Colonel Safiullina stood in defense of the important points of the Kalinin Front. Flushed with victory invaders behave confidently, casually. Hoping to strengthen and exhibited in their time, they, fearing frost, sat down in the village and quietly rasolozhilis homes. At night, November 24th Regiment held its first successful operation. By nightfall, the engineers cleared the approaches to the hidden enemy fortifications. At ishlodnye position drew themselves up to attack isolated units and gun artillery regiment transferred to assist the infantry. On the main lines were delivered assault groups. Б•  None of the fascists did not go dozhen! Б•?-Safiullin warned his men. At three o'clock in the morning the soldiers destroyed every single one of the Nazis.

In December, after the defenders of Moscow's Kalinin Front's troops launched an offensive. Rapidly moving to the west, part of a few days released more than 35 settlements.

R assuring 1942. Colonel Safiullin, commanding already Infantry Division, fighting in the south Б?  again on the decisive front. 20 August the division was given a rest and replenishment. But the rest did not succeed. Already after 5 days of shelf had broken through the Don met the best part of the Germans.

From that day until the end of the battle for Stalingrad Colonel Safiullina participated in the historic battle. 3 months at the approaches to the city-hero from the south in the 64-th army repulsed the attack the invaders, bursting to the great Russian river. 4 days, she fought with the Nazis. Breakthrough was stopped, and the best part of the enemy were completely destroyed. On the battlefield left over a hundred enemy tanks.

Together with troops of the front safiullintsy November 19 rushed forward, pressing the deadly ring around the encircled Germans. Continuous attack soldiers safiullintsev ogrmny inflicted damage to the enemy. By the end of January every step of seizing an increasing number of prisoners. More than 8 thousand soldiers and officers (among them two generals) took the division captured during the period of the battle. Among the captured equipment Б?  102 guns, 2,000 vehicles, 18 aircraft.

. For excellent performance of combat missions, with the steadfastness and courage of all personnel of the division was reorganized into the Guards, and its commander was awarded the rank of major general.

. the Battle of Kursk Safiullin commanded the Guards Rifle Corps
. His guards fought valiantly under Belgorod. Capture of Belgorod opened wide the gates to the Ukraine. His shelves were in the flow of Soviet armies advancing on Kharkiv. They released hundreds of large and small settlements.

On the shoulders of the retreating Nazis came to the Dnieper and immediately preparing to force a crossing. Orders Front Command and the army guardsmen to hurry and put them in front of the honorable task of paving the way in the area of the Dnieper.

. In general reconnaissance terrain together with the commanders of formations and units mark the place of crossing the river
. Given the shortage of funds, he ordered ferrying urgently collect and use the materials at hand. In the course went all that was buoyant.

On the night of September 24 began crossing. Together with the arrows on the rafts and a few panton was transferred regimental and divisional artillery. With positions dug next to the infantry, batteries, direct-fire hit on the enemy. Fighting on the beachhead of waiting for aid. The German command line against the shell SS Panzer Division Б•  Б•? Great Germany and 123 Panzer. Seven to ten times a day with the support of aircraft, they rushed to the defense base, but always retreated, leaving the shore and lined with dozens of burned cars.

Safiullintsy not only hold the bridgehead. With the help of tanks across and attack aircraft, they went on the offensive and routed two divisions of the enemy. Building on the success of the corps marched and other compounds. Battles on the Dnieper River in autumn 1943. brought new victories of the Soviet army, irresistibly moving ahead. For heroism and bravery shown during the crossing of the Dnieper and in the battles for the preservation of a base 74, a soldier, an officer and General Corps awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. Together with the other heroes of the Dnieper was awarded this high rank Gani Bekkinovich Safiullin.

About T-Dnieper battle path safiullintsev held in Ukraine and far beyond their native borders. They carried their banners on the Guard of Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia. Fireworks faded away victory over Nazi Germany, and the regiments of General Safiullina the Far East. Only there Б?  Б?  in the Pacific ended their campaign.

1) Aynutdinov AK. Б•  Heroes of the Soviet Union, our countrymen Б?  Б•?, Kazan 1985
2) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
3) Hanin L. Б•  Heroes of the Soviet Union, the sons of Tatarstan Б?  Б•?, Kazan 1969

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Gani Safiullin, photo, biography
Gani Safiullin, photo, biography Gani Safiullin  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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