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SERGEEV Alexander

( Hero of Russia)

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Biography SERGEEV Alexander
photo SERGEEV Alexander
(28. 3. 1955 - 20. 6. 1994)

With ergeev Alexander - commander of a special-purpose ATC Penzinskoy area, Major. Born March 28, 1955 in Penza. Russian. In 1982 he graduated from the Penza Polytechnic Institute. On service in bodies of internal affairs from September 1982 to the direction of the labor collective Penza production association Б•  Б•L Era. During the six years he worked as an instructor ATC on educational work, in August 1988 was promoted to the administrative apparatus of corrective labor institutions. In July 1991 he was appointed commander of the newly created group of special-purpose ATC Penza. Colleagues characterized as fanatical people falling into debt.

June 17, 1994 with the release of the hostages was seriously wounded. Three days later died in hospital.

. W tion Hero Russia Alexander Sergeyev was awarded posthumously Nov. 25, 1994.


June 17, 1994 in the medical unit labor camp, . located in one area Penza, . Two of the arrivals at the reception of convicts took hostages, . threatened to explode grenades dressing with medical personnel based there,
. Demanded a bus and a helicopter. Grenades ready. Of the two upside checks. Decompress hand - and the explosion. In the rush of patients rushed to placate infuriated male doctors. And they themselves soon became hostages.

Made inquiries about terrorists. Prisoners Bogodurov and Bara convicted of serious crimes to lengthy terms of imprisonment. Their black business stretches across many areas of Russia. Bought, seized the heavy vehicles and sent him back to Chechnya.

In Penza was established operational headquarters. Negotiations. Militia Major General Pronin tried step by step to simplify the situation. To release, say, first of women, but instead to provide a bus a car. Criminals concessions did not go.

The only thing that worked - is the emphasis on the so-called brotherhood of zek. Bogodurov agreed to release the chamber with the patients, the same as he was convicted. But even harder was to demand immediate satisfaction of conditions. Taking advantage of the evacuation from the premises of patients, experts have established the technical means listening. Now the headquarters of a clearer picture of the situation inside the barricaded room.

Terrorists nervous. Time passed, and the results so far no. In the best case - the promises of the staff to clarify the request, wait. Apparently, the terrorists realized that they cheated, and announced that in response to the failure of their conditions in six locations in the city will be exploded. Demanded that the local radio and 15 hours must be given information that Bogodurov and the bar is in a safe place that they are alive, they had all goes well. Meanwhile, in one of the city - Pervomay - really found an explosive device.

A number of terrorists had to satisfy the requirements. The radio transmitted information, which described the Bogodurove and Barayev. To the third it was intended? Apparently, someone acting in concert with them, and in. For operational staff became manifest and full cruelty intent of terrorists. Having emerged onto the streets, they no longer would be dismissed with anything and anyone. Victims could outweigh the number of hostages. Losing self-control, they issued an ultimatum: the expiration of their term will begin to kill their victims. Militia Major General Pronin asked the consent of the prosecutor to conduct a special operation.

Special Forces detachment was already ready. After receiving an order to release the hostages, Major Sergeyev asked to personally lead the main group capture. Lost several options. We stopped at the right, precluding any, seemed to chance.

Stormed. Major Sergeev AA, first burst into the room and seized a machine gun bullet struck one of the criminals. The second offender is still holding the grenade, was able to hide behind a hostage. Sergeev, immediately assessed the situation, applied against unarmed combat techniques, and freed the woman. But during the fight offender released her hand, a grenade exploded, hitting a terrorist to death. Splinter it was severely wounded in the head and Major Sergeyev.

Shrapnel hit in the eye and passed through it in the head. After three days, Alexander died.

1) Heroes of Russia Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Moscow 2002

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