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Serov Vladimir

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Serov Vladimir
photo Serov Vladimir
(1922 - 26. 6. 1944)


With jers Vladimir deputy commander of Squadron 159 th Fighter Regiment (275 th Fighter Division, 13th Air Army, Leningrad Front) Lieutenant
. Born in 1922 in the village of Kurgan (now the city Kurganinsk Krasnodar Territory) in a peasant family. Russian. He graduated from the 8 classes and the Aero Club in the village of Labin (now the city labinsk). He worked as a laborer. In the Red Army from 1941. In the same year he graduated from the Krasnodar military aviation school pilots.

The Great Patriotic War on April 1942. Particularly distinguished himself during the Soviet offensive at Leningrad in the winter - in summer 1944.

June 26, 1944 on the Karelian Isthmus near the town of Vyborg is one of the La-5 entered into battle with enemy fighters 7. Two of them shot down by fire, and rammed a third, but killed himself. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, 2 orders of the Red Banner, Order of Alexander Nevsky, World War 1 degree, medals.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Georgievich Serov posthumously awarded on Aug. 2, 1944.

. P Ohorona in Sestroretsk district of Leningrad region (59 km Primorsky highway)
. Town Vommelsu (Zelenogorskij District, Leningrad Oblast), renamed the village Serov. In the city Kurganinsk a monument to the Hero and a plaque, his name are street, school and Pioneers.


During the Soviet offensive at Leningrad in the winter - in summer 1944, one of the biggest challenges facing our pilots was a cover for ground troops from enemy air attacks
. It was carried out mainly by patrolling in the areas of likely attack by enemy aircraft and the actions of fighters - "hunters". They met in the air with the enemy, the Soviet pilots bravely into battle with any balance of forces and sought victory.

Thus, February 8, 1944 Lieutenant. G. Serov, led by a pair of "hunters", met 2 German FW-190 fighter. Rapid attack, he went to the tail of one of the "Fokker" and knocked him. In the next flight, on the same day, Vladimir Serov, with its link reflects 38 dive-bombers flying Ju-87. One "Junkers" He knocked, and the rest of our pilots broke up, not allowing the enemy dropped bombs on target.

By April 1944 a senior lieutenant in. G. Serov made 203 sorties, carried out 53 air battles, shooting down 20 and in person in the group 6 enemy.

. Fter the release of Vyborg (20 June 1944) fighting on the Karelian Isthmus continued for 3 weeks
. Extremely intense struggle took place in the air. Particularly difficult day turned out for our pilots on June 26. On this day, knocking off its 41 th enemy plane in combat assignment did not return a great air fighter - Vladimir Serov. In the area of Vyborg, he led the Quad Lavochkin "met with 4 Me-109. The enemy wanted to avoid a fight, but Serov not allow the enemy to withdraw with impunity. By attacking first, he set fire to one "Messer".

But it so happened that one of our pilot did not understand the maneuver commander and his behind the group. The second - his slave, too, even an inexperienced pilot who chased an enemy fighter threw a commander. And then the battle is joined 4 "Messer". They attacked Serov and Golovacheva. Soon the enemy managed to damage the plane Golovacheva, who pulled with a decrease in its territory. At Serov, to disguise the stricken plane comrade, now buried under a pile once 6 enemy fighters. One of them he shot down, and rammed a second. But it killed himself ... August 2, 1944 he was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

The total number of victories in. G. Serov, in various sources, is interpreted differently. Most often, the figure of 41 (29 kills himself and 12 in the group), but there are other - 39 + 8 37 + 12 and even 41 + 6! (In 300 sorties and 104 air combats). No exact data, . but known, . that only the last month of fighting on the Karelian Isthmus (June 1944), . Vladimir Serov shot down 8 enemy aircraft.

Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
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Serov Vladimir, photo, biography
Serov Vladimir, photo, biography Serov Vladimir  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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