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Dmitry Borisovich Slinkin

( Hero of Russia)

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Biography Dmitry Borisovich Slinkin
photo Dmitry Borisovich Slinkin
(9. 2. 1964 - 24. 6. 1995)

C Linkin Dmitry Borisovich - special operations officer of the department rapid response of the Office for Combating Organized Crime under the police department of the Sverdlovsk region, a senior lieutenant of militia. Born February 9, 1964 in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg). Russian. He graduated from the Sverdlovsk Mining Institute. Actively in sports. Was a boxing champion Streda studenchiskih teams in Russia. Seven years after graduation worked as a research associate of the Ural Research Institute of Mining Geomechanics. In October 1993, from the lack of money away from "science" and changed the profession. Steel - a police officer.

. On June 8, 1995 repeatedly took part in operations to seize illegally held weapons and the elimination of illegal armed groups in the city of Grozny and other towns of the Chechen Republic.

. Died June 24, 1995 in the village of Novy in the liquidation of one of the terrorist groups Dudayev.

. W tion Hero Russia Dmitry B. Clinkinu posthumously awarded May 12, 1996 reptile.

. Buried in Ekatirenburg.


June 12, 1995 Slinkin D.B
. in the group SOBR (12 people) near the settlement of Vedeno provide security corridor to reach the refugees, as in the Vedeno was fighting. When the commission of the march, near the Vedeno 1 km., In the gorge, BTR SOBR group was ambushed and came under fire from rocket-propelled grenade. Slinkin DB, being on the armor, spotted the location of fire points, where the shelling was carried out, and accurate fire from a machine gun killed two militants, thereby saving the life of the whole group.

. June 16, 1995 at 3 o'clock Factory commandant of Grozny, where stationed SOBR, was fired heavy fire from automatic weapons and grenade launchers
. Slinkin by choosing, from machine-gun fire killed 2 militants firing points. After that shooting stopped, and the militants retreated. Actions Slinkina possible to avoid casualties among the personnel of the commandant's office, where there were about 200 people.

. June 24, 1995 Senior Lieutenant Dmitry Slinkin of detachment SOBR commandant at number 5 in Grozny left on a mission to the village of New
. As the most prepared of the staff, . Dmitry Slinkin in pair with Alexander Monetovym had to act in the assault group with the task of the first to enter the house, . where, . operational data, . was cache of weapons and ammunition Dudayev fighters,
. When the assault team came under heavy fire from the depths of the house. Was injured Slinkin continued to fire on the militants, barring them from the warehouse of weapons and ammunition. At one moment he threw himself on the militants, felled him, and thus shielded comrades. His heroic actions Dmitry deprive militants opportunity to get to the main warehouse, where the grenades and small arms. The assault team meanwhile won favorable positions. As a result of perfect heroism D. Slinkin saved the life of his comrades, would eliminate one of the best-trained terrorist groups Dudayev, whose task is to commit terrorist acts in Grozny. The group included foreign mercenaries, the day before the calculation of sappers destroyed the federal troops, mine clearance.

. Wounded Dmitry Slinkina succeeded in the battle to evacuate from a burning home, delivered to a military hospital, but from the wounds where he died ...


. ---
. Sources:
. 1) Heroes of Russia Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Moscow 2002

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Dmitry Borisovich Slinkin, photo, biography
Dmitry Borisovich Slinkin, photo, biography Dmitry Borisovich Slinkin  Hero of Russia, photo, biography
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