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SOROKIN Zahar Artemovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography SOROKIN Zahar Artemovich
photo SOROKIN Zahar Artemovich
(1917 - 19. 3. 1978)

With orokin Zahar Artemovich - Guard-captain, navigator 2 Guards Fighter Regiment behalf Safonova B.F. (6 th Fighter Division, Air Force of the Northern Fleet). Born in 1917 at station Deep now Karasuk district of the Novosibirsk region in a working class family. Russian. Member of the CPSU since 1943. In 20-ies of Sorokin's family moved to the city of Krasnodar Krai Tikhoretsk. Graduated from the 7 classes and school FZU. He worked as an assistant locomotive engineer and also studied at the flying club. In the Navy since 1937. After Yeysk Naval Aviation School in 1939, is aimed at Air Force Fighter Air Regiment of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol. In the battles of World War II from June 22, 1941. Covered on the MiG-3 Black Sea Fleet ships from attacks by enemy aircraft. In July 1941, among other Siberians transferred to the Northern Fleet. He served in the squadron of Captain Safonova B.F. In April 1945 he was transferred to the Crimea, the navigator of the regiment, which began to serve. He flew the plane given him "Tikhoretsky Komsomolets". Altogether during the war has made 267 sorties in the aerial battles destroyed 18 enemy aircraft

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Zahar Artemovich Sorokin conferred by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 19 August 1944.

. Since 1955, the Guard Captain Sorokin - Retired
. Lived in Moscow. He worked in the Soviet Committee of War Veterans. He was a member of the Union of Journalists of the USSR. He published essays and articles, has written 15 books. Awarded the Order of Lenin, 3 orders of the Red Banner, medals, Order of the British. Died March 19, 1978. Bust of Hero installed on Walk of Fame in the Museum of Northern Fleet Air Force, a memorial plaque - on the building GPTU Б•¬ Tikhoretsk 12 in the city of Krasnodar Krai. He was an honorary citizen of the city of Novosibirsk region Karasuk.

October 25, 1941, Lieutenant Sorokin (on account of which had 4 sityh enemy aircraft), together with D. Sokolov flew on a combat mission. During a battle with a group of enemy fighters with the first line knocked Me-110. Began to attack the second, spent the entire ammunition. He was wounded in his right leg. At this time, Sorokin said that his slave attacks "Messerschmitt". Rushed to the rescue of his comrade, he hit a fascist propeller of his plane on the tail, and he went to the emergency landing. But Sorokina fighter could no longer fly.

With great difficulty Sorokin damaged aircraft landed on a frozen lake. It so happened that on the same lake in the 300 meters and landed them in mourning "Messerschmitt", from which sprang a huge dog and rushed to the plane Sorokina. Two shots from a pistol Sorokin killed dog. Then, when he saw him fleeing the German pilot, was shot and killed him. At this time the second German braced for Sorokin on the other hand, and stabbed in the face knocked him to the ground. No confusion, Sorokin threw fascist foot caught lying on the snow gun and shot him.

With frost-bitten feet, bleeding profusely, Sorokin for 6 days crawled about 70 miles across the tundra, until he was picked up Severomorsk. In the hospital his foot amputated both legs. In total, spent 9 months in hospitals, where had several painful operations and lost obeh feet. Medical Board has decided it to the reserve, but Sorokin achieved through the People's Commissar of the Navy Admiral Kuznetsov NG. permission to fly and returned to his unit. April 19, 1943, he again took to the sky and knocked his seventh German aircraft (fighter Me-110).

W Thurman 2-Guards Fighter Regiment behalf Safonova B.F. (6 th Fighter Division, Air Force of the Northern Fleet) Guard Captain Sorokin Z.A. by July 1944 made 103 sorties, 19 aircraft shot down 11 enemy battle planes. August 19, 1944 he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

Biography provided by AE Melnikov

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SOROKIN Zahar Artemovich, photo, biography
SOROKIN Zahar Artemovich, photo, biography SOROKIN Zahar Artemovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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