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SUDMALIS Imants Yanovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography SUDMALIS Imants Yanovich
photo SUDMALIS Imants Yanovich
(18. 3. 1916 - 25. 5. 1944)

Mantj Yanovich Sudmalis partisan. Born in Liepaja March 18, 1916. Latvian. With sixteen years Imants embarked on the path of revolutionary struggle in Latvia. For ten years he was on the underground Komsomol, spent three years in prison dungeons. In 1940 in Latvia, the Soviet government restored the ball. I. Sudmalis was elected first secretary of the Liepaja district Komsomol committee, a member of the Central Committee of Youth of Latvia.

On the first day of the Great Patriotic War, he headed an armed group, who spoke at the protection of his native city. But forces were unequal, and soon the Nazis seized Liepaja. Imants sneaks into occupied Riga, where he created one of the first in the Latvian capital of clandestine groups to fight the fascists.

. In 1942 I. Sudmalis passes through the whole of Latvia and in May Osveysky found in the woods with a detachment of Belarusian partisans IK Zakharov
. July 3, 1942 CC CP (b) of Latvia withdrew Sudmalisa to Moscow, to entrust him to lead the Riga underground and simultaneously obtain information about the situation in Latvia. Together with a detachment of V. Samson as a party organizer, I. Sudmalis in late 1942 returned to Osveysky forest. He took part in heavy fighting with the two punitive expeditions against the partisan edge.

In July 1943, together with a group Sudmalis A. Matspana was sent to Riga on underground work. In the difficult conditions of the fascist terror he managed to create an underground organization. There he in a short time managed to establish contact with anti-fascist organizations, choose the safe house, base for the underground city party committee, a place for future printing. Then I. Sudmalis Osveysky sneaks into the forest to ask the guerrillas portable printing. Taking printing and delivering it in a safe place, I. Sudmalis went to meet with a radio operator. He was a traitor. February 18, 1944 I. Sudmalis was arrested. Torture or abuse have not broken the courageous partisans and underground. May 25, 1944 he, together with other underground was hanged at the Riga Central Prison.

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union Imants Yanovich Sudmalisu conferred posthumously on Oct. 23, 1957.


About dnazhdy, during an ambush on the highway, the guerrillas caught insistent forward passenger car in which rode the general who commanded a punitive expedition
. From stopped and the adjutant general, noting guerrillas threw a grenade at them with a long wooden handle. A second - and there was a blast, but Imants, in the genre of modern Western fighters in flight caught the grenade and immediately tossed it in the German car. Yes, everything is like in the movies, but it was actually not in sham kinopavilonah shooting, and the risk of death in the midst of his comrades from a grenade in his hand was great, but at the same time it was the only chance to keep fighting with friends and save yourself. The explosion of a grenade in the car and the general, and the adjutant, and the driver were killed. But already approached the machine with the general's guards. Sounds an order to depart, but Sudmalis rushed into the car and grabbed the general's briefcase with documents. Under the crackle of automatic bursts, he hid in the woods ... Such operations have been set. And how many times he was alone with a machine gun to cover the withdrawal remained his comrades. During one of these operations Imants was awarded the Order of Lenin.

. With a detachment of the famous guerrilla commander Vilis Samson Imants involved in heavy fighting with several punitive expeditions against the guerrilla, fulminated against the enemy garrison
. Several times was wounded, but remained in the ranks. In March 1943, together with other Latvian partisans defended the Belarusian village from the Nazis Proshka. Among the twenty-eight guerrillas broke through the tight encirclement of a battalion of punitive. The merit of the fact that the guerrillas came alive from this battle, fully owned by Imants Sudmalisu, who stood at full height, and immediately taken aback who rushed to the enemy, dragging friends. He was like a plot from the bullets, many times coming alive from deadly situations.

. Imants has repeatedly made his way into Nazi-occupied Riga and liaised with the anti-fascist organizations, selected the safe house, arranged the work of an underground printing press
. But then again went to the partisans, where he participated in combat operations. The guerrillas thought he was indefatigable, and he was so: he had the strength at all, because when the house of enemies, when the fronts are severe, bloody battles, not an honest person just to sit in the quiet woods.

But not all were so. It is, unfortunately, happened, among its wound up traitor who surrendered and Imants Gestapo in one of his return to Riga. But before his arrest Sudmalis managed to save many of the underground, passing information about the failure and traitor, as well as ways to care for the guerrillas. February 18, 1944 he was arrested on 25 May, unbroken and unbowed, he was hanged by the Nazis, but managed to convey the will of the note in which the whole truth about his life, his will and message to descendants:

. "A few hours will lead to execute ..
. I looked at the path, and nothing to reproach ourselves for me: in these decisive days for humanity, I was a man and a fighter. Only the future would be better and happier! It must be so! Ponaprasnu can not be spilled so much blood ... "

. ---
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SUDMALIS Imants Yanovich, photo, biography
SUDMALIS Imants Yanovich, photo, biography SUDMALIS Imants Yanovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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