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SUPRUN Stepan Pavlovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography SUPRUN Stepan Pavlovich
photo SUPRUN Stepan Pavlovich
(2. 8. 1907 - 4. 7. 1941)

With uprun Stepan Pavlovich fighter. Born August 2, 1907 in the village now Belopolsky Rivers district of Sumy region (Ukraine) in a peasant family. Ukrainetz. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1930. In 1913 his family emigrated to Canada. He graduated from junior high school in Winnipeg. In 1922, together with his brother Theodore joined the League of Young Communists. In 1924 the family returned to the USSR Supruna. Lived in the Altai, and then in Alma-Ata. In autumn 1925 the family returned to Ukraine in Belopole. Stepan went to the disciples to handicraft-coach. He then worked as a carpenter in Sumy. In 1928, settled in the Sumy Machine-Building Plant. Being a Pioneer, nearly drowned in the river, saving the two pioneers.

In the Red Army in 1929. In 1930 he graduated from high school junior aviation specialists in Smolensk in 1931 - military aviation school pilots. Served in Bobruisk and Bryansk, was flight commander. Since 1933 he worked in the Air Force Institute. In November 1937 he was elected to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 1 convocation of Sevastopol district.

In May 1939 fighting in China. He commanded a group of fighters, which covered the important objects of the Japanese air raids. In aerial combat shot down 6 enemy aircraft.

May 20, 1940 for their courage and heroism in battle, Major Suprun S.P. Hero of the Soviet Union.

After returning from China in January 1940, again served in the Air Force Institute. Test new fighter I-21, I-26 (Yak-1), MIG-1, LaGG-1. Total mastered the 140 types of aircraft. In March 1940 he was a member of the Soviet commission under the chairmanship of JF Tevosyan, visiting aircraft industries in Germany. Met with E. Heinkel and Messerschmitt VA.

Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, Lieutenant Colonel Suprun formed from the test pilots 401 th Fighter Regiment Special Purpose. Evening June 30 the regiment left for the front and joined the 23rd Composite Air Division (Western Front).

In the first battle on July 1 in the area of the village Zubovo Suprun downed an enemy reconnaissance plane. In the evening flew a second time and shot down another scout. 2 and 3 July the regiment's pilots under his command shot down 8 enemy aircraft struck a blow for the assault crossing of the Berezina and the enemy's airfield, which burned down 17 planes, fuel depots and ammunition.

. We Troma July 4, 1941 Suprun flew reconnaissance
. Then double-headed group accompanied the bombers. At 13.00 flew the MiG-3 (side Б•¬ 13) paired with Lieutenant Ostapova exploration (it was the fourth day sortie). Ostapov noticed an enemy bomber and chased him, but he was shot down. Left alone, in the Suprun Taе-aд-yn Vitebsk region joined the battle with 6 enemy fighters. In this battle, shot down Me-109, but was himself shot down. I planted a burning plane in a clearing at the edge of the forest near the village of grains, but the cab did not have time to get. There was an explosion and Suprun died.

22 July 1941 he was posthumously awarded a second Gold Star Medal Б•  Б•L. Awarded 2 orders of Lenin, the Order of the Chinese.

July 5, he was buried by local residents near the village of Monasteries. And on the next lazy Germans entered the village. After the death of Supruna regiment headed Konstantin Kokkinaki (later the hero of the Soviet Union). By the end of the month on the battle account of the regiment there were already 54 German aircraft shot down. German propaganda announced Supruna surrendered prisoner. In this regard, V. Stalin personally ordered to clarify the cause and place of death. It is known that the July 9, 1941 the division headquarters came a peasant, who brought the icon deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Gold Star Б•¬ 461, burned documents and TT pistol. In 1960, Colonel F. Suprun resumed the search space death of brother. With the help of staff tolochanskogo draft board and local residents had found the remains of the pilot and his aircraft parts. As a result of the search was drawn up, which is now kept in the Central Museum of Armed Forces.

In July 1960, the remains of SP Supruna were taken to Moscow and buried in Novodevichy Cemetery. Bronze bust installed in Sumy. In the name of Hero named streets in Moscow, Borisov, Sumy, village Rivers. In the village of Rivers set stele, in the city Belopole - bas. On the building of the Sumy Machine Building Scientific Production Association is a memorial plaque. The museum Sumy kept back armor of the MiG-3 Supruna found on the site.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

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SUPRUN Stepan Pavlovich, photo, biography
SUPRUN Stepan Pavlovich, photo, biography SUPRUN Stepan Pavlovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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