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Talalikhin Viktor

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Talalikhin Viktor
photo Talalikhin Viktor
(18. 9. 1918 - 27. 10. 1941)

In IKTOR V. Talalikhin, second lieutenant, deputy commander of Squadron 177 th Fighter Regiment, was born September 18, 1918 in a. Teplovke Volsky District, Saratov Region. Russian. After the factory he worked at the Moscow School of meat factory, while he studied at the flying club. Graduated Borisoglebokoe Military Aviation School. He took part in the Russo-Finnish War 1939 - 1940 period carried out 47 armed sorties, shot down 4 of Finnish aircraft, for which he was awarded the Order of the Red Star (1940). In the battles of World War II from June 1941. Produced more than 60 combat missions. In summer and autumn of 1941, fought near Moscow. For military distinction was awarded the Order of the Red Banner (1941) and the Order of Lenin.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Viktor Vasilyevich Talalikhin awarded on Aug. 8, 1941 for the first in the history of aviation night ramming enemy bombers.

. In Skaare Talalikhin was appointed commander of the squadron, he was awarded the rank of lieutenant
. Glorious airman has participated in many air battles at Moscow, brought down five enemy planes and one person in the group. He died a heroic death in an unequal battle with the fascist fighters October 27, 1941.

P Ohorona VV. Talalikhin with military honors at the Novo-Devichye cemetery in Moscow. Order of People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR on August 30, 1948 ever enrolled in the lists of the first squadron of fighter aviation regiment, in which he or she had fought with the enemy near Moscow.

. And Menem Talalikhina were named the streets in Kaliningrad (region), Volgograd, Voronezh Borisoglebsk and other cities, a ship GPTU Б•¬ 100 in Moscow, a number of schools
. At the 43-kilometer Warsaw highway, over which there was an unparalleled night's match, put the obelisk. In Podolsk is a monument in Moscow Б+T bust of Hero


As from what he told Victor Talalikhin about the circumstances of battle and motives to go on an unprecedented feat, immortalized his name:

. "On the night of Aug. 7, when the Nazi bombers tried to break through to Moscow, I ordered commanders took off on his fighter
. Having come from the moon, I began to seek out enemy aircraft and at an altitude of 4800 meters saw "heykel-111". It flew over me and was heading to Moscow. I stopped him in the tail and attacked. I managed to incite the right engine bomber. The enemy is spun around, changed course and flew back with a reduction ...

Together with the enemy, I dropped to an altitude of approximately 2500 meters. And then I ran out of ammunition ... One thing remained - ram. "If I die, because one - I thought - and the fascists in four bomber". Having decided to cut the enemy's tail rotor, I became closely matches the. Here we share what some nine to ten meters. I see the enemy's armored belly of the aircraft.

At this time, let the enemy turn out heavy machine gun. Burned right hand. Just opened the throttle and not screw, but once all their vehicle rammed the enemy. There was a terrible crash. My "hawk" upside wheels. We had to quickly bail out by parachute.

About 800 meters Talalikhin flying leap protracted. And only when he heard the roar of the fall of his I-16, opened the parachute. Glancing down, he saw the torch in the sky arc docherchival protaranenny "Heinkel", as he finally fell to the ground. Some time later, the pilot safely down on a small lake under Podolsky. Hence, he got to his unit.

Morning Talalikhin with his friends visited the crash site bomber. Among the wreckage lay the bodies of Lieutenant Colonel was awarded the Iron Cross and three pilots.

On the same day the radio across the country heard the news of the feat Victor Talalikhina. In the metropolitan newspapers for August 9 was published, his portrait and the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the attribution of the brave pilot Hero of the Soviet Union.


. ---
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  • Insomnia for Talalikhin Viktor
  • Hero! what can you say! .. Such actions raise a wave of patriotism that is good
  • Blondino4ka for Talalikhin Viktor
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  • Igor for Talalikhin Viktor
  • It is not so ! He fell, not in the lake and the river "Severka" Domodedovo district, Moscow region. Lived 2 days, with villagers. Then mprishla cart and took him away. Aero regiment was stationed in the village Stepygino.
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