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TAMGIN Vladimir

( Hero of Russia)

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Biography TAMGIN Vladimir
photo TAMGIN Vladimir
(24. 9. 1974 - 9. 1. 2000)

T amgin Vladimir Alexandrovich - the youngest of weapons inspectors linear Department of the Interior the airport in Khabarovsk, a police sergeant. Born September 24, 1974 in the village Sе-abodka-Kukarskaya Kiev region (Ukraine). Russian. After high school he served in the Armed Forces in the Far East. Discharged from the Army in 1994 he entered the police station, in the linear Department of the Interior Khabarovsk airport. Became the youngest of weapons inspectors. In this position, served for five years. Was napralen on a mission to Chechnya, along with a composite regiment of militia from the Far ATC.

. Died Jan. 9, 2000 near the railway station of Argun in Chechnya.

. W tion of Hero of Russia Vladimir Aleksandrovich Tamginu posthumously awarded July 26, 2000.


January 9, 2000, everything was as usual, nothing is promised troubles
. Guarding the bridge across the turbulent river Argun carrying several policemen and a platoon of motorized rifle troops. They had two infantry fighting vehicles and T-72 tank. The morning of the protected object arrived Lieutenant Vinogradov, a sapper on the profession. He was to neutralize the two unexploded mines, plate stabilizers which protruded from the ground and are pretty bored soldiers guarding the bridge, had to constantly guard against, as it does not hurt them ... Especially at night.

Suddenly, from the railway station Argun heard frequent bursts of automatic fire, explosions. That meant one thing: in Argun was a fight! The platoon commander led personnel on alert and soon informed that the radio broadcast: gunmen attacked the station with superior forces, there is going to fight and we need reinforcements ...

Short it was a meeting of the two officers - army and militiamen. Figured how to be. Platoon said, the maximum than can be helped, it is temporarily diverted from the bridge is the only protection available to T-72 tank and one of the two BMP. Senior Group has become a police lieutenant Nikolay Vinogradov. With him went to the police sergeant Bugaev Tamgin.

Hurry. But when to Argun had no more than a mile, slowed down and walked cautiously. But the road was difficult - steep, is not viewed rotations. For one of them and proved to be an ambush.

Militants blow-propelled grenades suddenly, the first. Seriously damaged tank, he could not shoot, and backing, began to crawl in the direction whence they had just arrived. Policemen and two motorized infantry - crew BMP - tried to break through the fiery ambush. Retaliatory firing from the tower, because of the armor. It seemed just about had to rush. But at the decisive moment in the BMP got just two grenades. She lit. The car left the wounded: Vinogradov, Tamgin and Bugaev. Crawling, constantly changing position, began to break through in the direction of the station. But silent machine Bugaeva. On a voice he did not answer. Tamgin and Vinogradov continued to fight alone. Tightening the encirclement and withdraw them from it was impossible. Then, hidden behind the rocks, the police began to shoot for sure, save cartridges ...

How much time passed before they had ceased their machines? They say that about an hour ... In battle, it is a very long time. The bridge already knew about what had happened, sent by radio to headquarters and from there reported that comes to the rescue of increased unit. Unfortunately, the help was late. But those experienced fighters, who see the battlefield, and without words, it became clear as he passed. By placers cartridges, . of funnels with the bitter smell of smoke grenade exploded, . on numerous spots of blood on the dirty-white trampled snow, . of bits of bandages, . over the bodies of militants, . of riddled bodies of policemen recovered a cruel picture of the unequal battle ...,

. Taking up to the plate and bound the considerable body of fighters, militiamen actually plugged the road made it difficult to pass on its fighters in Argun and the side of it
. And so to a large extent helped to withstand scanty defenders station, his companions on the detachment of the Far East.

. Later, wounded and taken prisoner by Argun gunman told the interrogation of, . both fought near the burning BMP wounded policemen, . as the last of them, . spent all their ammunition, . rose, . all bloodied and with a knife in his hand, rushed into his last battle:,

. "He was a brave and frightening, your Russian ..
. If we, the soldiers Ichkeria, consider yourself brave sons of the wolf, then the Russian, who had gone for us, was like a bear! Then we came to him already slain, and each shot at him ... "(Judging by the description, it was Vladimir Tamgin.)

. The prisoner added: "We did not want to he is risen!"


. ---
. Sources:
. 1) Heroes of Russia Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Moscow 2002

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TAMGIN Vladimir, photo, biography
TAMGIN Vladimir, photo, biography TAMGIN Vladimir  Hero of Russia, photo, biography
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