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Biography TEPERIK Andrey
photo TEPERIK Andrey
(17. 5. 1972 - 5. 9. 1999)

T eperik Andrei - policeman-driver Lipetsk motorized platoons of riot police, senior police sergeant. Born May 17, 1972 in Lipetsk. Russian. In 1990 here finished vocational school and trained photographer. Emergency service in the Border in the North-West Frontier District. On service in bodies of internal affairs since 1995 - a policeman-driver motorized platoon Lipetsk riot. Double traveled on business trips to the North Caucasus.

. September 5, 1999 At a critical moment in the battle Novolakskiy diverted the main forces of the bandits themselves, the cost of their lives allowed wounded comrades away from the zone of fire and get to the shelter.

. The title of Hero of Russia Andrei Teperiku conferred posthumously on Oct. 22, 1999.


All hoped for a peaceful resolution of tensions, even though what happened in the early morning of September 5, 1999 in Novolakskiy, no surprise to anyone.

. It was no secret that in almost all areas of Dagestan bordering Chechnya accumulate militants
. Some villages in the south of Dagestan were captured by the Wahhabis. Capturing Human Settlements was held on the same scenario: the militants infiltrated into the territory of Dagestan disguised as civilians, to store weapons and ammunition to a pre-prepared fighting positions and anticipated areas of defense. Nevertheless, in rare calls home policemen soothed their relatives, said that the detachment Б•  challenge to participate in hostilities was not intended Б•L. They were supposed to provide practical assistance to local district department to resolve the purely police matters.

And then it was true. At that time there has not been fighting. However, the police were aware, . what, . in reserve Novolak police department, . performing the task of ensuring its security and business continuity, . in case of complications operational environment they will have to operate with weapons in hand, shoulder to shoulder with the Dagestani militia,
. Attack fighters will need to reflect.

. With this in mind, a company commander, Major Sergei Skovorodino police and organized service: a lack of cooperation and communication between the police department and the gym Culture House, where riot police were placed Lipetsk, defined guard posts and the secrets
. Of particular concern was the mosque, situated near to the House of Culture. The fears of some local residents confirmed. Most likely it by that time and focused editorial group of fighters, which was suddenly attacked on policemen in the police department and the gym, to destroy them or even block up the main body.

. It so happened that emerged to verify posts platoon commander Lieutenant Alexey Tokarev and physician detachment Lieutenant internal service Edward Belan first ran into an ambush
. All they had, and this was the most important - of the ambush to report to the detachment: Tokarev, was badly wounded, and Belan militants captured and brutally killed ... Thus began the battle.

The fact that the bandits fire concentrated on the main gym, is understandable. They needed to first destroy the riot police. By Dagestani policemen until they decided to show loyalty, while trying to save face Б•  Б•L liberators Caucasus. But as soon as the police department building and the House of Culture were blocked, could not resist the temptation. Police saw that the part of Chechnya began to drive up the machine, the bandits went home, took away the vending assets of villagers, especially the property of policemen, and loaded into trucks.

. And the police themselves, and Dagestan, and Lipetsk, found themselves in a situation in which our okazyvalispredstaviteli LAW ENFORCEMENT more than once in this region: because of the uncertain situation to intense fighting was not possible
. A fight against gangs operating guerrilla methods, it is difficult. There remains only one thing - to protect themselves and fought to break out of encirclement. In the village were local residents, and therefore lead to water on the left and right was not safe. We had only to answer queue queue or to lay a concrete surface grenade launcher when it detects enemy positions. In addition, the narrow winding streets, bushes, and private houses safely harbored the attackers.

Meanwhile, fire fighters continued unabated. Several grenades fired from grenade launchers, swept over the roof of the House of Culture and a hole in the wall gym, almost to the ceiling, showered homonym ant snowmobiling. While the grenades from the grenade launcher did not turn the grid on the windows in the mangled pieces of wire, they exploded without being inside the building. But soon there remained not only the nets, some places were planted even frame. Positive was that the massive walls sheltered from the bullets of small arms. Nevertheless, even in such a fortress among the riot police appeared wounded.

. As soon as the fire calmed down a bit and the militants dispersed settlement, the company commander Sergei dovetail with Andrew Teperikom secretly moved into the building of the police department, assessed the situation and decided to relocate all of his subordinates to go there
. Here were concentrated munitions, were located here and Dagestani policemen. Together, easier to organize all-round defense.

Discovering the movement of riot police, the militants with more fury poured their lead. Senior police sergeant Andrew Teperik covered actions comrades. Bursts he forced the militants to hide and their fire is draining. At the critical moment of battle, when a group of riot police injured, translated from the gym in the building Novolakskiy police department, the militants heavy fire forced them to pull over to the land. Senior police sergeant Andrew Teperik rose to his full height and sent the automatic queue on militants. Bandits moved to fire him, it was enough to riot police made it safely to the building. But the machine-gun burst Andrew Teperik was struck to death.

1) Heroes of Russia Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Moscow 2002

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TEPERIK Andrey, photo, biography
TEPERIK Andrey, photo, biography TEPERIK Andrey  Hero of Russia, photo, biography
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