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Tinkov Valery A.

( Hero of Russia)

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Biography Tinkov Valery A.
photo Tinkov Valery A.
(12. 11. 1957 - 1. 5. 1995)

T inkov Valery A. - Head of the Center for Internal Affairs, Moscow region, police Major. Born November 12, 1957 in the village becomes Stanovlyanskij district of Lipetsk region. Russian. Graduated from the Moscow Aviation Technical. In 1983, hired by the internal affairs bodies. From 1986 - Office of Inspector Personnel Mosoblispolkoma police department, senior lecturer of the Center for Internal Affairs, Moscow Region, Head of Performance and training of the Criminal Code glavka. Since 1992 - deputy commander of the Moscow suburb militia regiment for special purpose, 1993 - Commander of the OMON police department of Moscow region. On August 3, 1994 - Head of the Center for Internal Affairs of Moscow region.

. In April 1995, Valery A. voluntarily went to Chechnya to participate in the restoration of constitutional order and headed a militia regiment near Moscow special purpose
. Died May 1, 1995.

. W tion Tinkova Hero of Russia Valery A. posthumously awarded July 21, 1995.

. Currently Internal Affairs Training Center, Moscow region, which was led by Police Major Valery A. Tinkov, bears his name
. In honor of the Hero is named one of the streets of the city can see (Moscow region).


In 1993, Tinkoff went to perform specific tasks in the zone of the Ossetian-Ingush conflict, where he headed a consolidated brigade MIA Russia
. Б∙  Medal for Distinguished Service to the Public Order Б∙╘ Valery A. was awarded for, . in combat conditions was able to organize and successfully conduct a number of complex operations to curb subversive activities of extremist groups.,

. In April 1995, Valery A. voluntarily went to Chechnya, headed the detachment near Moscow riot
. Along with the protection of areas and curfews service at checkpoints, . fighters near Moscow, in cooperation with units of the Interior Troops of the MIA of Russia and the Ministry of Defense participated in combat operations to liberate Samashki, . Achkhoi-Martan, . Bamut, . Gudermes and Shali.,

. When in early April, struck up a night battle for the village of Samashki, . Militia Major Valery Tinkov, . acting battalion brigade sofrinskoy Interior Troops, . raised in the attack an assault group, . destroyed by grenade and machine-gun crew, . than to ensure a favorable outcome of the battle,
. And though the commander had received shrapnel wounds to the face and arm, but did not come out of the battle. Then the police detained 19 militants, but the commander sofrintsev police major, presented the Order of Courage.

April 14 is extremely difficult for the federal forces was the battle for the town Bamut. Major Tinkov with subordinate captured a stronghold of militants and blew up an ammunition dump. And then entrenched at this important tactical adjustment, detachment near Moscow police for five hours reflect the fierce attacks of bandits, provided effective fire support to attacking units of Interior Ministry troops.

. Late on 1 May, 1995 summarized the column under the command of Tinkova V A at the entrance to Grozny was subjected to a sudden attack from ambush
. Immediately were hit head-armored vehicle and trailing. Once in the grip Б∙  Б∙╘, column lost the opportunity to maneuver and caught in the crossfire of small arms and grenades. Summoning radioed reinforcements Tinkov VA. decided to join the fight and organized defense. Under heavy fire, he calmly and clearly directs the actions of personnel.

In an effort to minimize the losses were spread under the guise of technical men of the detachment, all available forces to fend off dudaevtsev. Soon the situation is stable: the move to crush and destroy the gangsters column failed. They intensified the fire of snipers. At one point in the battle Tinkov VA. was fatally shot in the head the sniper bullet. Came to the rescue reinforcement militants were repulsed and scattered. Due to high professionalism, fearless and decisive command, the cost of their lives Tinkov In. A. prevent the loss of unit.

1) Heroes of Russia Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Moscow 2002

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  • good trash-dead litter
  • Alexander for Tinkov Valery A.
  • A good man was
  • passers for Tinkov Valery A.
  • Bandits: this man - Hero of Russia, his name is given to street and school, his children and grandchildren will be proud of them! And who remembers the good word of you??
  • Anastasia for Tinkov Valery A.
  • This is a real man, but like you, just rubbish!
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    Tinkov Valery A., photo, biography
    Tinkov Valery A., photo, biography Tinkov Valery A.  Hero of Russia, photo, biography
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