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Totmina Nikolai Yakovlevich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Totmina Nikolai Yakovlevich
photo Totmina Nikolai Yakovlevich
(19. 12. 1919 - 23. 10. 1942)

T otmin Nikolay Yakovlevich pilot istrebitelskogo 158 th Aviation Regiment (39 th Fighter Division, Northern Front) - Sergeant. Born December 19, 1919 in the village of Ust-Yarul now Irbeyskogo district of the Krasnoyarsk Krai in a peasant family. Russian. He graduated from the 7 classes of schools, 2 course Kan agricultural technical and flying club. He worked on the farm. In the Red Army from 1939. In 1940 he graduated from Bataisk military aviation school pilots name of AK Serov. He served in the 15 th Fighter Aviation Regiment.

Member of the Great Patriotic War from June 1941. Total made 63 sorties, shot down in person 2 (1 - a battering ram) enemy planes. Awarded the Order of Lenin.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union sergeant Nikolai Yakovlevich Totmina awarded July 22, 1941 for the world's first head-ramming enemy aircraft.

. With tarshy Lieutenant Totmina N.YA
. Killed in a group air combat on Oct. 23, 1942 from 18 km north of the city Tosno. His plane crashed into a swamp in the occupied territory. In Ust-Yarule a memorial plaque. In the name of Hero of the streets were named in Krasnoyarsk, Ust-Yarule and in the village Irbeyskoe, Pioneer squad of high school, where he studied Totmina.

By omsomolets Totmina N.YA. morning, July 4, 1941 first took off on I-16 fighters to repel enemy air raids on the airfield Rozhkopole. Once at altitude, he found 8 bomber Ju-88, which already went into the attack on the aircraft parking. Totmina threw them across the path and the first attack knocked out the lead. Story Junkers "collapsed. Continuing the attack, arson Totmina second and wanted him to finish, but at that time appeared from behind escort Me-109. Leaving the damaged bomber Totmina turned around and went to the frontal attack. At the last moment a fascist like unscrew the side, but Totmina, tilting his fighter wing cut off the plane "Messerschmitt". He, tumbling, fell on the outskirts of the airfield and burned. From the impact of I-16 lost control and went into a tailspin. Totmina tried to jump out, but the flow of air prevented this. Then he threw his hands canopy over the side and he pulled it out of the cab at a height of 50 m.

. July 20, 1941 shot down another enemy aircraft.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
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Totmina Nikolai Yakovlevich, photo, biography
Totmina Nikolai Yakovlevich, photo, biography Totmina Nikolai Yakovlevich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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