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Ivan Fyodorov

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Ivan Fyodorov
photo Ivan Fyodorov
(21. 9. 1920 - 28. 8. 2000)

F ROAR Ivan Squadron 812 th Fighter Regiment (1-Air Army, the 3rd Belorussian Front), Senior Lieutenant. Born September 21, 1920 in the village now Dube Cymric district of Tver region in a peasant family. Russian. Member of the CPSU since 1943. Graduated from the 7 classes and flying club. He studied at the Moscow College sports. He worked as a teacher in school. In the Red Army in 1940. Graduated 1 st Kachin Red Banner military aviation school pilots the AF Myasnikov in 1941. He served in the Far East in the 307 th Fighter Aviation Regiment (29 th Fighter Division). He flew on the I-153. In December 1942, as part of the squadron transferred to the 812 th Fighter Regiment (265 th Fighter Division, 3rd Fighter Air Corps). After retraining at the airfield Baga-Baranovka (Saratov region) at the Yak-1 regiment in the middle of April 1943 flew to the front. Fighting through Sergeant Fedorov opened on April 20, knocking over the "Little Land" Me-109. By August 1944, made 285 sorties, 62 air battles personally shot down 24 enemy aircraft and 9 destroyed on the ground. At the end of the war Captain Fedorov had fought on the fighter Yak-3. Liberating Poland, participated in the Berlin offensive. His final victory was won on the night of April 21, 1945, shooting down a FW-190D over the crossing over the Oder. Altogether during the war, made 416 sorties (of which Б+T 180 for exploration and 84 Б+T to attack), in 106 air battles personally shot down 36 (1 battering ram) and in group 1 enemy plane, another 9 aircraft destroyed on the ground.

. Fter the war he served in the Army Air Defense
. In 1952 he graduated from the Red Banner Air Force Academy. Since 1978, Major General Aviation Fedorov Б+T in Stock. He lived in the city of Cherkassy. Led Cherkasky Provincial Committee DOSAAF. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, 5 orders of the Red Banner, Order of Alexander Nevsky, World War 1 and 2 degrees, 2 orders of Red Star, Order of Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces "3 degrees, medals. Died Aug. 28, 2000.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Ivan Vasilyevich Fyodorov was awarded on Oct. 26, 1944.


A etchik 2 nd Squadron 812 th Fighter Regiment (4 th Air Army, the North-Caucasian Front) Fedorov Sergeant I.V
. May 10, 1943 flew to the Yak-1B (side. Б•¬ 100) consisting of six villages in the district Abinskaya Krasnodar Territory. Rescued his comrades, joined the battle immediately with six fighters Me-109. He managed to go to the tail of a "Messerschmitt" and long lines to incite. Then knocked the second. But this time he attacked a third enemy fighter. Fedorov evaded the attack and was near the tail of another "Messerschmitt". He pulled the trigger, but quickly ran out of ammo. At this time, it again attacked the enemy, and again he skillfully evaded the attack. But the enemy continued to attack. One "Messerschmitt" replaced each. Soon the Nazis realized that Fedorov is nothing to shoot, and started to act bolder. While one pair of attacks, the second stands in a circle and waits for his turn. Soon after the plane caught fire Fedorova, and he was wounded. Then he sent his fighter to intercept the pair, who was in turns. One of the Nazis tried to turn away, putting the plane from left to right superelevation. At some point, Me-109 froze on the spot. This advantage Fedorov. The left wing of a fighter he struck the cabin "Messerschmitt". Both aircraft began to fall. Fedorov landed by parachute. For his heroism was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War of 2 degrees.

In this in the Kuban destroyed 6 enemy aircraft (4 Me-109, Ju-87 and FW-189), for which he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. Autumn of 1943, fought on the Yak-9T in the sky Ukraine. He flew to "sweep", shot down another 8 enemy aircraft. Later served in the reconnaissance flights of Yak-9D (sometimes 2-3 per day). In 1944 he released the Crimea, and then fought in the skies Belarus. August 16 in the Vitebsk was one to 12, FW-190. The enemy tried to put the Yak-9P, but it knocked out one Focke-Wulf Б•  Б•L, Fedorov managed to escape and returned unharmed to their base.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
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    Ivan Fyodorov, photo, biography
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