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Khlobystov Alex Stepanovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Khlobystov Alex Stepanovich
photo Khlobystov Alex Stepanovich
(23. 2. 1918 - 13. 12. 1943)

X lobystov Alex Stepanovich, commander of the 20-th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (1-Mixed Air Division, Air Force 14, Army, Karelian Front) Guard lieutenant. Born February 23, 1918 in the village Zakharova (now the village Elino Zakharovskij region Ryazan region) in a peasant family. Russian. Member of the CPSU (b) to April 1942. He graduated from the 7 classes of junior high school. After his father moved to his sister in Moscow. Apprentice electrician at Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant. Then he worked in the Institute of metallurgical machinery and simultaneously studied at the Ukhtomskiy flying club. In the Red Army from 1939. In 1941 he graduated from the 1-S Kachin Red Banner military aviation school pilots the AF Myasnikov. On the Great Patriotic War from the first day. He fought in the Karelian Isthmus. Fighting account was opened June 28, 1941, destroying the dive bomber Ju-87. Fall of 1941 in a dogfight shot down his fourth plane, but he himself was forced to sit on the tops of the pines. Months in hospital. Awarded the Order of the Red Banner. Then he fought on the Volkhov Front. In January 1942, arrived in the 147 th Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Karelian Front.

Guard Captain Khlobystov A.S. Killed in aerial combat on Dec. 13, 1943. By this time he made 335 sorties, shot down 7 enemy aircraft in person and 24 in group fight. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, 2 orders of the Red Banner, medals. In the name of Hero of the street named in Murmansk and in the Volgograd region of Moscow, sea fishing vessel, Pioneer squads. On the territory of the Institute, where he worked Khlobystov, erected a bust. The shop Karacharovsky mechanical plant a memorial plaque.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Alexei Stepanovich Khlobystov awarded June 6, 1942.


At first the enemy Khlobystov had met already on the sixth day of war
. He was patrolling near the frontline. The weather was clear and sunny, visibility, as it was experienced pilots, a million to one million. Suddenly, instinctively glancing to the right, where a few seconds ago the sky was absolutely deserted, he suddenly saw a little to the side and below a lone Junkers Б-= Бv=. Б-= Бv= Junkers slowly and confidently walked over our positions, looking for, presumably, the purpose more impressive and pouyazvimee.

. Departure for the exploration or patrols, Alex, as a military pilot, knew that could meet the enemy, moreover, seeking a meeting
. But no one knows whence the undertaken Junkers Б-= Бv= Б-= issued with chicken legs Бv= (a dive bomber Ju-87 fixed gear) plunged him pause - he did not think that the encounter with the enemy this way, one on one. The excitement soon passed, . well-trained professionals have praised the brain perfect position to attack, . conscious, . if on the blackboard, . erupted many times heard the word Instructor: Б-= Dovorot, . gas, . convergence, . sight - turn! Бv= He dovernul, . pulled the throttle all the way, . threw the car forward and down, . and simultaneously struck a long queue sighting,
. Junkers Б-= Бv= clearly shuddered, swayed, puffed, and immediately fell into a tailspin. Apparently, Alex outright killing the pilot.

E sche one meeting a. Khlobystova with a fascist lover solitary hunting. Coincidentally it was also quietly wandering over our troops Б-= Бv= Junkers. Khlobystov decided to put him on our aerodrom.Gitlerovets ably, but slowly (speed any comparison with the Soviet Б-= Бv= hawks did not go) astray, and Alex brief fire intermittently as a warning. Soon the Germans realized that he was under the gun and can expect a fateful turn at any second. He understood and intentions of the Soviet pilot. Reflection, perhaps, what to choose - death or captivity - he chose the latter and took the plane to land. After that incident, a Soviet pilot was awarded the Order of the Red Star!

April 8, 1942 by Alexei Stepanovich accepted as a member of the CPSU (b). During the meeting, received an order for take-off. Air warning found a large group of enemy planes on their way to Murmansk. On the interception was raised six fighters P-40 "Tomahok-IIB" under the command of Captain Guard Pozdnyakova A.P. In the area of the village Restikent our pilots found 15 bomber Ju-87 fighters under the cover of 5 Me-110. Ensued hard dogfight. During the battle plane Guard lieutenant Fateeva I.D. was attacked "Messerschmitt". He came to the aid of pilots Bychkov EM. and Semenkov V.R. Fleeing from their machine-gun fire, the Germans turned away and faced Khlobystova. Time was not aiming at. Not wanting to miss a nazi unscathed, he left the plane of his plane struck the tail "Messerschmitt". He lost control, crashed into a hill. Then fire from airborne weapons Khlobystov shot down another aircraft. Soon the Germans came reinforcements: 8 "Messerschmitt". At the critical moment of the battle to ram went to the captain Pozdnyakov and thus lost. Wanting to avenge their commander, Khlobystov made friends in head-on attack with two "Messerschmitt" and again applied the ram, hitting one of them left the plane. To damage the plane have lasted barely managed to its airport and safely landed.

. May 14, 1942 Guard Lieutenant Khlobystov flew in a group of fighters to repel enemy air raids on Murmansk
. In the first minutes of battle he was wounded in the arm and leg. Puffed and immediately broke the motor. Sharp maneuver Khlobystov tried to knock down the flames, but to no avail. Noticing that the aircraft captain Solomon VD. Attacks Me-109, dovernul his aircraft, increased gas and ramming attack destroyed the enemy. The blow Khlobystova thrown from the cab through the open lamp. Losing consciousness, he managed to open the parachute.

Fter this victory a long time he spent in the hospital, the same learned about assigning him the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. By the time Alex has made 266 sorties, conducted 16 air combat, shot down 4 planes in person and 6 in group. After the hospital he was sent to Moscow - medical treatment and rest in a sanatorium Air. After handing in the Kremlin, the Golden Star and the Order of Lenin, Khlobystov given some time off to travel home.

Soon he returned to the front. December 13, 1943, Squadron Commander of the 20 th GvIAP Captain A. Khlobystov, died a reconnaissance flight over the territory still occupied by the enemy.

Ground forces observed in the fall of his airplane a powerful explosion and large fire. It is possible that his last flight, the pilot completed the fourth battering ram - fiery.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
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Khlobystov Alex Stepanovich, photo, biography
Khlobystov Alex Stepanovich, photo, biography Khlobystov Alex Stepanovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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