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( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography HOLZUNOV Alexey
photo HOLZUNOV Alexey
(31. 1. 1919 - 7. 3. 1943)

And Alexis I. Holzunov, Guard lieutenant, deputy commander of a squadron of 32-th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Red. Born January 31, 1919 in a. Lada Balashov, Saratov region oblasti.Russky. After the 24-th train school he worked as a fitter at the factory "Sickle and Hammer", while he studied at the flying club. In 1938 he was adopted by Engels Military Aviation School.

In the summer of 1939 Khalkhin Gol participated in the battles against the Japanese. During the Great Patriotic War, from its beginning until his death, he fought on the Volkhov, Stalingrad, the Don, South-Western and Kalinin Fronts. Double shot. For military distinction was awarded two Orders of Red Banner (1942, 1943) and the medal "For Defense of Stalingrad.

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union Alexei Ivanovich Holzunovu awarded May 1, 1943 over 265 successful sorties, 87 air battles, personally shot down 12 enemy planes.

. March 7, 1943 Lieutenant Holzunov not returned from a mission of exploration of the enemy in the area Yartsevo
. Later it was found that the pilot was shot down by enemy fighters over the temporarily occupied territory. Local residents, he was picked up and buried in the village of Petrov Smolensk region.

In aerial combat Holzunov his example was brought up by his subordinates courage, bravery, a desire to defeat the enemy. Especially, he distinguished himself in November 1941 in repelling the enemy offensive in the areas of Malaya. Vishery and Tikhvin. Two weeks of fierce fighting, he flew 22 sorties to attack the enemy and cover for their troops.

November 7, 1941 in the management Holzunov flew to escort bombers. Under enemy fire, the pilots had crossed the front line and at a ferry across the river Volkhov found columns of the Spanish "Blue Division". With bombers rained bombs. The Germans rushed about from side to side. On the road caught fire trucks and tanks. Holzunov down and fire from machine guns to destroy a group of infantry.

Completing the task, the aircraft fell on the opposite course. At this time of Novgorod appeared five "Messerschmitt". Three Soviet fighters rushed to the enemy. Dogfight ensued. One of the enemy aircraft went into a tail "gull" flight commander Lt. Kozlova. Inspired by the attack of another "Messer", Kozlov did not notice the danger. The pilot threatened with death. But in those few seconds to help the commander hastened Holzunov. He went into a tail fighter and pulled the trigger yes. Aflame "Messer" hit the ground. Remaining Nazi planes, losing the lead, cowardly fled to the west.

When in the vicinity of the Little Vishery fighters caught up with their "wards", Holzunov said on the sidelines of an enemy spy. It was "Focke-Wulf-189" - "frame" as it was called the soldiers. Alex asked permission to attack the commander. Receiving it, he developed a maximum speed, climbed in altitude, then made friends with the enemy and let the length of bursts. Bullets ended. Fortunately, the bullet ended up in gas tank, and "frame" exploded which spread apart.

In autumn 1942 the farmers of the village Lada their funds bought fighter jets, and handed him over to Alexei Holzunovu, who fought at the time of Stalingrad. By car, his fellow villagers brave pilots shot down seven Nazi planes.

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2) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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HOLZUNOV Alexey, photo, biography
HOLZUNOV Alexey, photo, biography HOLZUNOV Alexey  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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