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HOMRACH Vladimir Gavrilovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography HOMRACH Vladimir Gavrilovich
photo HOMRACH Vladimir Gavrilovich
(13. 4. 1920 - 10. 10. 1994)

X marred by Vladimir Gavrilovich - Commander of the detachment 239 Guards Rifle Regiment (76 Guards Rifle Division, 1 st Belorussian Front) Guard Sergeant. Born April 13, 1920 in the city of Ussuriysk Primorsky Territory Domestic teacher. Russian. After the 7 classes, in 1935, got a student the seller until May 1941 and worked as a salesman, store manager, Commercial Inspector ?? ?? Voroshilovtorga in Voroshilov, Primorsky Krai.

. In May 1941, was drafted into the army until January 1943 the Red Army 557 separate construction battalion of the Military Construction Directorate in Khabarovsk
. From January 1943 to March 1943, the Red Army Reserve 154 Construction Regiment, 5 Auxiliary Army Corps, Mr.. Spassk-Far, Primorsky Krai. From March 1943 to July 1943, 78 cadet training Mortar Regiment, 10 th Training Brigade Ivanovo, Moscow Military District.

H as the Great Patriotic War in July 1943. Guard Sergeant Xomrach in a battle near the village of Kuvechti (Repkinsky rn Chernigov, area) was fascinated by soldiers in bayonet attack, inflicting heavy losses in manpower. On the night of September 28, 1943 near the village of Capes of the same area one of the first crossed the Dnieper and burst into the enemy's trenches. He was wounded but continued to fight.

. From October 1943 to May 1944 was treated in the base hospital 1740 city of Ufa.

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Gavrilovich Homrachu awarded on Jan. 15, 1944.

. Immediately after the hospital went to Moscow and 12 May 1944 in the Kremlin, he was awarded the Gold Star Medal of Hero of the Soviet Union 3562, Order of Lenin 18233 and a diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 4272.

. Immediately after the awarding of May 1945 left to study in Moscow in small arms and mortar college
. From May 1945 to August 1946, cadet rear of the infantry school, Mr.. Skopin, Moscow Region. After graduating from college was deputy chief of the gates, the secretary of the Party bureau chief of the gates, the security officer, Art. security officer, a senior border guard detachment of 86 troops of the MVD city of Brest.

From November 1958 to September 1960 ? Training in the Military Institute of the KGB. From September 1960 to August 1961 ? Graduate School of the KGB of the USSR. From August 1961 to November 1967 The Chief ? 31 KGB border guard detachment of Chernovtsy. Since November 1967 ? Chief of Staff of the Western Border District. May 8, 1970 Homrachu VG. awarded the rank of colonel. January 7, 1973 transferred to the reserve with the right to wear military uniforms. He lived in Kiev. From December 1973 to December 1984 worked as Art. engineer production and technical department Ukrglavkonditera ?? ?? minpischeproma UkrSSR Kiev city. Since December 1984 ? pensioner. Since October 1986 ? pensioner union values.

Died Oct. 10, 1994. He was buried in Kiev.

He was awarded the Order of Lenin ( 18233), the Order of Patriotic War I degree (1985 492523), Order of the Red Star ( 3720002), medals.

In that telling of May 9, 1947, Mr.. the newspaper on the way Stalin ?? ?? witness the crossing of the Dnieper Lieutenant Popov: ... A cold wind of the September. The air was like a particularly transparent, as if the glass. The fields, recently watered with blood, the dew falls.

The headquarters in strict confidence preparing plans to force the Dnieper. When, where and who was the first start this large and complex operation remained secret ??. But every soldier was ready to rush to the enemy. In the dugout became connected to the company commander, who reported that the commander of a platoon sergeant Homrach called to the battalion command.

. The regimental commander, who was at the command post of the battalion commander, said that the regiment would force the Dnieper.

. ?? your battalion ordered to cross the first, ?? said the regimental commander
. ?? And you and your platoon of the very first bursts into the trenches of the enemy and will hold them until the units of battalion and regiment.

?? Remember, Comrade Sergeant, with the beginning of the crossing pa western shore of the return journey you do not. Clearly? ?? imperious voice, "said the colonel.

?? Yes, ?? said Sergeant Homrach, ?? clear. Not be going back, but he did not need us, ?? high tone of the speech uttered the last words Homrach.

. The battalion commander then further explained the problem we faced platoon Homrach, procedure and means of crossing to the opposite shore.

. On the night of September 28, quietly clapped oars
. On fishing boats platoon sergeant Homrach began crossing over the Dnieper. The Germans, seeing the Soviet boats on the water, opened heavy fire. The rain of artillery shells intercepted the brave soldiers. Zarya fire flared up and covered half the sky. So light, like a day.

?? Hot was the night, ?? says Comrade. Homrach. ?? seemed to boil water in the Dnieper. But the high sense of responsibility for carrying out a military order, a burning hatred for the enemy infused courage and strength to each of us fought for our beloved motherland, who was walking in a battle with the name of Stalin on their lips.

But the fire verse. Again darkness enveloped the Dnieper and its shores. The Germans, confident that all our boats sunk, to feel safe. However, it was not so. The boat, which was led by Sergeant Homrach, sailed down the river. Keeping silence, the men landed on the enemy coast.

There were four. Four Soviet soldiers against the company, and maybe more! But no time to ponder. In this case, the success solves the speed and suddenness. Breaking up one by one, four brave men from different directions of the enemy threw grenades and shouting Hurray! ? broke into his trench.

. The Germans, stunned by the sudden raid, fled in panic.

. Loud ? Ur was the signal for the crossing of other units of the battalion
. And after the battalion and the regiment began to cross the Dnieper. The success of the crossing has contributed significantly to a brave and courageous povodenie Soviet soldiers under the command of Sergeant Homrach, entrenched on the right bank.

Biography provided by Alexander Fugolevym

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) awards list

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HOMRACH Vladimir Gavrilovich, photo, biography
HOMRACH Vladimir Gavrilovich, photo, biography HOMRACH Vladimir Gavrilovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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