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Chernyakhovskaya Ivan Danilovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Chernyakhovskaya Ivan Danilovich
photo Chernyakhovskaya Ivan Danilovich
(29. 6. 1906 - 18. 2. 1945)

W ernyahovsky Ivan Danilovich, Lieutenant-General was born in June 29, 1906 in Ukraine in the city of Uman, Cherkasy region in the family of the railway. By nationality Ukrainian. In the Soviet Army in 1924. Member of the CPSU since 1928. In the same year he graduated from the artillery school in Kiev, and in 1936, the Military Academy of Mechanization and Motorization of the Red Army.

During the Great Patriotic War, commanded 28 Panzer Division (in December 1941. regrouped in the 241 th Infantry Division), then 18 Panzer Corps (June Б+T July 1942). Since July 1942. Commander of the 60 th Army, from April 1944. the Western Front, but after renaming Б+T 3rd Belorussian Front (April 1944). Troops under the command of Cherniahovskogo operated successfully in the fighting south-west of Siauliai, . on the Western Dvina, . under Soltsy and Novgorod (1941), . in Voronezh-Kastornoye operation, . Battle of Kursk, . in crossing the rivers Desna and Dnepr, . in Kiev, . Zhitomir-Berdichevsky, . Rivne-Lutsk, . Proskurovo-Chernivtsi, . Belarus, . Vilnius, . Kaunas, . Memele, . Gumbinnenskoy and East Prussian operation,
. February 18, 1945, Mr.. Chernyakhovsky was mortally wounded in the region r. Melzak (now Poland).

H agrazhden the Order of Lenin, 4 orders of the Red Banner, 2 orders of Suvorov 1-st degree, Order of Kutuzov 1-st degree of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, 1-st degree. In recognition of the merits of the Army General I.D. Cherniahovskogo in the release of the Lithuanian SSR from the Nazis in Vilnius, he erected a monument (on the current situation I do not know. Ed). City Insterburg renamed Kaliningrad in Chernyahovsk.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Chernyakhovskiy Ivan Danilovich awarded Oct. 17, 1943.

. In the Torah the Gold Star Medal "awarded July 29, 1944.

. In the June 1941 battle with the Nazis Chernyakhovskii colonel commanded a tank division, which is already famous for the amazing fortitude, discipline, cohesion, its fighters
. In his last battle - in February 1945, Army General Ivan Danilovich Chernyakhovskii commanded the forces of the 3rd Belorussian Front. His biography of commander clearly reflects the growth of the commanding personnel of the Soviet Army. Tridtsatidevyatiletny front commander, successfully combines the rapidity and daring young man with wise experience of command, with extensive military knowledge. He did not know fear in the fight against the enemies of the Fatherland. His actions and decisions were bold and audacious, but they always present rigorous calculation and caution, the collective experience and a thorough study of the successes and failures. Ivan Danilovich painstakingly worked on the preparation of each transaction. He put them in the new, that were born in battle, he was fine tuning every detail.
. Chernyakhovsky just stared into the face of danger, he did not fear the enemy, but does not despise them, and patiently studied the habits of the wolf and the Nazis inflicted swift blows to the most sensitive places in the most unexpected time
. Germans followed Chernyakhovsky. And there, where he appeared with his eagles, the enemy immediately perfected and further strengthened its defenses. Military talent Ivan Danilovich bloomed in the battles for the liberation of Ukraine and Belarus, in the preparation of a brilliant operation to defeat the enemy in East Prussia where a soldier and died a heroic death on the front lines.
. Ivan Danilovich never honestly not going to compromise on the evaluation of people, their actions
. He was a communist uncompromising, humanly sensitive. The division headquarters, which defended Novgorod on foot, he was given a testimonial on the commander of 2-Tank Battalion Alekseeva. Chernyakhovskii agreed with her. Yes, . Captain Alekseev - fearless, . Smart Commander, . , praised it and immediately thought of those, . who are poorly served his military duty .- But why do we, . do not talk honestly and directly about the bad commanders, . such as the commander of the 3rd Tank Battalion? "And Chernyakhovskii with all sincerity said:" This - alarmist and a coward! ",
. Already in heavy defensive battles Ivan Danipovich meticulously studied the enemy, his tactics and experience of our soldiers and boldly applied the new that is born of military life
. He belonged to the glorious constellation of Soviet soldiers who brought up the party, who were not lost in the face of any enemy, but exhausting and depleting it and the first day of the war prepared the defeat of Hitler's army.
. Fighting the way the general lay of the active region sovetko-Germanic Front
. It is marked by talented operations from Voronezh to Ternopil, from Orsha to Koenigsberg.
Self-control and tremendous will all distinguished Ivan Danilovich. February 13, 1945 our troops resumed the offensive in East Prussia. In one of the houses of the city Shgalunenen located observation point Commander. Heavy fog prevented monitor operations. Ivan Danilovich worried, but outwardly calm and collected. Staying on the roof of the house is useless, and all go down. Chernyakhovskii now and then to the window. Some fifty meters from the house grows tall tree: the top of it appears and disappears into the fog creeping. The commander monitors the density of the fog, he was all there, with his soldiers, leading the fire fight. Chernyakhovsky worry, but to hide it and not sow nervousness in subordinates, between this and casually talking about the merits of the novel by Mikhail Sholokhov, And Quiet Flows the Don ".

. On three sides Cherniahovskogo troops fought their way to Koenigsberg
. On the morning of February 18, Ivan Danilovich went to the left flank of the front to check the preparation of parts prior to the destruction of the encircled enemy. It was in the area Melezaka, in East Prussia. "We have already traveled area, front - the driver told the commander, - and he could not get enough. He Ivan Danilovich, such that climbs up & each dugout, each trench. They returned to the camouflaged car and drove. At the front, quietly. Suddenly, from behind broken shell. Shrapnel pierces the body and seriously hurt the team. "
- Is that all? Am I dead? - Said Ivan Danilovich and lost consciousness.

P Anenii was serious, the doctors could not save Cherniahovskogo. February 18, 1945 of a talented military leader, a Communist-Leninist not become. He was killed in combat, as soldiers.

. And for you and for me
. He did everything he could.
. Himself in battle is not sorry
. A home saved.

Peter Nikitin

. ---
. Sources:
. 1) People of the immortal exploits
. Moscow submarine v.2 1975

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Chernyakhovskaya Ivan Danilovich, photo, biography
Chernyakhovskaya Ivan Danilovich, photo, biography Chernyakhovskaya Ivan Danilovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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