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Chirkin Pavel Ivanovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Chirkin Pavel Ivanovich
photo Chirkin Pavel Ivanovich
(1914 - 2. 2. 1943)

P Ivanovich Abel Chirkin, lieutenant, commander of the T-34 243rd Tank Regiment, was born in 1914 in a. Podgornoe (ex. Durnikino) Romanovsky District, Saratov Region. Russian. He graduated from the seven-year school in Saratov and fire-technical school MIA. In the Red Army, he served from 1935 to 1937. On the eve of World War II worked as an assistant chief of the fire brigade in the working village Balanda.

In June 1941, was mobilized into the army. After studying at the tank school was promoted to lieutenant and 16 December 1942 on the day of death - February 2, 1943 - fought in the South-Western Front. Took part in the counter-offensive at Stalingrad.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union Pavel Ivanovich Chirkin awarded posthumously April 17, 1943 for causing great damage to the enemy and for displaying valor and courage.


W Irkin fought with the Nazis, only half months, . but during this short period of its "Thirty" was fought more than 200 kilometers, . participated in the liberation of dozens of settlements Stalingrad and Rostov regions, . Hitler won over a series of brilliant victories.,

. January 29, 1943 Soviet forces resumed their offensive in the direction Voroshilovgrad
. Crew Lieutenant Chirkina first burst onto the front edge of enemy defenses. Skillfully maneuvering the tank, keenly watching the enemy, Chirkin accurate fire from the cannon and machine gun destroyed four guns, one vehicle, 10 wagons and about 25 enemy soldiers and officers. Actions of our tank tried to prevent heavy Nazi tank. In the ensuing fight won Chirkin. Two direct hits from enemy guns, he set fire to the car.

In the afternoon, while more hot battle, Chirkin showed resourcefulness and ingenuity. Above the battle area appeared enemy bombers. Germans from the ground allowed two white missiles, denoting its location. Chirkin in turn, also released two white rockets in the direction of a concentration of enemy infantry have taken refuge in the bush. The Nazi pilots got to trick and dropped bombs on the heads of their troops.

. Taking advantage of the confusion in the enemy camp, Chirkin boldly rushed into the enemy position and, together with the other two came to the rescue crews were forced to surrender the remnants of the infantry battalion, headed by a lieutenant colonel and two captains.

. However, the enemy fiercely resisted
. Thrown in fresh reserves arrived from the west, based on pre-prepared lines of defense, the Nazi command had made desperate attempts to halt the advance of Soviet troops. The fighting took a violent nature, were particularly dynamic. The Soviet soldiers, breaking the enemy's resistance, determined to move forward.

February 2, 1943 Lieutenant Chirkin and his crew made a daring raid on a convoy of the enemy. Fire and tracks he destroyed a car carrying ammunition and some hundreds of Nazi soldiers and officers. When run out of shells and machine-gun drives, Chirkin opened the hatch of the tank and shoot the Nazis from the gun. At this point, a brave officer was shot in the head. The tank came out of the battle. Bandaging the wound and replenished ammunition, the hero of the tanks again took his car into battle. Bursting at the height of 163,3, he opened the tank along the front and began "to iron" enemy trenches while shooting Nazis fire from guns and machine guns.

With the right suddenly opened fire and the enemy 75-millimeter cannon. In the tank one by one, hit two shells. Lieutenant Chirkin was killed, the other crew members were seriously injured.

. E that last for a brave tankman battle occurred in the village of Mityahine Upper Tarasovskoye district of Rostov region.

. ---
. Sources:
. 1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary
. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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Chirkin Pavel Ivanovich, photo, biography
Chirkin Pavel Ivanovich, photo, biography Chirkin Pavel Ivanovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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