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SHABALIN Alexander Osipovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography SHABALIN Alexander Osipovich
photo SHABALIN Alexander Osipovich
(4. 11. 1904 - 16. 1. 1982)

W abalin Alexander Osipovich commander of torpedo boat. Born November 4, 1914 in the village Yudmozero Onega, Arkhangelsk Oblast region into a peasant family. Russian by nationality. Member of the CPSU since 1943. In 1936, Alexander Osipovich Shabalin was drafted into the Soviet Army. During the Great Patriotic War, commanded a torpedo boat, and then a detachment of torpedo boats in the Northern and Baltic fleets. Sank a 32 (!) Warships and transports of the enemy with military supplies and troops. He was awarded many orders and medals.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" captain-Osipovich Shabalinu awarded on Feb. 22, 1944 for the exemplary performance of command assignments, . for courage and bravery.,

. In the Torah the Gold Star Medal "awarded November 5, 1944.

. Fter the war in 1951, he graduated from the Caspian Higher Naval School, and in 1955 - academic courses the officers at the Naval Academy
. Located on the responsible work in the ranks of the Navy. In 1969, AO. Shabalin rank of Rear-admiral of the fleet. The title of "Honorary Citizen of the city of Arkhangelsk" was awarded in 1978. The last years of his life in Leningrad, there and buried.

Died Jan. 16, 1982. Name of AO. Shabalina called the large landing ship of the Baltic Fleet, passenger ship of the Northern Fleet, the streets in many cities of the former Soviet Union.

T rety month of the war. Fighting near Odessa, Kiev, Vyazma ... The line of the front flank of the North found itself in the granite ridge Musta ridge, where the Marines holding back the onslaught of the German huntsmen. Reinforcements for his northern army "Norway" fascists relocating sea. Between ports Varde, Vadis, Petsamo, Kirkenes glide German convoys. But the link of the torpedo boats, which included Shabalin, have never been in. And here in the headquarters compound of torpedo boats received a report of our aerial reconnaissance ...

- Light and Shabalin! By Chief of Staff!

They walked quickly and silently, hoping, anticipating, but still not believing. However, when, rising to meet the chief of staff, said: "Comrade Commander, I beg to map", both completely understood: in front of the battle.

. Pencil Chief of Staff slowly glided along the light-blue field of nautical charts.

. - In a convoy of five pennants
. Three hours and twenty minutes ago he was here ...- pencil stopped at the toe Makkaur - now he's here. So the policy of Petsamo. Will you go alone. Lights - head. Attacking here ... What are you smiling, Shabalin? This is serious ...

- There is serious!

Sharply when the phone rang. Hearing the message, the Chief of Staff grimly hung up.

- An hour ago, the convoy went in the opposite direction ...

How strange? Surely will cancel out? Lights bit his lip. In the room there was silence. Shabalin looked at the map.

- Right! - He said suddenly. And quickly, as though fearing that suspicion, suddenly came to him, can just as suddenly slip, explained:

- They will wait for the night in the fjord. Coast with Rybachi their barge sank? Now the Germans want the dark past the battery to go ...

He paused and finished confidently:

- In the darkness the convoy moves on. Dangerous opponent will be expected from the sea. We're going to stand before press to the rocks, hit the shore ...

In 19 hours and 30 minutes away from the boat dock and disappeared over the horizon.

... The sea is calm, almost not breathing. Streaked with the white stripe in the moonlight ripples. This far, seaward. But here, under the shadow of the Cape High Krampenes, a few dozen meters from the Norwegian coast, at which have stalled engines, lurk two boats, the water appears black. Very quietly. Directly above the boats on the rocks - German posts. Somewhere nearby - the enemy battery.

- They're coming, Comrade Captain! Coming! - Whisper reported boatswain.

Shabalin raised his binoculars. The convoy was approaching. Ahead - destroyer. Behind him, settling in deep water, moving heavily loaded vehicles. Three patrol boats covered the transport by sea. From that moment being tough, was tense and dynamic. Bill went to the second. As decided by another bank, the first attack boat lurched Svetova. Shabalin lingered, determining which object he chose to attack.

"Clearly. There is on the destroyer. Hence, transport, my! "

Engines roared. Transportation began to grow rapidly, increasing in size. But the Nazis found a boat - First Light, and then Shabalina. Talked guns. They responded to heavy machine guns. Curved needles luminous trails crossed over the sea. Here they struck in the eye Shabalin. And he kept a boat forward.

- A little more, a little more ...

- Time!

The boat shuddered. Steel torpedo slid into the water. Shabalin abruptly changed course. Now the guns were beaten in the back.

- Zero Four. Zero Five. Zero six ...

And Shabalin, and the boatswain, shoot a machine gun, and minders in the hot compartment - all counted seconds, waited for the explosion. Has there been a torpedo goal? There will be a wasted all their efforts?

- Zero seven ... Zero eight ...

Yet the explosion appeared to surprise. Looking back, Shabalin saw sinking transport and two escort ships fascist, relentlessly pursuing boat. A few moments of the shell of one of the patrol exploded in the engine compartment. The boat slowed down sharply. Patrol began to approach, covering the boat with the two sides ...

. While minders, burning, repaired shattered oil line until both guns were arrayed snapped on patrol, Shabalin was not thinking about the first success and the possible loss, but only on the next maneuver
. The wounded boat to turn away from bursts of shells.

These were difficult moments. But not in vain Shabalin so insistently taught his minders, conducted dozens of training. When the patrol boat almost squeezed in a vise, damages were fixed. Shabalin gave "very full" - tossed boat forward, then turned sharply to the shore, in the shade, stalled motors. Nazi ships passed by ...

On the shore greeted with first victory. However, in the headquarters of the tactical parsing Shabalin said:

- I think that we acted not quite right. Go out into the attack to simultaneously both boats. For this purpose pre-allocate. Surprise - a formidable weapon!

... On the evening ktyabrskim two torpedo boats back out to sea. The lead was Shabalin. They went to "sweep". Stormy sea. The wind whipped by persons. Salt spray blinded my eyes. Shabalin led the boat into the Varanger Fjord, back to the shore of the enemy.

Pickups and two patrol found the enemy already on the way to Kirkenes. Taking into account the experience of the last battle, Shabalin previously distributed target. The first transport is attacking wingman. Shabalin goes to the second. Simultaneous Attack. Calculation - in reserve. Low speed to boats not betrayed himself roar of engines and clearly visible even at night with white foam behind.

And here are rising again, increasing in size, enemy ships, divided into strings of confusion rigging. At this time - a silent attack. The enemy does not see, does not notice. Shabalin summed up the boat to close quarters, a torpedo. Only when already slammed the explosion and enveloped by clouds of steam large, 6 thousand tons displacement, transport began to sink, the Nazis realized it, fumble with searchlights and opened fire. But it was too late ...

The suddenness, the exact calculation in conjunction with boldness become a hallmark of maritime attacks Shabalina. On his attacks started talking in the Navy, he has to learn from other commanders. The government awarded the Order of the officer Lenina.No Shabalin remained the same as it was known and loved comrades, - a simple, cheerful, sociable. Returning to base after a regular job, sparingly about himself, eagerly inquiring about the details of military successes friends.

Harsh "examinations" followed one after another. That Shabalov led his boat to the enemy coast, . depositing a divorce group for fortified and vigilantly guarded the shore, . then difficult storm conditions went with our boats and hunters to the bases of the enemy, . providing a statement of active minefields.,

. December 22, 1943, soon, our air reconnaissance had reported on enemy convoy
. In the convoy were only three of transport, but was guarded by 20 military units. Apparently, the goods have been particularly valuable.

In addition, the enemy chose to go to stormy weather, believing that the Soviet torpedo boats in such a wind and waves in the sea did not go.

But they came out ... The boat left the base last Shabalina. Alone, he fought his way through the storm, catching up with friends. And late.

In the square the alleged meeting with the enemy over the sea shells hanging lights, crossed the route of machine guns.

"Nothing, - he thought Shabalin, - now the main thing - to wait. This production is enough for our share. "

He took a boat to an advantageous position to attack, and slowed down. Fighting subsided. Extinguished flare projectiles. The darkness deepened again over the sea. Battered opponent, deciding that the most dangerous thing behind, began to align the system, go to the previous course.

And then roared Motors launches Shabalina. The rapid and irrepressible, he rushed to the enemy convoy. Two torpedoes aimed exactly at the target, struck fascist destroyer and patrol ... Two enemy warships sunk boat in one attack. It was from then on it was fixed for the name of "the master of the sea."

Link torpedo boats, commanded by Shabalin, found on the approach to Petsamo enemy convoy. Eight hunters covered two large transport - apparently, the cargo was very valuable. Acting covertly, this time it was not possible. But in fact, that the strength shabalinskih attacks, that they never built on the pattern at high speed Shabalin first left his boat to meet the caravan. White foam, demaskiruya boat fell astern. Machine guns boats hit tracer rounds at the enemy. A Shabalin this and wanted.

While the Germans were firing at yurkomu boats, other boats under the cover of the set Shabalin curtain closer to the convoy on the "pistol shot" and torpedoed two transport. This was shabalinsky style. Shabalin crept up to the caravan itself, repeating the call sign of a searchlight that signals from enemy ships, and while the German signalers were confused and disassembled, sent their enemy torpedo or, alternatively, sharply and stubbornly went ahead through a wall of fire. Sometimes, looking up from his pursuit, he squeezed all the power of the engines, but it happened that led away a boat directly to the enemy coast, under the fierce fire of the German coastal batteries. But there did not dare turn up pursuing Shabalina ships ..

. Each attack was creative, audacious and inspirational.

. W hen in February 1944, Captain-Lieutenant Alexander Shabalin was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, cutting his torpedo boat was listed number "7"
. Seven Nazi ships sent Shabalin at the bottom of the Barents Sea. Farther to the west pushed back the front line. The Soviet Army exorcising the enemy of the sacred limits of our land. In early October 1944 we began our assault on the North. Overcoming fierce enemy resistance, climbing on the icy cliffs Musta ridge, the Soviet forces pressed the enemy. To cut off the mountain rangers escape routes, it was decided to land in the harbor Liinakhamari landing.

Long narrow fjord. On its shores - the German batteries, floodlights.

Machine guns shoot the entire water surface ... Who will hold the fiery passage through the ships?

- Will Shabalin, - decided in the headquarters of the fleet.

Dark night, October 13, 1944 more than ten boats with paratroopers on board out of the base. At the head boat steering wheel tightly, stood Alexander Shabalin. Above Peninsula Fishing lightning blazed. Soviet Marines stormed the enemy.

The landing was discovered on the approach to Fjord. Floodlight slashed on the water, and she blushed bright blue light. Guns rumbled warningly. Shabalin maneuvered. Tearing himself away from the ring of spotlights, it avert a sharp left, right, and doggedly kept the boat at the depth of the fjord. Walking behind the boats easier: a smokescreen set Shabalin, concealing their movement ...

Broke into the harbor, Shabalin sent a boat to the pier, but changed his mind.

- No, to the pier should not be approached. The Nazis certainly mined it ...

Stem rustled on the ground. Marines quickly jumped into the water, hunched over, ran upstairs to meet machine guns. A Marine sniper, a remarkable Soviet sailor Shabalin again led his boat through the "fire corridor, loaded reinforcements, and again successfully broke through to Liinakhamari ...

T. Gaidar

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) People of the immortal exploits. Moscow submarine v.2 1975
3) Khametov MI. Light gold stars. Arkhangelsk: North-Zap.kn.izd, 1989

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SHABALIN Alexander Osipovich, photo, biography
SHABALIN Alexander Osipovich, photo, biography SHABALIN Alexander Osipovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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