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Selfish Valery

( Hero of Russia)

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Biography Selfish Valery
photo Selfish Valery
(1. 4. 1959 - 8. 3. 2000)

W smoky Valery Ivanovich - Deputy Chief SOBR management to combat organized crime in the police department of the Bryansk region - Captain. Born April 1, 1959 in the village Mikhaylovna Klintsy district of the Bryansk region. Russian. V1978 graduated Klintsy Textile College. Emergency service in the position of section leader. A year after the transfer to the reserve back into the army and 9 years was Komsomol workers. On service in bodies of internal affairs from December 1993, trainee, security officer, chief security officer, deputy chief SOBR management to combat organized crime in the police department of the Bryansk region.

. Valery has participated in many operations for the capture of dangerous criminals, to seize weapons and ammunition
. In 1995, missed the first band goes on Chechnya (At this time he was on vacation). I went with the second group. The situation was complicated, confusing. Peacekeepers from the highest echelons of power declared truce. The people have suffered humiliation in Budyonnovsk, killing civilians and gunmen, stepping over their corpses, remained unpunished.

The difficult Distinguished Flying trip in 1996. Klinchane were then in Grozny. They were assigned to guard the main headquarters of operational management. Even harder to come when a joint patrol in the city sent a Russian police and Chechen fighters. Nearby were the day and night. We went to bed with the thought: stay alive or not? To relieve the tension a little, Valery invited to battle on the football field: the Russian - Chechen. Found a lot of football fans on both sides, and supported. That leg of the semi-demolished Grozny a few times and then broadcast on the central television.

. In his third tour during the second Chechen wars VI selfish went in late 1999, even though he already had a length of service and could go well-deserved rest
. But he could not go - worried about young kids. And they, in many ways, thanks to Valery Ivanovich, all returned from Chechnya alive and healthy.

He died saving the wounded soldiers in the village Komosmolskoe. Covered the grenade with his body.

. W tion Hero Russia Valery Ivanovich selfish awarded posthumously July 4, 2000.

. Б•  awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland Б•? II degree.


March 8, 2000 Valery selfish participated in a special operation in the village of Komsomolskoye
. He received the task with a group of soldiers move into the central part of the village and seize advantageous line for fighting other units. But, once on the open ground area, the police suddenly came under heavy fire fighters. The group commander Valery selfish kept his head and gave a command to disperse and open fire on the enemy. Several people were seriously injured. About two dozen militants were turned on their left flank, creating a real threat to the environment group.

Guessing the maneuver of the enemy, the commander quickly moved toward the rebels and allowing them closer, opened fire with machine guns. Within hours, police officer restrain the onslaught of the militias, and until reinforcements did not allow them to lead active hostilities.

And even when the aid of our soldiers return tank and infantry combat vehicles, selfish not captain came out of the battle. Under a hail of enemy fire, he provided first aid to wounded soldiers evacuated to the rear and made the bodies of dead comrades. In collaboration with other parts of the militants were rounded up and destroyed.

A week and a half captain selfish again participated in combat operations to liberate the outskirts of Komsomolsk. Suddenly, the policemen opened heavy fire. Commander of the group began to smite the enemy firing points, and ordered subordinates to withdraw and take the second line of defense. All this time, covering the combat maneuver comrades in arms, Valery selfish fire from the machine continued to suppress the enemy, allowing colleagues to take a more advantageous position. But during the battle Chechen sniper wounded two soldiers from the division of internal troops. The militants entrenched in the basement of a ruined house, decided to take them prisoner. The fact that the enemy had decided to take the men alive, talking and distracting dense machine-gun fire submachine bandits ...

Valery Ivanovich, immediately assessed the situation, took rescue personnel. Aware that the account goes on a minute, he struck two militants, the closest With close to the soldiers, and other fire from machine made to lie down. Risking their lives, knowing that at any moment can be lost under the sighting, the cross-fire of the enemy, an officer delivered one of the wounded from the battlefield. Handing soldier comrades, he rushed to save the second.

The militants opened fire on the captain, not giving him the opportunity to creep up close to the wounded. However, he risked his life, reached the soldier, gave him first aid. Firing were arrayed against the bandits, not casting a comrade commander crawled toward the positions of special troops, and at this very moment he saw a number of wounded soldiers dropped a grenade. In a matter of a second officer realized that the time to discard it in the direction no longer. Aware of the tragedy of the situation, Valery Ivanovich fell on the grenade and covered her body from her deadly shrapnel wounded young soldier. Thus saved his life, and he died ...

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  • Sergey for Selfish Valery
  • I remember very well the March 8, 2000, when the wounded were evacuated and 200-x Klintsy SOBR, but then I did not know that it is my countrymen ..... Valery I also offered to evacuate, he was slightly injured on a tangent, but he refused. The night we spent with him in my armor, and where to get to know and have learned that we are fellow countrymen ...... In the morning he went into battle ...... So far I have kept him a note with his address and an invitation to Klincy ........ Memory eternal hero.
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    Selfish Valery, photo, biography
    Selfish Valery, photo, biography Selfish Valery  Hero of Russia, photo, biography
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