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Schreiner Sergey

( Hero of Russia)

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Biography Schreiner Sergey
photo Schreiner Sergey
(1. 4. 1979 - 14. 7. 2000)

W Rainer Sergey - trainer-driver of a reconnaissance group of special purpose "Rus" MVD Russia, Sergeant. Born April 1, 1979 in the village Veseloyarsk Rubtsovsk district of the Altai Territory. Graduated Rubtsovsk OGPU-75 on the specialty "driver". Active military service was called April 26, 1997. He served in the brigade sofrinskoy internal forces. After the immediate left on contract. From April 2000 - a group of special purpose "Rus".

14 July 2000 as part of a reconnaissance joined the battle with militants along the route of Argun, Gudermes. During the battle one of the militants threw a grenade. It fell near the commander. Serge Schreiner covered a grenade and it has saved from death by the commander and his comrades.

. W tion Hero Russia Sergei Alexandrovich Schreiner awarded posthumously March 5, 2001.

. Buried at home - from the village Veseloyarsk
. In rural school building is a memorial plate.

In echerom July 13, 2000 Special Forces Group Detachment Б•  Б•? Russ has taken over the protection of 708 CPR. Target group - time to detect and prevent the nomination of militants. At half-past five the next morning received a report from watching the way the sniper pair:

- Man is moving toward a checkpoint.

Commander podzval fighters to him.

- We have guests. By Gearbox drove Niwa Б•  Б•?, stood in the ruins so that you will not see. It seems those that bothered us before. We take. Put forward by two groups: the seizure and cover ...

In the seizure group were Lt. Petrov and Corporal Pelihov. Himself Sergei Schneider, along with a senior lieutenant Zinoviev and ordinary Maximov dropped to go in a group cover.

Which moved about on all fours, where the rushes, trying to hide behind the bushes, hillock or get the ditch. As to the target had less than a hundred feet, crept slowly, avoiding Niwa Б•  Б•? from two sides. That was like a still, a saloon-tinted glasses does not make out. Suddenly earned motor, Б•  Б•? Niva moved and began to quietly sit back, trying to turn on a narrow road. The Special Forces have risen and no longer hiding, rushed across the path of car. Now the driver frantically step on the gas, then throwing the car forward so that the bumper will be imprinted in a heap of garbage, then handing back all the way. From under the big wheel all-terrain vehicle was flying dust mixed with brick crumb. In the roar of the motor type the dotted line of automatic fire, as an order to silence the engine.

. Sergeant Serge Schreiner, Lieutenant Petrov and Private Maksimov already ran up to the car when the door opened, the gunman jumped the road and something called, the men threw a grenade at his feet
. She fell very close. Sergei threw himself on the grenade, covering it with his body ...

In zryv boomed softly and very quietly. He was immediately blocked off volleys of automatic commandos. The lines come together at the Cornfield Б•  Б•?, which is already around, tried to escape to the highway. Casualty wagged her on the road, it seemed on the verge of it smooths and rvanet away, away from the chase. It was evident on both its sides and glasses there are all new holes from bullets. The powerful explosion blew and the car, and sitting in her thugs ... "Field" was hammered to the eyeballs with explosives. In place of the explosion were found on 4 militants killed, burnt arms.


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Schreiner Sergey, photo, biography
Schreiner Sergey, photo, biography Schreiner Sergey  Hero of Russia, photo, biography
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