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SHUMILOV Mikhail Stepanovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography SHUMILOV Mikhail Stepanovich
photo SHUMILOV Mikhail Stepanovich
(17. 11. 1895 - 28. 6. 1975)

W touched by Mikhail Stepanovich - Commander of the 7 th Guards Army, Lieutenant General. Born November 17, 1895 in the village of Upper Techa now Katajsk district of Kurgan region. He graduated from the Teachers' Seminary.

In the army since 1916. In 1916 he graduated from military school Chuguyivske. Participant 1-st World War, Ensign.

Member of the Civil War, the commander of the platoon, company and a small shelf on the eastern and southern fronts. In 1919 he was appointed commander of the 85 th Infantry Brigade special. However, it crossed Syvashe and stormed Perekop. In 1924 he graduated from the training command and the political composition, in 1929 БT  Б-= courses Shot Бv=.

. He participated in combat operations in Spain as an adviser to the Commander of Army Group South-Central zone.

. Member of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940 as commander of a rifle corps.

. On the Great Patriotic War from June 1941 to the post of commander of the Infantry Corps, took part in the defense of Leningrad
. Then commanded the 55 th and 21 th Armies (Leningrad and South-Western Front). Since August 1942 БT  Commander 64 th (since May 1943 БT  7 Guards) Army. 64-Army under the command of Lieutenant-General Shumilova almost a month restrained at the far approaches to Stalingrad 4 Panzer Army Gotha. Through persistence of soldiers and officers, as well as thoughtful and courageous actions of the army commander in the south of Stalingrad (now the Kirov and the Red Army d areas. Volgograd) continued to operate industries. In dalneyschem part of the army under the command of Shumilova participated in the Battle of Kursk, they crossed the Dnieper, Kirovograd, Iasi-Kishinev, Budapest operations, the release of Romania, Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Shumilov, Mikhail Stepanovich was awarded on Oct. 26, 1943 for his leadership military units during the crossing of the Dnieper and shown personal courage and heroism.,

. In 1948 he graduated from the higher academic courses at the Military Academy of the General Staff
. He commanded the troops of the White Sea (1948-1949) and Voronezh (1949-1955) military districts. In the 1956-1958 General Colonel Shumilov ms. БT  retired. БT  Since 1958, the Group of Inspectors General of the USSR Ministry of Defense. Elected deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 3rd and 4 th convocations.

Lived in Moscow. Died June 28, 1975. He was buried in Volgograd, on Mamaev Hill. Awarded 3 orders of Lenin, 4 orders of the Red Banner, 2 orders of Suvorov 1-st degree, Order of Kutuzov 1-st degree, Red Star, Б-= For Service to Motherland in the USSR Armed Forces Бv= 3rd degrees, medals, foreign awards. Honorary citizen of Volgograd (May 4, 1970) and Bratislava (Slovakia).

Its named after a street in Volgograd. In Moscow, at the house where he lived (Leningrad Prospekt, 75), and in Shadrinsk established plaques.

Resistance 64 th
. БT  In the book.: The Battle of Stalingrad. 4 ed. Volgograd, 1973;
There comes a 7-Guards. БT  In the book.: Ahead БT  Kharkiv. Kharkov, 1975, etc.


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SHUMILOV Mikhail Stepanovich, photo, biography
SHUMILOV Mikhail Stepanovich, photo, biography SHUMILOV Mikhail Stepanovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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