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Shutov Spiridonov

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Shutov Spiridonov
photo Shutov Spiridonov
(30. 1. 1902 - 17. 4. 1963)

With tepan Fedorovich Shutov commander of the 20 th Guards Tank Brigade (5 th Guards Tank Corps) - Col.. Born January 30, 1902 in the village of Wilderness Bobruisk district, Mogilev region of Belarus in the family farmer-laborer. By nationality Byelorussian. Member of the CPSU in 1924. Since 1918, fought as a volunteer in the Red Army. In 1927 he graduated from the Joint military school after the All, . in 1930 - military-political course, . 1932 - Leningrad Training Courses, . 1937 - academic postgraduate courses at the Military Academy of Mechanization and Motorization in 1943 - academic courses to improve officers',
. Before the war commanded a tank company, battalion.

Since the early days of the Great Patriotic War. F. Shutov - on the Western Front. He defended the approaches to Moscow in autumn 1941, then fought on the Volkhov, Voronezh, 2-m Ukrainian and other fronts. Commanded a tank battalion, a tank brigade, was then deputy commander of the 9 th Guards Tank Corps. Awarded 2 orders of Lenin, 2 orders of the Red Banner and medals. Bronze bust of W. installed in the village of Wilderness.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star Medal, the commander of the 20 th Guards Tank Brigade Shutov Spiridonov was awarded on Jan. 10, 1944 for the successful crossing of p
. Dnipro.

In the Torah medal "Gold Star" Colonel SF. Shutov was awarded on Sept. 13, 1944, for the heroism shown in the battles with the breakthrough, he was mastering. Focsani, Rymnik, Ploesti.

Fter serious injury and amputation of the hand with the September 1945 Spiridonov Shutov was retired. Member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 2-th convocation. He died in Kiev April 17, 1963 after he was seriously ill.


H achala enemy attack did not have to wait long. Germans throughout the spring 1943 chose the moment to take revenge for the defeat on the Volga. At dawn on July 5, 1943 they launched an offensive in the Kursk salient, having chosen the direction of impact small, but important operationally city Obojan. Armored battering ram to crush the enemy like the Soviet defenses and reach the intended goal: to encircle the Soviet troops stationed in the west of the Kursk salient.

. Already on the second day of fierce defensive battles of Soviet troops in action was introduced 5 th Guards Tank Corps.

. August 5, the fatherland of Moscow saluted our troops who had mastered the cities of Orel and Belgorod
. Tankers 5 th Guards Corps is now in the general flow of Soviet troops rushed to the west, the Dnieper, and then to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Head in the body move 20-th Brigade, Colonel Shutov. This is him, the tanks of his Brigade General Kravchenko instructed to perform the most complex and difficult combat missions.

. The enemy retreated, but snapped back ferociously, and the guards, tank crews had to not only rapidly attacked and pursue the enemy, but to act from ambushes, destroy his teams to shoot counterattacking enemy tanks at point-blank
. At the end of September 5 th Guards Tank Corps was already in the north-east of Kiev in the station Vrovary. Here he was temporarily halted to replenish the people and military equipment.

Soviet troops were already approaching the Dnieper and forced him. In the 20 th Brigade of all concerned by the question: how soon will we advance on Kiev? Colonel Shutava no desire to leave one of the first to break into the familiar streets close to the heart of Kiev. Not once on this subject, he gradually tried to strike up a conversation with Andrei Grigorievich Kravchenko. The general smiled and said wistfully:

- Do not hurry, Spiridonov, that accumulate forces and ripped forward. Our everything is still ahead. The command of the front at a crucial moment for us not forget, do not worry, train people better.

. And soon, the corps commander himself came to the brigade-farming inspected all the tanks and spoke to the crew, and then sat down with the brigade commander on a bench under century oak and led the conversation that still need to finish
. Then, quite unexpectedly announced that is about to follow the order of the front of the commission of the march.

- And where some will do, comrade general, if not secret? - Asked by Colonel Kravchenko. General approvingly replied:

- The question of legitimacy. We, the tankers must know in advance the direction of our actions. Most likely, Comrade Shutov, we in the coming days will disembarrass capital of Ukraine, his native Kiev.

- It would be very nice, Comrade General! - Blurted Shutava.

His calm, strong face lit up with joy. General saw it with his characteristic tact, said:

- You, as far as I know, served up to the war in Kiev. Well you know the city?

- Yes, served, Comrade General. In Kiev I was not only binds this family I had stayed there - his wife, two sons ...

General amicably shook his hand and wished good way of fighting and personal happiness.

Having general, colonel Shutov pondered deeply. So many memories awakened Kiev in the heart Spiridonov! Here he began his tour of duty tank officer. In this city, he matured, became a real, mature commander. It is terrible to believe: in Kiev walk and drive fascists. People groaning and bleeding under their yoke. Family, friends, acquaintances Kievites - what with them? And because he was now almost close to Kiev, my heart ached even more anxiety for loved ones. I wanted more in the battle, but rather know the truth, even bitter.

. ... On the night of 2 / 3 October 5 th Guards Corps has the task of the evening on October 4 to cross the Desna and concentrate in the area of the village Novoselki, . and then cross the Dnieper and in conjunction with units of 38-th army attack bypassing Kiev, . to the west and south-west.,

. At a short meeting of the brigade commanders, held at dawn on October 3, General Kravchenko said that the tank will require a lot of stamina and endurance, and commanders - High organizational skills
. In front of two large rivers, and there are no means of ferrying and in the near future is not expected. Calculation was to wit, the dedication and resourcefulness of the tank. And very soon he was justified.

In the tank was born a very risky idea - to overcome the Desna tanks ford.

But how? Soon found daredevils - driver, tank commander. All agreed on one thing: measure the depth of the river and find the smallest places. Komsomol Ivan Gorbunov and Semen Krivenko descended into the icy water and swam to the western shore, now and then sinking to the bottom, to feel his feet firm support. Tankers came to the aid of local residents, fishermen. Less than an hour, as was the ford were fixed. His route writhing snake, the length reached 300 meters and the depth in some places - two meters. This greatly exceeded the capacity of the tanks to overcome water obstacles wade. Commanders and the driver of tanks had to show greater courage, resourcefulness, endurance, mutual aid. Especially difficult was the task of brigade commanders. They lay the responsibility for the timeliness of compliance, as well as for the safety of life crew. Colonel Shutov in those days was on the very important area. He led the exploration and work on the march

Rute. He appeared and where the tank crews trained fighting vehicles to an unusual move through a large water hazard.

In the midst of crossing to the brigade commander, Colonel Shutava came 38 th Army, General N.E. Chibisov. Seeing how diligently working tankers, ignoring the danger of catching cold in the icy water, the general could not resist the praise, gratitude for the great and courageous work. Army commander beckoned to General Kravchenko, who was once close.

. - Andrew G., and that for the people of your tankers! - He marveled .- During his many years of service I have seen many a soldier's courage, but that I see for the first time
. People do not watch out of the water. And as they risk their lives driver, overtaking the tanks on the opposite shore!

Within days, more than 70 Soviet tanks passed through a broad and fairly deep river without a bridge and ferry. It was a true innovation.

That same night, after the crossing of the Desna, tankers 5 th Guards Corps rushed to the Dnieper. By that time, on the west bank of the river was already a small bridgehead, captured in late September, the troops of 38-th army. Bridgehead fierce battles. Soviet infantrymen had to work very hard. The enemy counterattacked with their tanks. And our units were tanks, and artillery was very little. Tanks on the right bank of the Dnieper were very necessary to retain and expand the bridgehead.

And again the question arose: how to ship them back? No engineering resources for this was not. Again came to the aid of local residents. They suggested a way out of this situation: proposed to extract from the bottom of the river barges abandoned by the Nazis. Under the continuous bombing and shelling engineers, tankers and fishermen-farmers raised from the bottom of the river several barges, flooded by the fascists during the withdrawal of the Dnieper, and quickly adapted to a ferry for the crossing.

. Tankers Brigade Colonel Shutava crossed the first
. Colonel Shutov was familiar to him places. Here he spent in previous years not one camp season, not just teach his skill to the tank battle in the rugged wooded terrain. Now the enemy was near. The Germans made themselves felt every second of a rupture of an artillery shell, the earth-shattering roar of bombs and machine-gun burst is near. At night the military outposts of the enemy constantly illuminated their position with fire hundreds of missiles. The enemy afraid of penetration of our intelligence through the front edge or a sudden night attack.

Soon the entire corps of General Kravchenko focused on Lyutezhskom bridgehead. General to assess the situation. During this short but difficult time he got to know Colonel Shutov, convinced that not mistaken in their choice. The new commander of the combined an excellent knowledge of the tank case, courage, good organizational skills. In the fierce fighting for the retention and further expansion Lyutezhskogo springboard corps commander sent a brigade to the most responsible direction. Wide experience of combat tanks and infantry in a wooded area gained Colonel Shutov on the Western Front, and then at Leningrad, in the Sinyavino heights, very useful to him in battle near Kiev.

. In mid-October 20th Tank Brigade was given the task of the shell to advance north-west of Kiev
. The tankers were hit in bypass Kiev cut highway coming from Kiev to Zhitomir. Directing the brigade was Colonel Shutov. He led his tank on forest trails, where the Nazis and did not expect the appearance of Soviet tanks. The enemy was caught by surprise and fled, throwing equipment, guns, ammunition. With the move were seized bridges over the river Irpen and cut the railroad Kiev - Korosten. A day later, Colonel Shutov already reported the corps commander that his tankers kept under the fire of their guns highway Kiev - Zhitomir.

Soon, however, enemy forces attacked the big Lyutezhsky foothold in the north-west. Shooting 38-division Army could not cope with it, in need of immediate assistance to the tank. There followed the order: to return the tank brigades of 5-th Guards Corps to its original position at the bridgehead. With pain in my heart gave this order on the return teams, General Kravchenko. Shutov repeatedly asked for the general on the radio: "Do not mistake it, because the offensive has been developing very successfully". But no, it was not a mistake!

Disqualification tanks back "was really a very disadvantageous. The enemy, noticing the movement of Soviet tanks on the north-east, has concentrated on the crossings on the river Irpen powerful bomb its aircraft. Again, the tank crews had to go

a trick. Created some false points of ferries on the river Irpen, they escaped from enemy aircraft. Return of the tanks at the bridgehead and their counterattack against enemy howl-scum stabilize the situation. Troops began intensive preparations for an attack on Kiev directly from the north, through dense forests.

This route was shorter but more difficult: the area was full of ravines with forests and scrub. In these conditions, the tanks could operate successfully only in very close proximity with its infantry. Otherwise, they could destroy enemy tanks, well camouflaged in the forest.

Terms of preparing an offensive against Kiev were very short. Tankers 5 th Guards Corps infantry units with 38-th army occupied the initial position for the offensive in the first echelon. At the critical line of general Kravchenko again put team Shutava.

- You, Spiridonov, and books in the hands. You are here, you might say, a local resident, - half in jest, as a friend said the corps commander .- On you have high hopes.

. Colonel Shutov replied briefly:

. - Comrade General, justify the trust.

. The Soviet offensive on Kiev began in the early morning of Nov. 3
. After a powerful artillery preparation tanks with the infantry and artillery, made a dash forward. The enemy offered stubborn resistance.

Colonel Shutov was in combat formations of his brigade. He then appeared in one or the other battalion, taking them to the desired direction on forest trails. Fighting in the forest more often than not suspended even for a minute. By the morning of November 4 tankers Shutava already passed the forest at the dacha outside Kiev - Puscha Vodytsya. To start a movement of the Panzer Army General Rybalko. It inspires and tank Shutov. They now saw that the forces we have many and the enemy will not be able to resist for a long time.

Colonel Shutov lived only one desire: rather in Kiev. What family? Whether the guys are still alive, if they are not in the city, where to find them?

Spiridonov hurried tank.

The night of 4 to 5 November was decisive in the battle for Kiev. Tankers have a command to launch an attack on the enemy's defenses with headlights. The Germans were stunned by the unexpected appearance in front of their trenches, big quivering mass of bright lights. As we approach the trenches tanks increased the firing of cannons and machine guns. Machine gunners, moving close behind the tanks, group captives. Colonel Shutov directed them to the command post of General Kravchenko. Our soldiers are in the twilight said:

- No one has become a fascist, relaxed, we rolled. In the night from 5 to November 6, Colonel tankers Shutava already fought in the streets of Kiev. House by house, block after block passed into their hands, to one in the morning on Nov. 6, they had fought on the approaches to the city center. Here he is, Khreshchatyk. Around the ruins, soot, cobwebs torn wires.

By morning the city was cleared of the enemy. It was a good gift to Soviet soldiers homeland on the eve of the Great October Revolution. Stepan Shutov was in his native city.

Using a small respite in the fighting, Colonel Shutov tried to find a family to the old address. But there was no one. Neighbors reported that his wife, hiding from the Nazis, left the children somewhere in the village ... Leaving the issue of its neighbors APO, he returned to the brigade. Tankers continued to pursue the enemy. Thoughts of family did not leave Spiridonov. And when General Kravchenko ordered to withdraw 20 Brigade on the night in the reserve to refuel and inspect the tanks, the colonel asked him for permission to come back in again in Kiev. This time he managed to meet his wife and young son. Joy of them was marred by the fact that, going back from the village, his wife lost Volodya, the eldest son.

And happy, and sorry he returned to the brigade, Colonel Shutov. The brigade went into battle again. Towards the tank crews rushing to the south of Kiev, was moving the flow released from Nazi captivity, women, the elderly, children. Spiridonov carefully scrutinized in the crowd of people hoping for a lucky chance ...

Just over a hot battle for the next town. Tankers rapid attack crushed the enemy artillery and mortar fire on the positions captured not had time to escape the Nazis. Several of our tanks stopped in the center of the village. From the cellars, basements, and residents ran out, embraced and kissed the Soviet soldiers.

Next, close to the tanks broke boys; Spiridonov spoke on the sidelines with the elderly and occasionally glancing at a handful of guys. Suddenly, quite near, he heard:

- Dad! Daddy!

To him, his eyes beaming with joy, filthy, fled son.

- Volodya Son! - Spiridonov not hold back the tears. The crowd, astonished, parted. Many also wept.

But this meeting was brief. Fascist generals, proclaiming to the world that they have established impregnable defensive wall on the Dnieper, Kiev wanted to return back.

. Enemy troops have made numerous counter some of the area of the White Church, from the Zhitomir
. In these battles, Tank Corps, General Kravchenko was thrown from one section of the 1 st Ukrainian Front on the other.

. Tankers Brigade Colonel Shutava still ably and courageously continued to beat the enemy.

. One February day, when after the defeat of Nazi troops encircled troops under Korsun-Shevchenko brigade was on vacation, Spiridonov urgently summoned to the headquarters of 6-Panzer Army
. Here he learned that he invites the general Kravchenko to present awards.

Spiridonov entered the house, which housed the Army Commander. Geaeral rose from the table, went out to meet the colonel, fraternally embraced him and said:

- Since the first "Gold Star" I congratulate you, Stepan Fyodorovich! Homeland thanked you for the Dnieper and Kiev. Colonel somewhat confused:

. - Thank you, comrade General ...

. Then he gathered his thoughts, jokingly asked:

. - Just as it is to understand, comrade general, with the first? Are you going to congratulate me and with the second?

. - It depends on you, - joked general.

. ... Ahead was still a great way to combat
. We had to complete the liberation of Ukraine. Parish of the Soviet Army were waiting for the enslaved peoples of Eastern Europe. Established on the eve of Koreun-Shevchenko Operation 6 Panzer Army perfectly executed s one combat mission. Now she was preparing for a new offensive south of Kiev.

The new operation was aimed at greater depth. To cross three rivers - the Southern Bug, Dniester and Prut.

The spring offensive of 1944 on the Right-Bank Ukraine took place in a heavy duty mud, off-road. And this time the tankers Colonel Shutava showed good training school, stamina and skill. Pursuit of the retreating enemy units in the direction of Uman - Mogilev-Podolsky - Balti - Iasi, they were among the first out of the river Prut. With the release of Soviet troops on the approaches to the Iasi a stubborn long fights on Romanian soil. 5 th Guards Corps in the fighting did not participate directly. He replenished the tanks and troops, was preparing a new offensive.

New arrival came in the 20 Guards Brigade, SF. Shutov much effort to train young tank, preparing units for operations in areas gornolesistoy. Persistently studied and the brigade commander himself. Especially memorable exercises conducted by General Kravchenko in early June 1944 to the probable impending Iasi-Kishinev operation.

. The commander demanded that the brigade commanders to take bold decisions, the ability to operate in isolation from its infantry.

. Colonel Shutov during this exercise it was necessary to act on the right flank of the Panzer Army and the "master" area of Romania's Ploesti oil.

. The commander did not say definitely whether the operation is carried out exactly
. But when summarizing lessons hinted Colonel Shutov:

- Stepan Fedorovich, your direction is responsible. The enemy will be hard for him to fight ...

Iasi-Kishinev operation began in the early morning on Aug. 20, 1944. Attack troops tier preceded powerful artillery and air preparation. Brigade Colonel Shutov, as other teams of two sections of 6-Panzer Army, was at this time in the original position, ready to enter into the breakthrough in the mobile group. Crews were in combat vehicles, waiting for the signal.

At noon on August 20 there was a signal to the tank 6 Panzer Army. Tanks stretched into strong columns and moved forward. To 4-5 pm the avalanche of Soviet tanks on several routes rolled uncontrollably to the south, flowing from the west to the city of Iasi.

. Already the first day of the operation brought the tanks big success.

. Colonel Shutov, who was walking with his brigade on the right flank of the Panzer Army, continuous encouragement tank
. He wanted them to have crossed the river before dark Bahla, and at night the run climbed the ridge Mare, lies beyond its valley.

. On the morning of August 21 tankers 20 Brigade crossed the ridge occupied by the enemy Mare and burst into the area Popesti - Skobilitsy.

. Two days were covered over 100 km
. This has contributed to coverage of the Jassy-Kishinev groups of enemy troops from the south-west.

By the end of the day on August 27 tankers, pursuing the retreating enemy, the move broke through his defenses in the area "Fokshanskih gate". August 30 tankers Brigade Colonel Shutava tank crews, together with other teams 5 th Guards Tank Corps, after heavy fighting took Ploiesti, . depriving Hitler's Germany is not only an important operational and strategic point, . but one of the main sources of fuel for tanks and aircraft.,

. Now the way the tank 6 Panzer Army was lying to Bucharest, and then to the west, in the Transylvanian Alps, and then to Hungary
. In early September 1944 they went to this big hike. During the fighting in Transylvania up Spiridonov Shutava reached a new good news: he was awarded a second medal "Gold Star". Senior commanders and comrades warmly congratulated Spiridonov Shutava with high reward, and wish success, excellent health.

. Gen. Kravchenko, and this time, congratulating Spiridonov with the awards and wished that it was not the last.

. Shortly after this meeting with the army commander in the brigade order came on the appointment of Colonel Shutava the post of deputy commander of the 9 th Guards Mechanized Corps of the same 6-th Guards Tank Army
. Spiridonov in the fighting entered a new post.

Parts of the body were fierce battles in the mountains west of the city of Turda, in the Transylvanian Alps. Colonel Shutov arrived at the command post of General Volkova.

Sparing of words General received a short report and said:

- I heard about you as a brave officer. Well, now I can say one thing: glad that we will fight together, to work ...

. General officer immediately called an operational office and ordered: - please make Colonel Shutava with the situation, and at dusk to go with him to colonel Mikhno, a tank brigade
. She comes with us in key areas. They need our keen eye.

After 10 minutes, Colonel Shutov was sitting, hunched over the map, in the dugout operational offices.

The scope of work and responsibility is now even more increased. But leadership style troops on the battlefield, Colonel Shutov not changed.

The tankers, infantrymen, artillerymen, and now saw it on the most critical areas of combat and. He led the night battle tanks in the mountains, crossing through the columns of fast mountain river, organized the attack on the capture of the towns.

One night fights SF. Shutov wounded. Was a broken arm bones. Emergency operation for amputation of the hand made Romanian surgeon Professor. After surgery, SF. Shutov was sent to Moscow.

P. Kornyushin

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) People of the immortal exploits. Moscow submarine v.2 1975

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