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Yumashev Andrey

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Yumashev Andrey
photo Yumashev Andrey
(31. 3. 1902 - 20. 5. 1988)

A ndrey B. Yumashev pilot test. Born March 31, 1902 in St. Petersburg in the family of employee. Russian. Member of the CPSU since 1941. He studied at the school, real school, art school. In 1918, a volunteer for the Red Army. Was an artillery. He fought on the Southern Front.

In 1923 he graduated from Egorievskay Air Force Pilot School in 1924 - and Borisoglebsk Serpuchovskay aviation school. During exercises carried away gliding. Has constructed glider own design, which in 1925 competitions in Koktebel one of the top places.

Since 1927 he worked as a test pilot in the Air Force Institute. One of the first mastered flying at high altitude. In 1936, established a number of altitude record with the load.

12 June 1937 at 3.23 a crew consisting of Gromov, AB Yumashev and SA Danilin started on ANT-25 from the airfield near Moscow and headed north. First the wheel sat crew commander Gromov. Then he was replaced by the second pilot Yumashev. Soon the weather turned bad and had to fly blind. When approaching the island Kolguyev, where the sports commissioner FAI, had to drop to 400 m, to get out of the clouds. Navigator Danilin dropped pennant and the plane continued on his way. Less than a day of the flight was completed on the North Pole. After passing over the territory of Canada, Yumashev headed for the Pacific. Danilin established a relationship with San Francisco, Los Azhelosom and other cities. For the landmark U.S. radio stations began to transmit Russian melodies. But soon the weather turned bad again: fog shrouded the coast. Then the crew decided to fly further south - to Mexico. But with the land received an order to get into the U.S.. Started looking for a suitable site. Soon, 3 km from the city of San Jacinto pilots found the field where a herd of cows grazing. Gromov took control over the first approach and landing. Spending in the air 82 hours. 17 min. aircraft broke 10148 km. This achievement was registered FAI as a new world record.

After the flight crew made a three-week tour of American cities, many holding formal and informal meetings with the Americans. In Washington, a meeting with President Roosevelt. Mayor of Los Angeles announced Gromova, and Danilin and Yumashev honorable citizens of the city. On the flight hit the headlines of the world (except Germany: Goebbels forbade even the mention of the flight), appreciating the flight as a major achievement of Soviet aviation.

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union Andrey Yumashev September 1, 1937 for this flight.

. In 1937 was elected to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 1 convocation
. In 1940-1941 he was Deputy Chief of LII.

In Private World War II from June 1941. He served in the Air Defense. During defense Moscova commanded the squadron, then 237 th Fighter Aviation Regiment. Summer 1943 he was appointed commander of Fighter Air. He was conferred the rank of Major General Aviation. Participated in the Battle of Kursk, the liberation of the Crimea. Later he was deputy commanders of the 1 st and 3rd Air Army, Air Force Commander of the Eastern Front air defense. In 1944 he was Head of the General Directorate of fighter aircraft training the Air Force.

In 1946, for health reasons, resigned. Lived in Alupka engage in artistic creativity. In 1946 he was admitted to the Union of Artists. Together with the artist Falk made several trips to Central Asia, depicting the historical monuments of Samarkand and Bukhara, portraits of people of the East. Organized four solo exhibitions of his works (fifth place after his death in the United States in the Museum of San Jacinto and was devoted to the 50 th anniversary of the flight crew Gromov). Awarded 2 orders of Lenin, 5 orders of the Red Banner, Order of the Patriotic War of 1 degree, Red Star and medals, including the Medal de Lavaux (FAI). Honorary Citizen of Los Angeles and San Jacinto. Its named after a street in the city of Donetsk region Slavyansk. Died May 20, 1988.

Biography provided by AE Melnikov

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Yumashev Andrey, photo, biography
Yumashev Andrey, photo, biography Yumashev Andrey  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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