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YURYEV Vasily Ilyich

( Hero of Russia)

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Biography YURYEV Vasily Ilyich
photo YURYEV Vasily Ilyich
(7. 5. 1955 - 15. 3. 2000)

S rev Vasily Ilyich - canine head of the military unit 6748 of the Ural District Interior Forces Chief Warrant Officer. Born May 7, 1955 in g. Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region. Russian. In 1972 he graduated from junior high school. Worked at radiator plant. In May 1973, called for military service in the Kiev Military District. After transfer to the reserve has worked on the railroad, Steel Mill, in Visim State Nature Reserve, in a motorcade Б•¬ 9 g. Nizhny Tagil. In 1981 okanchil ten classes of the evening school.

C in September 1984 - in the service of internal troops. First - Head of the auto, and from July 1998 - Senior Instructor, Chief canine unit.

. W tion Hero Russia Vasily Ilyich Yuriev posthumously awarded on Aug. 8, 2000 decree Б•¬ 1474, for the courage and heroism in the liquidation of illegal armed formations in the North Caucasus region.


On December 31, 1999 took part in the Special Operations Group to conduct reconnaissance and special operations in the g
. Grozny n. Alkhan-Yurt, n. Staraya Sunzha. In January 2000, was presented with the award of the Medal of Valor Б-= Бv=.

February 5 group, which included Yur'ev, came under heavy fire fighters. Assessing the situation, the ensign walked alone in the rear of bandits and destroyed their fire point. Thus was further promote the special police troops.

Suffering heavy losses in manpower, the bandits set fire to the house to covertly under cover of smoke to leave the battlefield. In the burning house were the children. Hearing their cries for help, Yur'ev, the risk of being piled in a burning house, entered it and saved the children found there. Despite his injuries, he left the military formations and units continued to carry out the task.

. From 6 March detachment was deployed to the area of the village of Urus-Mar Komsomolsk-ray region, where a detachment warlord Gelayev
. March 8 continued outlined earlier sweep operations Komsomolsk. In its implementation, were seriously wounded two soldiers of the detachment. Gelaevtsy dense fire prevented the evacuation of wounded from the battlefield. And again for the salvation of his colleagues took a senior lieutenant Yuriev. Under cover of armored vehicles, caught in the double stabbing enemy fire, he made his way to his companions and dragged them to a safe place.

We Tropics March 15 dawned cold and dreary. Night fell a little snow. After breakfast with cold canned goods directly to the fighting positions, the soldiers were waiting for orders. Around 11 am, has been tasked to move the main street along the ravine, where the main focus of the enemy.

In the BMP group drove up maneuver, which was led by Chief Warrant Officer Basil Yuriev. Under cover of the tank group moved forward, until the first victim - Gunner Sgt BTR Frost. Sergeant Andrew Galukhin and Chief Warrant Officer Basil Yurev first pulled the body from the place - and his thugs to mine. So it turned out - the corpse was booby-trapped Б•  ef-Coy Б•L, which by chance did not explode.

This moment and waiting for militants. They opened heavy fire. Was hit by a tank, which is still under its own power could retreat to the rear. The Special Forces were at a disadvantage and were forced to retreat to previous positions.

The bandits continued to engage in a barrage. But the guys and this time did not retreat from the iron law - not to leave his comrades on the battlefield. Coming up to help the tanks began to steadily destroy the enemy firing points. And then he again tried for anything has to pull out from the battlefield wounded soldier. And yet it took. But already quite close to life-saving shelter he was overtaken by a sniper bullet ...

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YURYEV Vasily Ilyich, photo, biography
YURYEV Vasily Ilyich, photo, biography YURYEV Vasily Ilyich  Hero of Russia, photo, biography
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