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Shevchenko (Greg) Dmitry

( Theater and film actor)

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Biography Shevchenko (Greg) Dmitry
photo Shevchenko (Greg) Dmitry
Graduated LGITMiK them. N. Cherkasova (Workshop E. Padua) in 1990, then there also was trainee course.

From 1991 to 1992. collaborated with an independent project entitled "Commonwealth of actors Saint Petersburg. From 1992 to 1997. - Actor Petersburg Academic Theater of Drama and Comedy. A. S. Pushkin (Alexandrinsky Theater). In 1997. moved to Moscow. Free artist.

Work in Theater:
Rodrigo - "Othello" in. Shakespeare
Lieutenant Rhodes - "Three Sisters" A. Chekhov
Archidamus - "Winter's Tale" in. Shakespeare
Dmitri - "Poverty - is no vice" A. Ostrovsky (Alexandrinsky Theater)
King hog - "The King and Rose" have. Thackeray ( "The Commonwealth of actors St. Petersburg).

Working in film: "Twenty Minutes with an Angel"
Birthday Burzhuya "
"Directory of Death"
"Athens in the evening"
"End of the Century"
"Bourgeois's Birthday 2
"Special case"
"Shield of Minerva

. Interviews

. Ever beaten pimp Arturchik of many beloved TV series "The Birthday Burzhuya" could have a completely different person, . the fact, . that Dmitry Shevchenko, . brilliantly and convincingly played that charming scoundrel, first adopted an entirely different role, . too negative, . but more serious,
. At the last moment the director all turned upside down and have not regretted a single moment: character Dmitry won the hearts of spectators.

. - We know that now end in shooting continue "birthday bourgeois", but as we know that you removed in another series, which is about to come on the screen?

. - It's detective series "Detectives", edakii "Sherlock Holmes" in a new way
. There is no traditional fire, bloody showdown, but there is a crime and victim. Two investigators: one a supporter of deduction and serious calculation, and the second ever expressed any ridiculous assumptions that later prove correct. Each series - the original deal, there's mysticism, and gaming business, and chemistry: A series in which I play, is devoted to the relationship between man and dog. My hero - a new Russian zagryz his own dog. The dog is a rare breed, apparently - just a monster. Despite the fact that the number was constantly cynologist, dog had bitten one actor. Therefore, in order to somehow climb up to the giant in canine friends, I fed him sausages. However, no incident could not have done. We shot the scene where the dog is biting me in the throat and spraying blood saliva lay across my body. I gently squeezing a piece of sausage in his hand, lying on the ground, on my 120 pound beast: only hear in my chest something hry-s-yst! Seditious thought: "Ribs!". It turned out that in my pocket lay very expensive sunglasses - from which one frame left.

- Dangerous Profession. How did you become an actor?

- I was born in Odessa. Grew up in an intellectual family, and was in quite a rebel at school. It is clear that to be the black sheep, I could not, therefore, not less than the other hooligans. I could easily disrupt the lesson: clowning, clowning, mimicked the teachers or just start low under his breath, and the whole class is caught up moo. Since I studied at the fine, put "very bad" for behavior I could not put "beats" or "good" and wrote long, heartfelt comments on blog. Despite the fact that my parents, and most families were economists, is, incidentally, was the reason that after school I went to Odessa Polytech, Mummery, I was ill since childhood. Perhaps, the role that my mother was quite a long time and seriously studied ballet, but because of poor eyesight she had to leave this hobby: while the lenses are not used as a ballerina in glasses - this is ridiculous. In the actor's environment, her mother had many friends, they came to our home, and often invited to performances. At school I was involved in amateur performances - through this, I think, were all, and when entered Polytech got into the theater command pop miniatures. Here we have formed a backbone of a five-man, theatrically sophisticated guys, we went to the concert were the local stars, participated in the first team of KVN "Odessa gentlemen," and even wanted to create a theater. This idea, of course, failed, but all five of them later went on LGITMIK. But it happened when I graduated, still the economy, I worked quite seriously, and even with my grandfather, we have published several books in this area. My grandfather was a scholar and pinned high hopes on me, but I ne'er ...

- But you - wretch, changed exact science with an iridescent dream of becoming an actor?

- In LGITMIK my friends arrived, speaking the language of thieves, "locomotive". And all five at once received, by the way, two of our company until recently led the program "Pun". I remember being rushed to Peter, not even taking documents from the Polytechnic, and then because of this there were many problems. But even in my native Odessa did not want to give permission for the second higher education - as an intern, I had to work out the distribution of three years. I went to the Minister of Education and the ten minutes it rolled, the benefit of, at that time in zachetke some "excellent" were, but attributed to a dissenting opinion admissions committee that they dream to see me, his student. Classes began, and disappeared all illusions. Freshmen seemed like gods, but God himself that I did not feel. When I went to the concert, I was a star, and now - studentishko: I had a time learning to beat out all that I had done on the stage - taunts, grimaces, jumping, affectation. And then, all the same company, we returned to search for new theatrical forms. At one of the performances I saw the director of "Alexandrinka" and invited the inspector to play. So I enlisted in the Imperial Theater, . and could work there and still, . for the role and I had good, . and colleagues respected, . but: I can not say, . I am a spontaneous person, . more, . contrary, . each affirmative action preparing for a long time and carefully, . but here in a moment packed up and left for Moscow, . quite an empty place,
. I even left the theater did not, so far there is work book. I realized that I wanted to do movies.

. - In Moscow without ties do not break easily.

. - By the time I pretty much played in music videos with Gusev and Osadchikh: y Arcas Ukupnik, Philip Kirkorov, Alla Pugacheva, Valerie, Oleg Gazmanov
. Therefore, with his face and a video tape I came to the actor's agency "Max", after a while there I called and offered to drive up to the casting to Jury Grymov to shoot the advertisement "Nezavisimaya Gazeta". Apparently, the proper time I jumped on the bandwagon train called "Luck", because after the commercial video, Grymov invited me to play in a movie "Mu-mu" and even rewrote my role, making it more visible. In one of the shooting days at the site were "messengers from Kiev, Moscow actors who were selected for the" birthday Burzhuya ". I adopted the role of. The time of filming, the director approached me and said: "You know, for you have another role, she will like you more". So I became a "whipping boy".

- In the shot you ever hit, but as life evolved relationship with your persecutors?

- With Tolik (red. Anatoly Zhuravlev - Thick) we are generally very good friends, half of roles on the fly invented, all sorts of funny remarks, repriznye scenes. In general, the script written on the site, only the main canvas adhered. Remember the scene, . My hero basked in bed with two prostitutes? First, the girls were the clothes - removed double, . then decided, . it is unconvincing and overthrew bras: Two such beauties with me under the blanket! Well, male instincts worked: The scene was removed, . and my close trunks to get out of bed is not comfortable,
. All neigh, advised to drink some water ...

- Your hero though not essential, but very memorable, after the series on the street know?

- This is a great inconvenience, as it turned. I have a habit of walking in the same shops as before, make the same purchase: At one store, measured the jeans and pushed the shutter and took off his pants: Suddenly the curtain opened, is a saleswoman: "It's you, you know?:. "Yes, - answer, - it seems to me, but if you allow me to wear pants, I will be grateful to you". The audience is simple, everyone thinks that if they saw me on the screen, then to me you can simply start talking, and even better to give advice. I went into a cafe one meal. At the bar sat down next to me girl freelance. He says: "Oh, bully!" You know, if you worked with me, I would immediately threw you, your Vera simply lohushka "- and I began to spread all of my" professional "blunders.

- And they say that the series looks just housewives ...

- Oh, no. It so happened that the movie was when I was in Poland on the set of Hollywood film. I fly to Moscow. Suddenly, the whole cabin: "Blin, pimp!". It turned out that I learned one influential businessman of Russia, you see, he really liked my Arturchik. In short, I was forced to drink, gave gifts, and then another right at Sheremetyevo staged a two-hour buffet. With difficulty escaped.

- Order fans already appeared?

- Probably. Now in Kiev are shootings continue. We work in a prestigious building, where they live "servants of the people". Once one of these gentlemen were granted to our survey, we thought: "Now begins: keep quiet, do not waste as much electricity:" but it turned out he had come to collect autographs for my daughter.

. - Novels on shootings happen?

. - And how! I often fall in love with partners
. But I do not like fleeting relationship. I'm not one of those who "pomatrosil and threw it, I am ashamed to deceive. I love to communicate with the woman on the phone, without seeing her, then its image I invent myself. The most pleasant thing to be a little bit enthusiastic, then I can gush humor, intelligence, and when I fall in love much - stupid, I just do not have enough words to tell women about their feelings. Apparently, therefore, I now - a free man.

- What's in your plans?

- Now I hope to begin filming in the role of the poet Homeless in the film "Master and Margarita" ...

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Shevchenko (Greg) Dmitry, photo, biography
Shevchenko (Greg) Dmitry, photo, biography Shevchenko (Greg) Dmitry  Theater and film actor, photo, biography
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