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Sophrony Eusebius Hieronymus (Hieronymus)

( Latin Christian writer)

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Biography Sophrony Eusebius Hieronymus (Hieronymus)
Jerome, Eusebius Sophrony; Hieronymus, Saint., Latin Christian writer, Father of the Church, ca. 340-420 years. n. e. Born Stridone in Dalmatia. Ok. 354 g. arrived in Rome to study grammar, rhetoric and philosophy. Approximately 366 g. to Christianity from the hands of Pope Liberia. After graduation he left for Trevira, where he met with the monastic life. Then he moved to Aquileia, and in 373 g. I went to the East, heading to Jerusalem, but the disease detained him in Antioch. After recovery, two years lived in the desert Chalkis, indulging in physical and mental labor. Ok. 378 g. was ordained to the priesthood and soon thereafter vyezhal to Constantinople, where he listened to the speech of Gregory the Theologian, and studied the works of Origen. In 382 g. arrived at the Roman synod. Establish friendly relations with the Pope D'Amato became his secretary. D'Amato asked him to audit translations of Scripture. Shortly after the death of D'Amato and. left town. For some time he stayed in Egypt, where he attended lectures Didymus the Blind, and 386 g. permanently settled in Bethlehem. Here he founded a monastery school, led the charity and studied ancient Jewish language. - Literary activity and. rich and diverse in its content. Its main merit is the revision of the Latin translations of Scripture and the translation of some of his books. Full Latin text of the Old and New Testaments, edited by Jerome later was named Vulgata.

Officially recognized by the Catholic Church, it is still used today. And to comply with translations of some works of Philo of Alexandria, Eusebius of Caesarea (The Chronicles of which he supplemented the description of the events of 325-378 years.) And Didymus the Blind. I. left a lot of his own works, mostly egzegeticheskih (numerous comments to the Old and New Testament) and the polemical. He wrote and biographies. Product of the glorious muzhah (Liber de viris illustribus) tells of Christian writers (partly. used material from Eusebius). Lives of the monks: The Life of St.. Paul, The Life of St.. Life of St. Hilarion and. Malha - and previously called the work permit and consider a. to hagiography. Preserved well as 59 sermons written by monks, for whom I. spoke them. Collection of letters and. number of 154 (among them are caught and addressed to him) is an extremely valuable resource for studying the relations of the then prevalent in the Church, and throughout the Roman Empire. These letters belong to different periods of life and. I. - One of the most prominent personalities in the history of patristic literature and history of the Church, . and it is not because of extraordinary abilities - because he was not a creative person, . - But above all thanks to the incredible performance and extraordinary, . even for his time, . erudition,

Knowledge of Latin, Greek, ancient Hebrews languages, most well-read in ancient authors, diligence and integrity in the selection of scientific material brought him recognition of his contemporaries, but his fame has survived many centuries. As a writer and. an excellent stylist, familiar with the secrets of rhetorical skill and knows how to use them. True, he wrote the language of his time. However, focused on the best samples. His works can trace the development of the Latin language in the IV and V cc. n. e. But. had a difficult character: he was hot-tempered and self-confidence in the dispute, could not forget an offense, even though he was in some degree to blame differed oppressiveness is not compromised even where restraint was required and some flexibility. All this still does not diminish the role of this great representative of late antiquity.

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Sophrony Eusebius Hieronymus (Hieronymus), photo, biography
Sophrony Eusebius Hieronymus (Hieronymus), photo, biography Sophrony Eusebius Hieronymus (Hieronymus)  Latin Christian writer, photo, biography
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