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Xenophon of Ephesus (Ksenophon Ephesios)

( Greek novelist)

Comments for Xenophon of Ephesus (Ksenophon Ephesios)
Biography Xenophon of Ephesus (Ksenophon Ephesios)
Xenophon of Ephesus; Ksenophon Ephesios, I or II century BC. e., Greek novelist. On life Ks. we do not know. He is known to us only as the author of the novel Ephesia story (Ephesiaka; there is also a Greek title of the novel: Ta kata Anthian kai Habrokomen Ephesiaka, ie Ephesia story about Antii and Habrokome) in 5 books. Perhaps the novel Ks. originally consisted of 10 books (as it should be mentioned in the Book of the Court), but remained in a shortened version. It is not easy to install and the time of its writing. Based on papyrus finds and analyzes the realities of the novel, his language and style of the scientists came to the conclusion that it was written in the I or II in the beginning. n. e. The plot of the novel form of adventure and love of suffering of a young couple, pursued by Eros. This god, seeking to punish Habrokoma, who did not acknowledge his power, turned his love of Antii, and then, after the marriage, impose both newlyweds unwanted admirers, which significantly complicates their fate. Like all the Greek novels, the plot is based on a certain pattern: love at first sight, . Valentine Wedding, . journey into a far country, . pirate attacks, . opens a series of adventures, . physical and moral ills, . experienced in a long separation,

But young people are eventually overcome all obstacles, while maintaining fidelity, and finding each other back in Ephesus. Ks. develops in the novel and another storyline: Levkon and Rhoda, the servant of a young couple, are also separated, and after many adventures happily together again. Ephesia story - a modest piece of the Empire era, does not aspire to great goals, does not allow the important issues by simply entertain the reader. But we can and in this novel to find a specific ideological content. Ks. shown the strength of true love, capable of sacrifice and dedication, and the value of mutual fidelity of the spouses. The actions of the characters determine their faith in the gods and omens, and in the fate Antii and Habrokoma interfere Eros, Apollo, Helios and Artemis, and from the eastern deities - Isis. The author-narrator does not give direct characteristics of images, . but the events themselves reveal the heroes: arouse sympathy for the good people, . such as a noble thief, . poor, . but ready sympathy shepherd, . and aversion to human baseness and deceit,
. Roman Ks. borrow motifs from a number of different kinds of literature (the epic, . tragedy, . comedy, etc.), . example, . motif storm at sea and shipwrecks, . motive of abduction by bandits and pirates, . motif of the old maid, . preparing the food thieves, . motif of hair as a distinguishing mark, . motif of the false accusation of molestation, etc.,
. Language Ks. differs from the language of other authors' novels of its simplicity. This is the daily spoken language, without decoration, sometimes sloppy, with wrong turns and designs. The syntax is extremely simplified, is dominated by simple, little common proposal.

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Xenophon of Ephesus (Ksenophon Ephesios), photo, biography
Xenophon of Ephesus (Ksenophon Ephesios), photo, biography Xenophon of Ephesus (Ksenophon Ephesios)  Greek novelist, photo, biography
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