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KATZ Maria L.

( Musical Performer)

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Biography KATZ Maria L.
photo KATZ Maria L.
Born January 23, 1973 in Moscow.

On the professional scene with 15 years. Earlier in his career singing in groups, "99%" and "Neighborhood". Later, Maria joins the group "Blues League" Nikolai Arutyunov, in which the singing as a backing vocalist for almost 8 years and. In parallel, the singer creates his own blues band "Mary Land" and continues to work as one of the most popular singers in the studio-session. For 10 years Maria has recorded backing vocals more than one hundred and eighty albums, almost all famous Russian ispolnieteley. In 1994, under the pseudonym of Judith, Russia became the first member of the international the TV Eurovision with the song "Eternal Wanderer. After taking 9 th place, Mary established the first breach in the Eurovision statistics, assigning debut country places are not above the 18 th. In 1996 a film "20 th Century Fox Russia awarded 1 st place among 35 countries for the performance of songs of the main character in the translated version of the animated film" Anastasia ". Princess Anastasia sings in the cartoon voice Masha Katz.

By 2000, having received recognition as Russia's "Lady Blues" and "Voice of Russia," Masha creates own record company "Hit Home". In "Hit Home" works vocal workshop, in which Russia's unique singer reveals the secrets of their professional skills and already known performers.

. In his own work Masha prepares students surprise and, as always, it will be something very special.

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  • Anneta for KATZ Maria L.
  • Anneta for KATZ Maria L.
  • Literally pozovchera learned about Mary Kats (28.05.05) from the program "High" and that her voice sings Anastasia. Where a year ago when they heard on the "Mayak" other information that the soundtrack to the cartoon "Anastasia" performed Frenchwoman Helene Le Figaro. If someone knows where you can download this song (both in French and in Russian language) or someone has it then please reply to the address: anuta26091984@yandex.ru long been looking for this soundtrack and would be glad of any assistance. All advance thank you very much!
  • Alexei for KATZ Maria L.
  • Kindly phone your manager to offer to the presentations at our events. Thank you. I hope very much for your reply.
  • Alexander for KATZ Maria L.
  • Question and Maria! My name is Alexander. I pop pevets.Zanimaetes Do you now with vocalists? Notify п©п+пTп¦п¦п¦я¬я¦я-п¦ contact information.
  • Irina for KATZ Maria L.
  • Hello Mary! My name is Irina. I am an administrator singer Alexander Obodzinskogo.Aleksandr-cousin singer Valeria Obodzinsky, . the most outstanding singer of the Soviet estrady.U Alexander has a voice and talent, . and we understand, . it is not vostrebovano.Aleksandr otnostsya with great respect to you and to your tvorchestvu.Vy heading studio pop vokala.U he has a desire to record a CD with songs from the repertoire of Valeria Obodzinsky, . but first, . Eslea possible, . he would like to meet with you and to receive your expert Otsenku.Soobschite AMPs,
    . for any phone. can you svyazatsya.T. (495) 188-3837, 8 (903) 789-94-76.
  • Ivan for KATZ Maria L.
  • Hello dear Mariya.Est interesting tvorchestvo.Svyazhites please me. Tel: 8927-485-98-69
  • Ivan for KATZ Maria L.
  • Hello dear Maria! "There are interesting tvorchestvo.Svyazhites me phone: 8927-485-98-69. Mr. quay Chelny.S Sincerely IS Zakhmatov
  • ALEKSANDR for KATZ Maria L.
  • Good day, Maria! After your song "Swan fidelity" in my body every hair stood on end (and I have quite a few)! I have no words! Supeeeer!
  • Insula for KATZ Maria L.
  • It is simply superb! How she sings! Just think - so many years lived, . and did not know, . that in our country there is such a singer! I discovered the singer Masha Katz.) All the notes, . sung Masha - if crystal, . so clearly, . so ... I would like to know, . Has Masha solo creativity? I very much want to hear her voice.,
  • Insula for KATZ Maria L.
  • I discovered the singer Maria Kats ... This is just priceless - as she sings! I was just struck by the purity of execution, the beauty of her voice ... is waiting for her solo album.)
  • maxim yershov for KATZ Maria L.
  • zdravstvuyte mariya.menya zovut maxim.ya lyublyu vashu pesnyu.no ne zapomnil nazvaniye.napishite yeyo mne: mamaxixim@mail.ru.do svidaniya.lyublyu!
  • Elizabeth for KATZ Maria L.
  • I'm not a fan, I so love the way you sing! You're a miracle a woman, you have the best voice ...
  • Galina for KATZ Maria L.
  • amazing woman, beautiful voice! one of the few who deserve to sing on stage!
  • david for KATZ Maria L.
  • very sorry that you so rarely watch TV. You are great!
  • Lisa for KATZ Maria L.
  • hello how are you I'm your fan I'm writing about you beografiyu Can you give me your phone mobilyuny
  • Lena for KATZ Maria L.
  • Hello! It is very necessary Lyrics Lyrics One day in December, just in alsovoy version but not terrible English. Who has to skinte mail Leschy2008@mail.ru beg !
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    KATZ Maria L., photo, biography
    KATZ Maria L., photo, biography KATZ Maria L.  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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