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Apostle Paul (Paulus)

( Apostle)

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Biography Apostle Paul (Paulus)
Paul the Apostle; Paulus, NE., C.. 10 ca. 67 years. n. e. Date of most life events P. hypothetical. He was born in Tarsus in Cilicia, a Jewish family, which had Roman citizenship. Was named Saul and the Roman name Paul (Paulus). He was educated at Tarsus, and then studied in Jerusalem. From teaching in Jewish schools, he made an excellent knowledge of the Old Testament. Good of the Greek language. In Jerusalem, was a fervent adherent of Judaism, but suddenly converted to Christianity during his trip to Damascus (between 34 and 37 years.), Where he was sent to persecution of Christians. Was baptized and spent several years in seclusion. Then began apostolic activity, in which, in 44-58 years., Made several trips, founding new Christian communities. The very thought of himself as an apostle of pagan. A prisoner in Jerusalem in prison, as a Roman citizen, appealed to Caesar and was sent to Rome, where he stayed from 61 to 63 years. Martyred, probably taken in 67 g. the reign of Nero. - P. is the author of 13 surviving letters, some letters may have been lost.

Chronology of messages P. at several points of controversy. Their literary form does not deviate from the ancient principles epistolografii, but their very appearance is due to the needs of the early Church and the mission of the P. the author writes in a universal dialect (Koine) Hellenistic era, but he was no stranger to the literary language and. In the messages, we also find the rhythmic prose, hymns and even quotations from Greek poets. Messages M. we list in the order in which they called the earliest of the accepted chronologies. First and Second Epistle to the Thessalonians 50/51 years. - The most ancient books of the New Testament. These P. encourages new converts to watch from the Christian point of view on issues of mortal and eternal life. In the Epistle to the Galatians, written probably about. 57 g. in Macedonia, P. argues against the Christians, who insist on the rejection of connection with the Jewish religion. In the First Epistle to the Corinthians (written in the 56/57 years. in Ephesus) P. rebels against abuse, formulates the Christian teaching about marriage, virginity, and the communion of the Church.

Hymn of Love, as contained in Chapter. XIII of the First Epistle to the Corinthians is one of the finest passages of ancient epistolografii. Second Epistle to the Corinthians has a special place. Since the impetus for his writing was a kind of event really occurred in the community, which allowed P. write an apology to himself. Epistle to the Romans (58/60 years., Written in Corinth) - the most important in terms of doctrine. R. It considers the problem of original sin, atonement by faith, the Christian life in the Holy Spirit. Epistle to the Philippians, Colossians, Ephesians and the Epistle to Philemon are "prison" a group of messages, for they were written in prison. In them the author draws attention to the fact that not all the prescriptions of the Jewish religion are obligatory for Christians, proclaims the doctrine of the relation of Christ with the Church and formulates the principles of Christian morality. Epistle to the Philippians, apparently, was established in Ephesus in 56/57 years., Epistle to the Ephesians - in Rome in 61-63 years. Epistle to Philemon, the most concise of all, is a letter of recommendation. P. It shall enter into a runaway slave, determining the ratio of early Christianity to slavery. Epistles: First and Second Timothy and Titus belong to a group of pastoral works. P. gives them a series of soul-saving advice to his disciples: Timothy - the head of the Church in Ephesus, and Titus, the governing community in Crete. Second Epistle to Timothy is testament P. Epistle to the Hebrews, since antiquity attributed to Paul, is now considered to be the product of one of his students.

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Apostle Paul (Paulus), photo, biography
Apostle Paul (Paulus), photo, biography Apostle Paul (Paulus)  Apostle, photo, biography
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